Working Papers

Jan 21, 2022
RBI WPS (DEPR): 04/2022: States’ Fiscal Performance and Yield Spreads on Market Borrowings in IndiaRamesh Jangili, N.R.V.V.M.K. Rajendra Kumar and Jai Chander 843 kb
RBI WPS (DEPR): 03/2022: India’s External Commercial Borrowings: Determinants and Optimal Hedge RatioRanjeev 1618 kb
Jan 11, 2022
RBI WPS (DEPR): 02/2022: Taking Cognisance of Households’ Inflation Expectations in IndiaDevendra Pratap Singh, Aditya Mishra and Purnima Shaw 1097 kb
RBI WPS (DEPR): 01/2022: Stock Price Reaction on the Announcement of Basel Implementation: Evidence from Indian BanksGaurav Seth, Supriya Katti and B.V. Phani 1349 kb