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Date : Feb 02, 2023
Minutes of Pre-bid Meeting - Empanelment of Vendors for Procurement of Bulk Medicines in Bank’s Dispensaries in New Delhi : April 2023 – March 2026

RBI/New Delhi/HRMD/63/22-23/ET/541

A ‘Pre-Bid Meeting’ of the intending bidders and Bank’s officials, for the captioned work was convened as per schedule at 11:00 Hrs. on January 20, 2023. List of the officials of HRMD (CES) and intending bidders who attended the pre-bid meeting is given in Annexure-A.

Issues raised / discussed during the pre-bid meeting along with clarifications given by the Bank on the same are furnished as under:

Sr. No. Query / Proposal. Bank’s clarification.
1 Whether the minimum annual turnover required to be eligible for empanelment is the average value of turnover in last three years? Minimum annual turnover required for empanelment is not the average value of turnover in last three years. The minimum turnover is required to be ₹1,30,00,000/- (Rupees One Crore Thirty Lakh only) in each of three financial years.
2 Whether deviation in turnover criteria is accepted in case the chemist doesn’t fulfil the criteria with marginal difference? Since the turnover criteria is fixed as per the extant instructions issued by Central Office, no deviation will be permitted in the same
3 What is the period of empanelment? As mentioned in the RFE document, the period of empanelment is three years i.e. April 2023 to March 2026 subject to annual review.
4 What is the Turn Around Time (TAT) for Supply of Medicines? Medicines should be supplied to the dispensaries within 7 days of receipt of the purchase order.
5 What is the TAT for payment of bills to the suppliers? Payment will be usually arranged within 15 working days of receipt of the invoice. However, payment will be released only after all the medicines mentioned in the invoice are duly supplied.
6 Can the medicines be substituted if a particular brand is not available? If a particular medicine indented by the Bank for its dispensary is not available in the market due to any reason, medicines can be substituted only after approval from Bank’s Medical Consultant (BMC) appointed in the respective dispensary.

Note: Above clarifications are issued for the information for all intending bidders. Minutes of the pre-bid meeting shall form part of the quotation. All other parts of the quotation document continue to remain unaltered. Submission of bid shall be construed to be in conformity to the tender document and amendments / clarifications.

Regional Director
Reserve Bank of India
New Delhi


List of Participants for the Pre-Bid Meeting convened at 11.00 Hrs on January 20, 2023

Sr No. Name and designation of the RBI official
1 Parimal Kishore Chaudhary, Assistant General Manager
2 Abhijeet Arun Ashtekar, Assistant Manager

Sr No Name of the intending bidder Name of the representative
1 Issar Medicos Sh. Hemant Sharma
2 Gautam Enterprises Sh. Arvind Kumar