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Date : Feb 07, 2023
Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting - Housekeeping Services for the Bank’s various properties located at Thiruvananthapuram


E-Tender No: RBI/Thiruvananthapuram/Estate/395/22-23/ET/603

The pre-bid meeting for the captioned tender was held on February 06, 2023 at 11:00 AM in the Conference Hall, Main Office Building, Reserve Bank of India, Thiruvananthapuram. The meeting was chaired by Shri P Manoj, General Manager, Estate Department. Officials from Estate Department and representatives from various companies/agencies (list attached in Annex) participated in the meeting.

Shri Shaji Krishnan K, Assistant General Manager, Estate Department welcomed all participants to the meeting and invited for queries, if any, from the prospective bidders regarding the captioned tender.

Details of queries raised by representatives of various companies/agencies and clarification/comments of the Bank are tabulated below.

Sl. No. Query Comments/Corrigendum
1 Whether bank will accept Bank Guarantee as EMD for participating in the Tender No, EMD has to be paid either through NEFT or Demand Draft in favour of Reserve Bank of India, Thiruvananthapuram.
2 What all will be the statutory deductions made from the payment? 2% TDS will be deducted from the amount payable to the companies / firms and 1% from the others. Further, 2% GST- TDS will be deducted irrespective of their status.
3 Whether the agency can change the employees engaged by the present contractor? Yes
4 Whether the Bank will reimburse the additional expenditure incurred by the contractor in the event of increase of statutory minimum wages by Government of India The Bank will revise the minimum wages based on the circular/notification issued by the Ministry of Labour & Employment, w.e.f the date mentioned in the circular. However, Bank will not reimburse any other expenditure incurred by the contractor in the event of increase in statutory minimum wages.
5 Whether the estimated cost is inclusive of GST? Yes.
6 Whether weekly off should be given to the employees or not? Labourers employed by the contractor may be granted 4 days weekly- off every month. Contractor is bound to maintain prescribed number of workers/supervisors at all days in a week as specified in the tender document.
7 Dry leaves disposal is incorporated in the tender document of Housekeeping and Gardening / horticulture. Hence, please elaborate on this. Dry leaves lying in the common areas and roads/pavements have to be cleared by the house keeping agency. The Gardening Contractor has to collect the dry leaves from garden areas and lawns and deposit it into the pit meant for it, adjacent to the organic waste converter.
8 The organic waste converter installed in the Bank/residential area have AMC or not? The organic waste converter installed in the Bank/residential area is under AMC.
9 Clarification on the format prescribed in the tender document for Client’s certificate. The format prescribed for Client’s certificate is prepared based on the Bank’s specification and no deviation is allowed from the prescribed format. However, the Bank will accept the client certificate, if all the particulars as mentioned in the prescribed format are furnished in the format submitted by the contractor.
10 What is the method used in arriving the yearly duty? Weekly duties multiplied by total no. of weeks in a year.
11 Whether the expenditure for uniforms has to be borne by the agency? Yes, the expense for uniform has to be borne by the agency only.
12 Clarification on frequency of disposal of Dry leaves etc.. Disposal of dry leaves has to be carried out on fortnightly basis or at the discretion of the bank.
13 How is the food waste from the canteen to be disposed? The food waste from the canteen has to be disposed in the bio-digester plant installed in MOB
14 Clarification on arrangements available at the Bank for waste disposal. Food wastes and other wastes collected from various residential flats and Main Office Premises have to be segregated into degradable and non-degradable wastes by the workers. The contractor may utilize the Organic Waste Converters and Bio-Digester plant installed at various premises for processing of food wastes and other wastes like garden wastes, dry leaves, figs, branches etc. For further details, all are requested to refer the Tender Document.
15 Whether the contractor has to use materials/chemicals with any prescribed standard/quality? The contractor has to strictly adhere to the brands approved by IGBC or equivalent brand.
16 Does the Bank have its own housekeeping machines? No housekeeping machines will be provided by the Bank.
17 Whether Facility Manager is included in the Supervisor list or not? Yes, the Facility Manager is counted in the supervisor list.
18 Does burning of dry leaves is allowed inside the residential colonies? No
19 Whether the client certificate from private firms will be accepted? Yes. However, the firms are required to submit the TCS certificate.

The meeting concluded at 11:50 AM with a vote of thanks by Shri Sameer K Khan, Assistant Manager.

Thomas Mathew
Regional Director
Reserve Bank of India

February 07, 2023


Reserve Bank of India
Sl. No. Name Designation
1 Shri P Manoj General Manager
2 Shri Shaji Krishnan K Assistant General Manager
3 Shri Sameer K Khan Assistant Manager
4 Shri Vinod R Assistant
Representatives of Companies/Firms/Agencies
Sl. No. Name Name of Company/Firm/Agency
1 Shri Ratheesh N Omkar Security Agency, Kollam
2 Shri CO Jhonson Global Construction Co.
3 Shri Gopakumar ABS
4 Shri Girish B First Man Management Service
5 Shri N Sreedhar and Shri Sanjayanadh VB Updater Services Ltd
6 Shri Joseph R MCM Facility Management
7 Shri Reghu and ShrVijoy PK CISB Kochi
8 Shri Sarath Quess Corp Ltd
9 Shri Sebin Antony and ShriSaran Kumar Clean & Clean Hygiene Services
10 Ms. Ammalkutti Genesis
11 Shri Sujith Kumar SH Infranet
12 Shri Ramesh PK Vital Hospitality Ltd
13 Shri Thajudeen and Shri Thanseer TS Utiz Global Ventures Pvt Ltd
14 Ms.Manju GTP Security Agencies