Compounding Orders

Sr.NoName of the applicantAmount imposed under
the compounding orders
Whether the amount
imposed has been paid
Download Order
1Deeppura Hotels & Resorts Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,86,920.00YesPDF document 144 kb
2Qriyo Infolabs Pvt. Ltd.₹ 40,490.00YesPDF document 140 kb
3M/S Aakar Innovations Private Limited₹ 48,125/-YesPDF document 209 kb
4M/S Mainland Engineering Private Limited₹ 18,333/-YesPDF document 202 kb
5Salaya Bulk Terminals Ltd.₹ 2,35,000/-YesPDF document 174 kb
6Orianna Decorpack Pvt. Ltd.₹ 16,825/-YesPDF document 212 kb
7Bisazza India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 85,000/-YesPDF document 144 kb
8Glotex Solutions Pvt. Ltd.₹ 4,999/-YesPDF document 178 kb
9Genesis Colors Ltd.₹ 124,000/-YesPDF document 212 kb
10Kore Communities India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 256,360/-YesPDF document 206 kb
11Lamons Gasket and Bolt India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 173,495/-YesPDF document 205 kb
12Suse Software Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 167,565/-YesPDF document 207 kb
13Amit Agarwal₹ 10,330/-YesPDF document 174 kb
14Vijay Kumar Agarwal₹ 26,500/-YesPDF document 192 kb
15Medcloud Software Solutions (i) Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,700/-YesPDF document 194 kb
16Marari Hideaways Resorts And Travels Private Limited₹ 25,02,894/-YesPDF document 142 kb
17Vijay Chandran Menon₹ 88,662/-YesPDF document 122 kb
18Reyami Steel Construction and Engineering Private Limited₹ 53,675/-YesPDF document 137 kb
19Cellcomm Solutions Limited₹ 13,750/-YesPDF document 161 kb
20Virendra Agrawal₹ 16,108/-YesPDF document 122 kb
21Mahajan Overseas Private Limited₹ 8,98,710/-YesPDF document 141 kb
22Century Plyboards (India) Limited₹ 1,03,706/-YesPDF document 123 kb
23Standard Greases & Specialties Private Limited₹ 59,036/-YesPDF document 125 kb
24M/s Biotehnos Pvt Ltd₹ 9/-YesPDF document 141 kb
25M/s Capricorn Group Pvt Ltd₹ 11,917/-YesPDF document 137 kb
26M/s Eternity Innovations & Technologies Pvt Ltd₹ 65,142/-YesPDF document 149 kb
27M/s iSight Risk Management Pvt Ltd₹ 1,48,230/-YesPDF document 150 kb
28M/s Mandhana Retail Ventures Ltd₹ 10,083/-YesPDF document 138 kb
29M/s Maritime Montering Norinco India Pvt Ltd₹ 1,08,833/-YesPDF document 154 kb
30M/s Maximator india Pvt Ltd₹ 41,002/-YesPDF document 146 kb
31M/s. EK7 Softech Analytics Private Limited₹ 274/-YesPDF document 172 kb
32M/s. Extrude Hone India Private Limited₹ 137/-YesPDF document 180 kb
33M/s. British Orient Infotel Private Limited₹ 1,20,124/-YesPDF document 215 kb
34M/s. Airfi Aviation Solutions Private Limited₹ 23,914/-YesPDF document 181 kb
35M/s. Symphony Talent India Private Limited₹ 5,794/-YesPDF document 175 kb
36M/s. Vertex Ventures Sea Management India Private Limited₹ 50,425/-YesPDF document 175 kb
37M/s. Zastra Innovations Private Limited₹ 15,575/-YesPDF document 182 kb
38M/s. Daon Software India Private Limited₹ 52,200/-YesPDF document 175 kb
39M/s. Verihelp Technologies Private Limited₹ 13,405/-YesPDF document 186 kb
40SSVK Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd.₹ 87/-YesPDF document 110 kb
41Oakway International Schools Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,10,680/-YesPDF document 95 kb
42Open Access Technology India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 2,69,607/-YesPDF document 108 kb
