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Date : Feb 25, 2021
Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting - Empanelment of Car Hiring Agencies/Companies/ Firms for providing vehicles to Reserve Bank of India, Dehradun

Extension of Last Date of Submission

Corrigendum dated February 25, 2021

Tender No.: RBI/DEHRADUN/DEHRADUN/3/20-21/ET/539

The captioned e-tender was uploaded on the Bank’s website and MSTC portal on February 17, 2021. The Pre-Bid meeting for the same was held in the premises of RBI Dehradun on February 25, 2021 at 1500 hrs. Representative of a firm attended the Pre-Bid Meeting. The following staff members of RBI and representative of firm/prospective tenderer were present during the pre-bid meeting: -

S. No. Name of RBI Officers
1. Smt. Soumya Sivasankaran, AGM (HRMD)
2. Shri Suman Jha, Manager (HRMD)
3. Shri Vaibhav Sharma, Assistant Manager (HRMD)
4. Shri Tushar Gupta, Assistant Manager (HRMD)

Firms/Prospective tenderers

S. No Name of the firm/ company Name of the representative
1.  Walia Travels Shri Satnam Singh

Following queries were raised by the representative of Walia Travels: -

S. No. Query Clarification given
1. In terms of para 3.5 of Section II, the tenderer must have all applicable tax registrations viz. PAN, TIN, GSTIN and other applicable Statutory registrations. Prospective tenderer informed that TIN is not applicable for taxi hiring business. It was clarified that the tenderer must have all tax and other statutory registrations which are applicable for taxi hiring business.
2. Prospective tenderer enquired on the minimum no. of taxis/cars required for being eligible in the tendering process. It was clarified that the tenderer must own a minimum fleet of 08 cars (where a minimum of three vehicles should be either from Premium Sedan/ Sedan or Multi-Purpose Vehicle). The vehicles taken on contractual basis should not exceed 50 per cent i.e. four (4) of the total number of vehicles owned by the tenderer. At least 4 cars should be in the name of the tenderer.

Regional Director
Reserve Bank of India