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Date : Jan 12, 2021
Supply and Installation of Laptops at RBI, Kanpur

Tender No: RBI/KANPUR/DIT/11/20-21/ET/427

Regional Director, Reserve Bank of India, Kanpur invites e-Tender through MSTC for Supply and Installation of Laptops at RBI, Kanpur. The e-Tender along with the detailed tender notice is available at MSTC website https://www.mstcecommerce.com/eprochome/rbi and the website of the RBI at https://www.rbi.org.in under the menu “Tenders”.

2. All interested bidders must register themselves with MSTC through the above referred website to participate in the e-Tendering process.

3. The estimated cost of the purchase is ₹6.15 lakh (approx.), however the actual amount may vary.

4. The schedule for the e-Tendering process is as under:

a. Name of Work Supply and installation of Laptops at Reserve Bank of India, Kanpur.
b. E-Tender No. RBI/KANPUR/DIT/11/20-21/ET/427
c. Mode of tender e-Procurement System
(Online Part I - Techno-Commercial Bid and Part II - Price Bid through www.mstcecommerce.com/eprochome/rbi)
d. Date of NIT available to parties to download (Notice for Inviting Tender) January 12, 2021 after 17.30 Hrs.
e. Clarification, if any, may be sent to ditkanpur@rbi.org.in Last date of receipt – January 22, 2021 upto 17.00
h. Date of Starting of e-Tender for submission of on line Techno-Commercial Bid and price Bid at www.mstcecommerce.com/eprochome/rbi January 12, 2021 after 17.30 Hrs.
i. Date of closing of online e-tender for submission of Techno-Commercial Bid & Price Bid January 27, 2021 up to 17.00 Hrs.
j. Date & time of opening of Part-I (i.e. Technical Bid)

Part-II Price Bid: Date of opening of Part II i.e. price bid
January 28, 2021 at 11.00 Hrs.

January 28, 2021
at 11.30 Hrs.
k. Transaction Fee Payment of transaction fees will be paid online through MSTC payment gateway.

5. The Part-II i.e. price bid will be opened on the same day or at a later date as intimated by the Bank in respect of only those contractors/bidders who satisfies all criteria stipulated in Part-I. The Bank reserves the right to accept or reject any or all e-Tenders without assigning any reasons thereof.

Note: All the tenderers may please note that any amendments / corrigendum to the e-Tender, if issued in future, will only be notified on the RBI and MSTC Website as given above and will not be published in the newspaper

Regional Director
Reserve Bank of India
Date: January 12, 2021