43LS Cable India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,23,300/-YesPDF document 103 kb
44M/S Flight Express Travels (India) Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,27,291/-YesPDF document 179 kb
45Sacra Systems Pvt Ltd.₹ 1,980/-YesPDF document 156 kb
46Jersey Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd.₹ 12,044/-YesPDF document 177 kb
47Aibono Smart Farming Pvt Ltd.₹ 1,52,630/-YesPDF document 167 kb
48Trimed Solutions India Pvt Ltd.₹ 84,995/-YesPDF document 174 kb
49Rising Stars Mobile India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,498,670/-YesPDF document 186 kb
50Cyberabad Citizens Health Services Pvt. Ltd.₹ 30,120/-YesPDF document 211 kb
51TSI Business Parks (Hyderabad) Pvt. Ltd.₹ 36,000/-YesPDF document 169 kb
52Unify Technologies Pvt. Ltd.₹ 72,115/-YesPDF document 141 kb
53Covalense Technologies Pvt. Ltd.₹ 116,008/-YesPDF document 145 kb
54Ganapathy Finance and Investment Company₹ 68,500/-YesPDF document 148 kb
55Fusion Lastek Technologies Pvt. Ltd.₹ 127,000/-YesPDF document 147 kb
56Manjeera Hospitality (Rajuhmundry) Pvt. Ltd.₹ 20,840/-YesPDF document 141 kb
57Mr Joel Queirel and Mrs Benedicte Pascale Mireille Caille₹ 30,00,000/-YesPDF document 201 kb
58Mr. Jayant Nanda₹ 29,25,000/-YesPDF document 185 kb
59Transsion India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 31,200/-YesPDF document 101 kb
60Braemar ACM Shipbroking India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 90,080/-YesPDF document 86 kb
61Agev Holdings Pvt. Ltd.₹ 42,350/-YesPDF document 90 kb
62Terra Motors India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 2,57,000/-YesPDF document 93 kb
63Nutriwel Health (India) Pvt. Ltd.₹ 28,000/-YesPDF document 91 kb
64Food Cloud Pvt. Ltd.₹ 10,280/-YesPDF document 85 kb
65Pala Decor Pvt. Ltd.₹ 31,850/-YesPDF document 86 kb
66Contec Critical Solutions Pvt. Ltd.₹ 46,726/-YesPDF document 116 kb
67Forme Trading Pvt. Ltd.₹ 22,080/-YesPDF document 104 kb
68Ubithera Pharma Pvt. Ltd.₹ 27,750/-YesPDF document 104 kb
69Goodvitamin Foods Pvt. Ltd.₹ 23,810/-YesPDF document 94 kb
70DVS Industries Pvt Ltd.₹ 22,32,000/-YesPDF document 95 kb
71Yayue India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 72,658/-YesPDF document 85 kb
72Centrax Gas Turbines India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 23,150/-YesPDF document 97 kb
73MCI Gets India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 50,723/-YesPDF document 108 kb
74Karandeep Singh₹ 21,667/-YesPDF document 142 kb
75Coincept Accounting Solutions Private Limited₹ 10,417/-YesPDF document 151 kb
76United Shippers Limited₹ 32,917/-YesPDF document 144 kb
77Arjav Diamonds (India) Private Limited₹ 2,90,833/-YesPDF document 156 kb
78Galaxy Sivtek Private Limited₹ 2,30,875/-YesPDF document 154 kb
79Empee Equipments Private Limited₹ 3,41,667/-YesPDF document 161 kb
80UBM India Private Limited₹ 5,99,417/-YesPDF document 153 kb
81Nanosniff Technologies Private Limited₹ 34,667/-YesPDF document 151 kb
82Global Payex Private Limited₹ 6,29,344/-YesPDF document 156 kb
83Helical Auto Technology India Private Limited₹ 8,71,667/-YesPDF document 162 kb
84MSL Driveline Systems Limited₹ 8,14,167/-YesPDF document 146 kb
85Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (India) Private Limited₹ 1,10,000/-YesPDF document 140 kb
86D S Smith Products & Services India Private Limited₹ 4,09,906/-YesPDF document 154 kb
87Eurokids International Private Limited₹ 40,000/-YesPDF document 139 kb
