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Date : Jan 27, 2023
Housekeeping Services for the Bank’s various properties located at Thiruvananthapuram

Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting



E-tender is invited by the Reserve Bank of India to provide housekeeping service at Bank's Main Office Premises (Bakery Junction) and residential colonies (Kowdiar, Thamalam, Plamoodu and Nanthancode) in Thiruvananthapuram. The tendering would be done through the e-Tendering portal of MSTC Ltd ( The Schedule of e-Tender is as follows:

a. e-Tender Name: Tender for Housekeeping for the Bank’s various Properties located at Thiruvananthapuram – (a) Main Office Premises, Bakery Junction, (b) Reserve Bank Officers’ Quarters, Kowdiar and Reserve Bank Staff Quarters at (c) Thamalam, (d) Plamoodu and (e) Nanthancode
b. e-Tender no: RBI/Thiruvananthapuram/Estate/395/22-23/ET/603
c. Mode of Tender e-Procurement System
(Part I – Techno-Commercial Bid and Part II - Financial Bid through
d. Date of NIT available to the parties to download 17:00 hrs. on January 27, 2023 onwards
e. Pre-Bid meeting (Offline) 11:00 hrs. on February 06, 2023 in the Board Room, Third Floor, Reserve Bank of India, Bakery Junction, Thiruvananthapuram- 695033
f. Estimated cost of work Approximately ₹1,87,00,000/-
g. Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) ₹3,74,000/- (₹ Three lakh and Seventy-Four Thousand only) by Demand Draft, in favour of Reserve Bank of India, Thiruvananthapuram to be delivered in physical form at Estate Department, Reserve Bank of India, Bakery Junction, Thiruvananthapuram - 695033

₹3,74,000/- (₹ Three lakh and Seventy-Four Thousand only) by NEFT: Beneficiary Name: ESTATEHOUSEKEEPING(space) Your company/agency/firm name

Beneficiary A/c. No: 8614038
h. Due date for submission of EMD Up to 13:00 hrs. on February 16, 2023
i. Bidding Start Date (Techno-Commercial & Financial Bid) 17:00 hrs. on February 07, 2023
j. Date of closing of online e-tender for submission of Techno- Commercial Bid & Financial Bid 14:00 hrs. on February 16, 2023

k. Date & time of opening of Part-I (i.e. Techno-Commercial Bid)

Date & Time of opening of Part-II (i.e. Financial Bid)

15:00 hrs. on February 16, 2023

Opening of Financial Bid shall be intimated to all eligible bidders.
l. Transaction Fee As applicable and charged by MSTC Ltd.
Payment of Transaction fee through MSTC Gateway /NEFT / RTGS in favour of MSTC Limited or as advised by M/s. MSTC Ltd

Applicants desirous of submitting the tender will have to satisfy the Bank by submitting documentary evidence in support of the requisite eligibility. Otherwise, the Bank reserves the right to reject their candidature. Under no circumstances will EMD-less tenders be accepted.

Bank is not obliged to accept tender of low value only. The Bank reserves the right to accept a tender in whole or in part thereof. The Bank also reserves the right to reject all tenders without assigning any reason.

Amendments / Corrigendum to be made in the tender, if issued in future, will be notified only in the RBI website and the MSTC website and will not be published in newspapers.

Regional Director for Kerala and Lakshadweep

Tenders Awarded