Citizens’ Charter

I. Public Accounts Department
Sr No. Description of Service Time taken for providing service
1 Delivery of receipted challans tendered with cash Within 20 minutes (depending upon volume and cash tendered)
2 Delivery of receipted challans tendered with cheques issued by Government departments maintaining accounts with Reserve Bank of India Within 30 minutes
3 Delivery of receipted challans tendered with local cheques drawn on other banks After 3 clear working days
4 Delivery of receipted challans tendered with outstation cheques 7 days (for the four Metros)
15 days for other centers
5 Submission of scrolls to Government departments On next working day
6 Submission of monthly statements to Government departments On second working day of the following month
7 Cash withdrawal by Government through cheques 20 minutes (Depending upon volume of withdrawal)
8 Receipt of debit/credit scrolls from agency banks and reimbursement of claims/settlement Day to day basis

II. Deposit Accounts Department
Sr No. Description of Service Time taken for providing service
1 Transfer (of funds from one bank’s current account to another bank’s current account in RBI) Immediately once the instrument is received.
2 Clearing 3 days
3 Receipt of Cash 15 minutes (depending on the volume of tender)
4 Withdrawal of Cash 20 minutes (depending on the volume of tender)
5 Issue of Demand Draft 1 hour
6 Issue of cheque books 20 minutes
7 Furnishing of daily statement of accounts The statements are available instantly for the account holders at their end online either in CBS-E-kuber portal or through Telebanking
8 Refinance facility and disbursement of loans Same day
The time frame indicates clear working days.

III. Public Debt Office
Sr No. Description of Service Time taken for providing service
1 Issue of Duplicate Securities
(a) G.P.Notes
3 months from the date of publication in the Government Gazette
  (b) Duplicate Receipt Within 2 days of admission of claim
2 Payment of Interest Warrant
  (a) Stock Certificate On due date
  (b) S.G.L. On due date
  (c) Saving Bonds On due date
3 (a) Transfer / Invocation of Pledge, Lien, etc. 4 days
  (b) Change of enfacement 2 days from the date of receipt of special cancellation advice from the parent PDO
  (c) Conversion 4 days
4 Credit to SGL account 3 days
5 Issue of scrip by debit to SGL 2 days
6 Receipt of Securities for repayment 5 days
7 SGL Transfer 1 day
8 Registration of Power of Attorney and Certification 1 day
9 Other Services
  (a) Examination 1 day
  (b) Certificate of Registry of sale power 1 day
  (c) Renewal 6 days
  (d) Withdrawal from safe custody 1 day
10 Revalidation of Interest Warrant 1 day
11 Registration of Nomination 1 day
12 Registration and Revocation of Pledge, Lien, etc.
  (a) Stock Certificate 3 days
  (b) S.G.L. 1 day

IV. Foreign Exchange Department
Sr. No. Description of Service Time taken for providing service
  Trade Credit under approval route 7 days
  Post servicing of automatic cases 15 days
  ECB/FCCB under approval route 30 days
2 Foreign Investment  
  Transfer of Shares (requiring prior RBI approval) 40 days
  Pledge of Shares 40 days
  Issue of licence for Branch/ Liaison Office 40 days
  Refund of advance remittance 7 days
  Foreign Collaboration – General Permission Route (FC-GPR) to be taken on record 40 days
  Investment in Overseas Joint Ventures and Wholly Owned Subsidiaries (not covered by automatic route) 40 days
  Disinvestment of shares in Overseas Joint Ventures/ Subsidiaries 40 days
  Other Overseas Investment under approval route 40 days
  Allotment of Unique Identification Number (UIN) Instantly auto generated by the online reporting system
  Permission for waiving GR Form formalities for exports 7 days
  Set Off / Write Off 7 days
  Export receivables / payables outside ACU mechanism 7 days
  Refund / retention of advance 7 days
  Direct imports 7 days
  Third country / Merchanting trade / Warehousing 7 days
  Import receivables / payables outside ACU mechanism 7 days
  Items under Schedule III of Current Account Transaction (CAT) Rules - release of exchange beyond the stipulated limits  
  (i) Travel related purposes 7 days
  (ii) Non-travel related purposes 7 days
  Issue / Renewal of Money Changer’s licence 40 days
  Compounding of contraventions of FEMA 180 days

V. Issue Department
The availability and modes of services relating to banknotes and coins will undergo changes on account of implementation of the policy for shifting of retail functions pertaining to currency management services from RBI to the commercial banks. The Citizens’ Charter is being appropriately modified to incorporate the above.


These timelines are indicative and exclude the date of submission of the application and are subject to the application being complete in all respects.

If departments are likely to exceed the timeline, they will revert to the applicant.

In case an applicant doesnot get a response within the indicated timeline, they can approach the head of the concerned department. The department head will respond with the status of the application, the reason for delay, request for additional information, if any, as well as the likely time for disposal of the application.