88Firstrand Bank Limited₹ 11,85,000/-YesPDF document 141 kb
89Eastman Power Plant Engineering Co. (P) Ltd.₹ 72,793/-YesPDF document 162 kb
90Mckinsey & Company India LLP₹ 10,35,250/-YesPDF document 147 kb
91Prager Matis Global Services LLP₹ 6,188/-YesPDF document 140 kb
92Constant Design Limited Liability Partnership₹ 10,583/-YesPDF document 137 kb
93Genpact India Private Limited₹ 12,95,627/-YesPDF document 143 kb
94Richard Olav AA₹ 37,667/-YesPDF document 154 kb
95Bravura Solutions India LLP₹ 1/-YesPDF document 142 kb
96Aakarshan Real Estate Developers Pvt Ltd₹ 19,542/-YesPDF document 141 kb
97Rajiv Maheshwari₹ 96,750/-YesPDF document 118 kb
98Laqshya Media Limited₹ 1,20,67,671/-YesPDF document 153 kb
99Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd₹ 2,96,038/-YesPDF document 139 kb
100Microfinish Valves Pvt Ltd₹ 17,40,000/-YesPDF document 148 kb
101Pune Mix Marshal Arts Pvt. Ltd.₹ 41,083/-YesPDF document 140 kb
102Exito gourmet Pvt ltd₹ 8,53,981/-YesPDF document 127 kb
103Benarsi Dass Gupta₹ 5,359/-YesPDF document 93 kb
104Sheela Gupta₹ 1,565/-YesPDF document 111 kb
105M/s Acetone Designs Pvt Ltd₹ 28,154/-YesPDF document 127 kb
106Shri. Ravi Shankar Shahi₹ 15,920/-YesPDF document 140 kb
107M/s Kalina Cafe Private Limited₹ 17,321/-YesPDF document 145 kb
108DSI Archer Pvt. Ltd.₹ 13,959/-YesPDF document 114 kb
109Abhishek Business Pvt. Ltd₹ 14,43,785/-YesPDF document 184 kb
110Argo Tech. India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,88,384/-YesPDF document 172 kb
111Achievers Finance India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 3,90,833/-YesPDF document 158 kb
112PMC-YM-Pharma Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,72,500/-YesPDF document 112 kb
113Zhenyu Technology Pvt. Ltd₹ 61,273/-YesPDF document 79 kb
114Mantra Softech (India) Pvt. Ltd₹ 22,755/-YesPDF document 77 kb
115Exsilio Consulting India Pvt. Ltd₹ 23,950/-YesPDF document 78 kb
116M/s. Kaalbi Technologies Private Limited₹ 49,453/-YesPDF document 173 kb
117M/s. Toyota Industries Engine India Private Limited₹ 1,76,000/-YesPDF document 146 kb
118M/s. Anglo Indian Flower Breeders Private Limited₹ 23,010/-YesPDF document 148 kb
119M/s. Curtiss Wright Surface Technologies India Private Limited₹ 87,740/-YesPDF document 148 kb
120M/s. Aujas Networks Private Limited₹ 5,92,345/-YesPDF document 176 kb
121M/s. Procsys Hospitality Private Limited₹ 2,23,350/-YesPDF document 149 kb
122M/s. Crowdanalytix Solutions Private Limited₹ 79,108/-YesPDF document 176 kb
123M/s. Spectrumlabs India Private Limited₹ 57,440/-YesPDF document 146 kb
124M/s. Quicko Technosoft Labs Private Limited₹ 35,238/-YesPDF document 179 kb
125M/s. Coraza Technologies Private Limited₹ 1,18,500/-YesPDF document 158 kb
126M/s. Wooplr Technologies private limited₹ 81,330/-YesPDF document 162 kb
127M/s. Spectral Insights Private Limited₹ 24,635/-YesPDF document 149 kb
128M/s. Moham Infra Private Limited₹ 4,70,000/-YesPDF document 156 kb
129M/s. Simplilearn Solutions Private Limited₹ 21,000/-YesPDF document 145 kb
130M/s. Designsense Software Technologies Private Limited₹ 52,125/-YesPDF document 147 kb
131M/s. Infovita Technologies Private Limited₹ 72,973/-YesPDF document 153 kb
132M/s. Sei Sriram Power Private Limited₹ 2,68,500/-YesPDF document 140 kb
133M/s. Binatone Telecommunication Private Limited₹ 2,87,983/-YesPDF document 172 kb
134M/s. Bliss Chocolates India Private Limited₹ 11,880/-YesPDF document 145 kb
