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Banks are fundamental to the nation's financial system. The central bank has a critical role to play in ensuring the safety and soundness of the banking system-and in maintaining financial stability and public confidence in this system.

Jan 13, 2023
Annex 1 ‘Declaration and Undertaking’ by a proposed Director/ MD & CEO/ CEOdownload document 58 kbPDF document 215 kb
Form A Application for the approval of Reserve Bank of India to an amendment of a provision relating to the appointment/ re-appointment/ remuneration, etc., of Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer (MD & CEO) or any other Director or termination of appointment of a Directordownload document 50 kbPDF document 108 kb
Appendix 1 Details of Remuneration/Compensation of the Whole Time Director/Chief Executive Officerdownload document 20 kbPDF document 144 kb
Form B Application for the approval of Reserve Bank of India to the appointment/re-appointment of Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer (MD & CEO) / whole-time Directors / CEO / part-time Chairpersondownload document 53 kbPDF document 141 kb
Jun 29, 2020
Format for Information to be provided by foreign banks desirous of establishing presence in Indiadownload document 23 kbPDF document 140 kb
Nov 14, 2019
Application for Registration for grant of financial assistance from the Depositor Education and Awareness Fund, Reserve Bank of Indiadownload document 77 kbPDF document 145 kb
Jan 01, 2015
Form III of application for a licence to commence banking business by a company incorporated in India and desiring to commence banking businessdownload document 38 kbPDF document 23 kb
Mar 04, 2008
Form VI Form for application for permission to open a new place of business or change the location of the existing place of business under Sec. 23 of B R Act, 1949 Banking Regulation Companies document 27 kbPDF document 58 kb
May 04, 2005
Form III : Quarterly Report on Frauds outstandingdownload document 32 kbPDF document 8 kb
Jan 04, 2005
Computerisation in Banks