Managing the government's banking transactions is a key RBI role. Like individuals, businesses and banks, governments need a banker to carry out their financial transactions in an efficient and effective manner, including the raising of resources from the public.

May 05, 2021
Governor’s Statement - Wednesday, May 5, 2021 - PDF document 254 kb
Aug 31, 2018
State Government Market Borrowings – Issues and Prospects - Shri B. P. Kanungo, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India - August 31, 2018 - at the Financial Market Conclave of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, MumbaiPDF document 158 kb
Sep 03, 2014
Finance, Credit and Markets - Speech delivered by Shri R. Gandhi, Deputy Governor on August 26, 2014 at "Credit Summit India 2014", organised by Association of International Wealth Management of India and National Institute of Securities Market (NISM)PDF document 338 kb
Aug 12, 2014
Public Debt Management: Reflections on Strategy & Structure - Based on the keynote address delivered by Shri Harun R Khan, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India at the 9th Annual International Conference on “Public Policy & Management: Debt Management” at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore on August 11, 2014PDF document 475 kb
Jan 20, 2014
Recent Global Developments: Implications for Debt Management in Emerging Markets and Developing Countries - Based on the inaugural address delivered by Shri Harun R Khan, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India at the 2nd Meeting of SAARC Public Debt Managers’ Forum hosted by the Reserve Bank of India in Jaipur on December 6, 2013PDF document 343 kb
Jan 10, 2013
Promoting Retail Investor Participation in Government Bonds - Valedictory address delivered by Shri Harun R Khan, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India at the 8th Annual National Conference on Capital Markets on the theme “Confidence Building Measures for Retail Investors” on January 9, 2013 at MumbaiPDF document 71 kb
Sep 20, 2012
Role of State in Developing Debt Markets - Address by Shri Harun R. Khan, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India at The 2012 Capital Markets Conference, Doha on September 18, 2012PDF document 212 kb
Jul 28, 2010
Over-the-counter derivative markets in India issues and perspectives - Article by Smt Shyamala Gopinath, Deputy Governor, RBI, Published in July 2010 Issue of Financial Stability Review, Banque de France. - Reproduced with permission from Financial Stability Review, July 2010 published by Banque de FrancePDF document 97 kb
Jun 29, 2009
Sub-national Fiscal Reforms and Debt Management - Indian Experience - Paper presented by Shyamala Gopinath, DG, RBIPDF document 54 kb
Sep 24, 2007
The Reserve Bank and the State Governments: Partners in Progress - Address by Dr. Y.V.Reddy, Governor, Reserve Bank of India at the Madras School of Economics, Chennai on September 23, 2007PDF document 128 kb