135M/s. Pharmacheck Consulting Services Private Limited₹ 7,690/-YesPDF document 146 kb
136M/s. TT Network Integration India Private Limited₹ 12,10,000/-YesPDF document 140 kb
137M/s. Zolostays Property Solutions Private Limited₹ 1,40,500/-YesPDF document 147 kb
138M/s. Disa India Limited₹ 1,60,500/-YesPDF document 142 kb
139M/s. Verodatatex India Private Limited₹ 500/-YesPDF document 152 kb
140M/s. Special Smiles Private Limited₹ 98,525/-YesPDF document 148 kb
141M/s. Billionbrains Garage Ventures Private Limited₹ 316/-YesPDF document 137 kb
142M/s. Ruman Enterprises Private Limited₹ 13,59,052/-YesPDF document 161 kb
143M/s. Dhammanagi & Sanu Developers Private Limited₹ 3,80,500/-YesPDF document 157 kb
144M/s. AIE Software India Private Limited₹ 1,561/-YesPDF document 149 kb
145Arjun Pulp and Paper India Pvt Ltd₹ 10,23,841/-YesPDF document 182 kb
146FM Global Logistics India Pvt Ltd₹ 14,170/-YesPDF document 169 kb
147Lanka Sportreizen (LSR) Pvt Ltd₹ 1,21,772/-YesPDF document 184 kb
148Carpenter & Paterson India Pvt Ltd₹ 1,10,570/-YesPDF document 169 kb
149T Perumal₹ 61,924/-YesPDF document 150 kb
150Russel Tobin Associates Staffing Solutions India Pvt Ltd₹ 323/-YesPDF document 157 kb
151Crowdnetic Technologies Pvt Ltd₹ 79,805/-YesPDF document 145 kb
152SaiGanga Panakeia Pvt Ltd₹ 88,571/-YesPDF document 157 kb
153Laver and wood India Pvt Ltd₹ 55,996/-YesPDF document 160 kb
154Novisync solutions India Pvt Ltd₹ 64,897/-YesPDF document 159 kb
155Dazsi systems (India) Private Limited₹ 1,99,588/-YesPDF document 174 kb
156Chakri fisheries Pvt Ltd₹ 52,900/-YesPDF document 156 kb
157Vsplash Techlabs Pvt Ltd₹ 29,375/-YesPDF document 148 kb
158Tara Coffee (India) Pvt Ltd₹ 71,750/-YesPDF document 141 kb
159WaterHealth India Pvt Ltd₹ 86,587/-YesPDF document 155 kb
160M/s SpadeWorx Software Services Private Limited₹ 36,667/-YesPDF document 158 kb
161M/s Indiafirst Life Insurance Company Limited₹ 36,03,333/-YesPDF document 161 kb
162M/s Ambitech Engineering India Private Limited₹ 32,500/-YesPDF document 158 kb
163M/s Rondo Metal Systems Private Limited₹ 90,000/-YesPDF document 149 kb
164M/s Julong Office Automation Private Limited₹ 25,333/-YesPDF document 158 kb
165M/s Rohan Buildcon Private Limited₹ 14,000/-YesPDF document 151 kb
166M/s Instamojo Technologies Private Limited₹ 1,94,250/-YesPDF document 165 kb
167M/s Albacore Accounting Services Private Limited₹ 50,702/-YesPDF document 159 kb
168M/s Shoei-Executive Crew Management Private Limited₹ 50,625/-YesPDF document 153 kb
169M/s Carlyle India Advisors Private Limited₹ 1,10,000/-YesPDF document 137 kb
170M/s Sigma Electric Manufacturing Corporation Private Limited₹ 26,667/-YesPDF document 153 kb
171M/s Milano Luxury Garments Private Limited₹ 20,667/-YesPDF document 157 kb
172M/s Enso Care (Maharashtra) Private Limited₹ 14,62,878/-YesPDF document 158 kb
173TPV Technology India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 2,85,420/-YesPDF document 203 kb
174Energetic Construction Pvt. Ltd.₹ 73,000/-YesPDF document 192 kb
175E2E Networks Ltd.₹ 84,553/-YesPDF document 216 kb
176Simpler Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 51,835/-YesPDF document 229 kb
177Rising Sun Energy Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,14,965/-YesPDF document 198 kb
178Sha Mathew₹ 24,53,590/-YesPDF document 193 kb
179Mr. Chandan Kumar Mishra₹ 1,43,680/-YesPDF document 193 kb
180Mr Thakorbhai Dahyabhai Patel₹ 1,13,758/-YesPDF document 191 kb
181M/s. Keymail International Logistic Services Private Limited₹ 931/-YesPDF document 170 kb
182M/s. Quiver Digital Solutions India Private Limited₹ 26,683/-YesPDF document 176 kb
183M/s. Rhea Healthcare Private Limited₹ 34,000/-YesPDF document 165 kb
184M/s. Citymax Hotels India Private Limited₹ 4,54,518/-YesPDF document 178 kb
185M/s. Transforming Higher Education GATE Academy Private Limited₹ 1,29,130/-YesPDF document 169 kb
186M/s. Reitzel India Private Limited₹ 1,48,820/-YesPDF document 175 kb
187M/s. ZP India Advisory Private Limited₹ 1,39,748/-YesPDF document 177 kb
188M/s. Korta Engineering India Private Limited₹ 1,20,930/-YesPDF document 157 kb
189M/s. Dytech Power Solutions India Private Limited₹ 26,345/-YesPDF document 172 kb
190M/s. 3five8 Technologies Private Limited₹ 1,67,925/-YesPDF document 173 kb
191M/s. Zoomcar India Private Limited₹ 1,32,990/-YesPDF document 185 kb
192M/s Liv Artificial Intelligence Private Limited₹ 89,265/-YesPDF document 181 kb
193M/s. Kieraya Furnishing Solutions Private Limited₹ 2,48,315/-YesPDF document 181 kb
194Super Easy Software Pvt. Ltd.₹ 331/-YesPDF document 115 kb
195Flying Trade India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 25,649/-YesPDF document 100 kb
196Maven Waves (India) P. Ltd.₹ 66,500/-YesPDF document 116 kb
197Sumati Legal Services P. Ltd.₹ 1,12,060/-YesPDF document 138 kb
198Lamiflex Packtech India Pvt Ltd₹ 31,000/-YesPDF document 52 kb
199Vinit Beriwala₹ 96,433/-YesPDF document 42 kb
200Uma Beriwala₹ 1,18,252/-YesPDF document 42 kb
201Vitthal Beriwala₹ 1,16,536/-YesPDF document 42 kb
202Ramco Systems Limited₹ 4,15,625/-YesPDF document 68 kb
203Vijay P Uttarwar₹ 51,375/-YesPDF document 37 kb
204Ramasubramanian Balasubramanian₹ 52,400/-YesPDF document 40 kb
205Kiran Energy Solar Power Pvt Ltd.₹ 1,39,792/-YesPDF document 59 kb
206Aricent Technologies (Holdings) Ltd₹ 3,72,68,090/-YesPDF document 42 kb
207Rashid Ahmad Mirza₹ 1,58,508/-YesPDF document 59 kb
208Yasmin Mirza₹ 1,38,508/-YesPDF document 59 kb
209Mahboob Rehman₹ 1,33,250/-YesPDF document 57 kb
210Royal Fort Resorts Private Limited₹ 26,375/-YesPDF document 133 kb
211Y-Tec India Private Limited₹ 84,000/-YesPDF document 128 kb
212MMD Heavy Machinery (India) Pvt Ltd₹ 2,57,080/-YesPDF document 159 kb
213Pipip E-Services Pvt Ltd₹ 1,04,000/-YesPDF document 159 kb
214Ratna Natural Stones Pvt Ltd₹ 7,66,743/-YesPDF document 209 kb
215Dongfang Electronics Private Limited₹ 1,51,080/-YesPDF document 160 kb
216Icredizen Financial Technologies Pvt Ltd₹ 48,135/-YesPDF document 164 kb
217M/S NTC Softec India Pvt Ltd₹ 61,025/-YesPDF document 161 kb
218Arjas Steel Pvt Ltd (formerlly Gerdau Steels India Pvt. ltd)₹ 6,42,325/-YesPDF document 174 kb
219Alexandria Equities Management (India) Private Limited₹ 2,08,985/-YesPDF document 156 kb
220M/S Peel Technologies Ind Pvt Ltd₹ 27,956/-YesPDF document 146 kb
221Cargo Exchange India Pvt Ltd₹ 38,150/-YesPDF document 159 kb
222Auviz Systems India Private limited₹ 95,000/-YesPDF document 165 kb
223Mr. Anantha Sagar Potluru₹ 9,029/-YesPDF document 124 kb
224Shepherd Tech Consultancy Pvt Ltd₹ 77,080/-YesPDF document 169 kb
225Divadragon Designs Private Limited₹ 96,278/-YesPDF document 76 kb
226Goadoctors Alliance Private Limited₹ 24,792/-YesPDF document 68 kb
227Samraj Marketing and Services Pvt Ltd₹ 90,827/-YesPDF document 154 kb
228Brics Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd₹ 13,914/-YesPDF document 167 kb
229Skilworth Technologies Pvt Ltd₹ 56,650/-YesPDF document 156 kb
230SVL Limited₹ 1,26,500/-YesPDF document 148 kb
231Excess Renewtech India Pvt Ltd₹ 56,180/-YesPDF document 167 kb
232Thors India Pvt Ltd₹ 92,355/-YesPDF document 169 kb
233Comodo Certauth India Services Pvt Ltd₹ 99,487/-YesPDF document 153 kb
234PKT Indev Global Logistics Pvt Ltd₹ 21,590/-YesPDF document 166 kb
235BCT Digital Pvt Ltd₹ 50,693/-YesPDF document 157 kb
236Chintan Patel₹ 3,550/-YesPDF document 135 kb
237Vinay Verma₹ 3,550/-YesPDF document 135 kb
238Bengal Port Pvt. Ltd.₹ 5,89,167/-YesPDF document 156 kb
239M/s Capital Foods Pvt Ltd₹ 97,413/-YesPDF document 150 kb
240M/s Haworth India Pvt Ltd₹ 22,28,333/-YesPDF document 157 kb
241M/s KDD (India) Pvt Ltd₹ 4,29,583/-YesPDF document 171 kb
242M/s Kendrion Pune Pvt Ltd₹ 8,42,750/-YesPDF document 155 kb
243M/s Labotek Plastics Auxiliaries India Pvt Ltd₹ 1,53,417/-YesPDF document 157 kb
244M/s Nomadic Communications Pvt Ltd₹ 22,083/-YesPDF document 148 kb
245M/s Shendra Advisory Services Pvt Ltd₹ 30,000/-YesPDF document 140 kb
246M/s Smiths Medical India Pvt Ltd₹ 85,000/-YesPDF document 155 kb
247M/s Canary Travel And Logistics Solutions Private Limited₹ 4,47,250/-YesPDF document 158 kb
248M/s Sparkle Clean Tech Private Ltd₹ 20,81,895/-YesPDF document 214 kb
249M/s Trikaal Mediinfotech Pvt Ltd₹ 8,32,500/-YesPDF document 150 kb
250Shiven Malhotra₹ 27,500/-YesPDF document 195 kb
251Ipstar (India) Pvt. Ltd.₹ 21,750/-YesPDF document 217 kb
252Dormeuil India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 140,306/-YesPDF document 228 kb
253Hill & Smith Infrastructure Products India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 27,120/-YesPDF document 214 kb
254World Learning India Pvt.₹ 24,360/-YesPDF document 206 kb
255Millennial Card Technologies Pvt. Ltd.₹ 20,825/-YesPDF document 205 kb
256GJG India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 7,811/-YesPDF document 217 kb
257SNC Lavalin Engineering India Private Limited₹ 9,20,373/-YesPDF document 144 kb
258Eaton India Innovation Center LLP₹ 70,583/-YesPDF document 130 kb
259MaclinesTrading India Pvt Ltd₹ 35,375/-YesPDF document 144 kb
260Naveen Trehan₹ 75,350/-YesPDF document 146 kb
261SKJ Goods Private Limited₹ 1,14,055/-YesPDF document 124 kb
262Apposite Trading Private Limited₹ 10,000/-YesPDF document 121 kb
263Cheerful Commercial Private Limited₹ 10,000/-YesPDF document 120 kb
264Usha Martin Ltd.₹ 10,20,000YesPDF document 172 kb
265Orbit Belting Pvt.Ltd.₹ 17,292YesPDF document 119 kb
266Atlas Healthcare Software India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 5,16,410YesPDF document 129 kb
267DCG Ailabs Academy Pvt. Ltd.₹ 58,012YesPDF document 113 kb
268Deutsche Maschinen India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,13,958YesPDF document 182 kb
269Solex Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.₹ 35,000YesPDF document 161 kb
270Wow Momo Foods Pvt. Ltd.₹ 64,871YesPDF document 182 kb
271Newby Teas Resources Pvt.Ltd.₹ 21,20,875YesPDF document 125 kb
272Tekray India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 56,044YesPDF document 164 kb
273Lorch Welding Pvt. Ltd.₹ 2,31,661YesPDF document 123 kb
274Chryso India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 45,844YesPDF document 157 kb
275Sanovita India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 26,492/-YesPDF document 141 kb
276Yuhua Electric Appliances India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 52,439/-YesPDF document 110 kb
277Himalyan Rocket Stove Pvt. Ltd.₹ 26,391/-YesPDF document 99 kb
278Cocubes technologies Pvt. Ltd.₹ 10,418/-YesPDF document 87 kb
279Inceptor Technologies Pvt. Ltd.₹ 27,725/-YesPDF document 159 kb
280Deepkiran Foods Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,12,563/-YesPDF document 213 kb
281M/s Amsri Builders Pvt Ltd₹ 9,53,830/-YesPDF document 146 kb
282M/s Amsri Developers Pvt Ltd₹ 88,000/-YesPDF document 151 kb
283M/s Amsri Realtors Pvt Ltd₹ 88,000/-YesPDF document 150 kb
284M/s Amsri Infra Projects Pvt Ltd₹ 10,55,080/-YesPDF document 158 kb
285M/s Amsri Properties and Townships Pvt Ltd₹ 88,000/-YesPDF document 151 kb
286M/s ZTT India Pvt Ltd₹ 90,000/-YesPDF document 154 kb
287M/s Keypoint Technologies India Pvt Ltd₹ 27,77,199/-YesPDF document 252 kb
288M/s Elixsys Lifesciences Pvt Ltd₹ 23,557/-YesPDF document 165 kb
289M/s Prathista Industries Ltd₹ 4,79,435/-YesPDF document 162 kb
290M/s Chandler Impex Pvt Ltd₹ 10,080/-YesPDF document 142 kb
291M/s Rockwell Educational Insitutions Pvt Ltd₹ 3,23,715/-YesPDF document 170 kb
292M/s Com Pak Plus India Pvt Ltd₹ 21,277/-YesPDF document 149 kb
293M/s Celon Laboratories Pvt Ltd₹ 2,15,470/-YesPDF document 155 kb
294M/s Surbana International Consultants (India) Pvt Ltd₹ 28,190/-YesPDF document 151 kb
295Mr. Madhusudana Sarma Susarla₹ 514/-YesPDF document 164 kb
296Escrowtech India Pvt Ltd₹ 38,524/-YesPDF document 163 kb
297Ibiz Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd₹ 10,080/-YesPDF document 167 kb
298Mahesh Ramakrishnan₹ 19,860/-YesPDF document 150 kb
299Ppyrus India Pvt Ltd.₹ 73,570/-YesPDF document 170 kb
300M/s Orissa Stevedores(Overseas) Private Limited₹ 72,250/-YesPDF document 159 kb
301M/s Milk Mantra Dairy Pvt. Ltd.₹ 51,000/-YesPDF document 160 kb
302Ayursundra Health Care Private Limited₹ 16,47,381/-YesPDF document 129 kb
303Sigve Brekke₹ 37,667/-YesPDF document 154 kb
304Jan Edvard Thygesen₹ 37,667/-YesPDF document 154 kb
305Yogesh Sanjeev Malik₹ 37,667/-YesPDF document 154 kb
306Indgrowth Capital Advisors LLP₹ 19,292/-YesPDF document 142 kb
307Vasumati Pande₹ 2,33,574/-YesPDF document 164 kb
308Shantanu Pande₹ 1,42,728/-YesPDF document 120 kb
309Piramal Glass Private Limited₹ 19,12,652/-YesPDF document 167 kb
310Maini Precision Products Limited₹ 29,66,706/-YesPDF document 56 kb
311Gensol Engineering Pvt. Ltd.₹ 24,168/-YesPDF document 113 kb
312Finvasia Securities Pvt. Ltd.₹ 39,150/-YesPDF document 95 kb
313Spinning Plates Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,28,166/-YesPDF document 125 kb
314Canadian Centre for Success Pvt. Ltd.₹ 58,733/-YesPDF document 119 kb
315OMP India Private Limited₹ 16,99,677/-YesPDF document 251 kb
316Sandeep Maan₹ 47,075/-YesPDF document 220 kb
317Pravin Nath₹ 1,13,810/-YesPDF document 220 kb
318Saurabh Khuran₹ 47,075/-YesPDF document 221 kb
319Kamla Sharma₹ 12,830/-YesPDF document 288 kb
320Arunav Sharma₹ 16,330/-YesPDF document 225 kb
321Dasma Hotels Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,00,775/-YesPDF document 158 kb
322Raha Poly Products Ltd₹ 13,07,260/-YesPDF document 181 kb
323Synergy Apartment Services Pvt Ltd₹ 65,930/-YesPDF document 163 kb
324JED Solar Parks Pvt Ltd₹ 1,42,270/-YesPDF document 144 kb
325Rain Coke Ltd₹ 2,28,500/-YesPDF document 138 kb
326Sandor Lifesciences Pvt Ltd₹ 32,725/-YesPDF document 140 kb
327Constructora San Jose GVK Projects and Technical Services Pvt Ltd₹ 10,916/-YesPDF document 155 kb
328Lerri Solar Technology (India) Pvt LTd₹ 1,08,050/-YesPDF document 171 kb
329Patient Focus Pvt Ltd₹ 82,301/-YesPDF document 151 kb
330Penmetcha Krishnam Raju₹ 53/-YesPDF document 140 kb
331A Raja Gopala Raju₹ 105/-YesPDF document 159 kb
332BN Prasad₹ 53/-YesPDF document 161 kb
333Koppala Rajah Vikramaditya₹ 2,347/-YesPDF document 161 kb
334Rampex Labs Pvt Ltd₹ 20,890/-YesPDF document 206 kb
335Rean Cloud India Pvt Ltd₹ 50,360/-YesPDF document 159 kb
336CNO IT Services (India) Pvt Ltd₹ 1,20,000/-YesPDF document 152 kb
337Longping High-Tech India Speed Pvt Ltd₹ 35,000/-YesPDF document 149 kb
338M/s Vega India Level and Pressure Measurement Private Limited₹ 63,167/-YesPDF document 155 kb
339M/s Shardashree Ispat Limited₹ 36,000/-YesPDF document 144 kb
340M/s Rajshree Polypack limited₹ 72,500/-YesPDF document 146 kb
341M/s Magpie Life Management Services India Private Limited₹ 48,125/-YesPDF document 166 kb
342M/s Baroda Asset Management India Limited₹ 3,15,833/-YesPDF document 153 kb
343M/s Ever Electronics Private Limited.₹ 2,68,292/-YesPDF document 155 kb
344M/s e-Emphasys Infotech Private Limited₹ 6,74,500/-YesPDF document 157 kb
345M/s Karanja Terminal & Logistics Private Limited₹ 1,07,500/-YesPDF document 166 kb
346Shri Adil Daruwala₹ 14,917/-YesPDF document 128 kb
347M/s Aasaanjobs Private limited₹ 1,56,417/-YesPDF document 145 kb
348M/s Cook Consulting and Communication Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.₹ 2,36,225/-YesPDF document 173 kb
349Fatsun Technology Pvt Ltd₹ 1,08,200/-YesPDF document 166 kb
350Conwood Agencies Pvt Ltd₹ 1,43,860/-YesPDF document 155 kb
351Krishnan Naganathan₹ 15,830/-YesPDF document 150 kb
352Contracting Plus Solutions Pvt Ltd.₹ 39,095/-YesPDF document 174 kb
353Nipro Medical India Pvt Ltd₹ 16,94,920/-YesPDF document 168 kb
354Daejung Moparts Pvt Ltd₹ 3,64,000/-YesPDF document 168 kb
355M/s. Bundl Technologies Private Limited₹ 540/-YesPDF document 158 kb
356M/s. Workplace Options India Private Limited₹ 30,301/-YesPDF document 148 kb
357M/s. Cannula Plus India Private Limited₹ 55,111/-YesPDF document 165 kb
358M/s. Nudgespot Technologies Private Limited₹ 17,560/-YesPDF document 140 kb
359M/s Biocon Biologics India Limited₹ 11,170/-YesPDF document 140 kb
360M/s. Clonect Solutions Private Limited₹ 11,265/-YesPDF document 142 kb
361M/s. Antal Infotech Private Limited₹ 63,225/-YesPDF document 147 kb
362M/s. Soul Vision Creations Private Limited₹ 50,700/-YesPDF document 137 kb
363M/s. Saboo Hesse Wood Coatings Private Limited₹ 20,960/-YesPDF document 152 kb
364M/s. Hanwei (India) Machinery Manufacturing Private Limited₹ 26,940/-YesPDF document 141 kb
365M/s. Shopmatic Solutions Private Limited₹ 30,750/-YesPDF document 144 kb
366T V Ranganathan₹ 52,000/-YesPDF document 139 kb
367BC Instruments India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 26,500/-YesPDF document 145 kb
368Ashwinkumar Joshi₹ 3,863/-YesPDF document 136 kb
369Adani-Elbit Advanced Systems India Ltd.₹ 18,360/-YesPDF document 181 kb
370M/s Agritrade Power Venture Pvt. Ltd₹ 1,04,500/-YesPDF document 157 kb
371M/s Milk Mantra Dairy Pvt. Ltd.₹ 27,000/-YesPDF document 155 kb
372M/s. Xotik Travel and Forex Pvt. Ltd.₹ 35,855/-YesPDF document 151 kb
373M/s. Corner Store Technologies Pvt. Ltd.₹ 29,564/-YesPDF document 151 kb
374Beacon Analytics Private Limited₹ 1,20,548/-YesPDF document 214 kb
375Sameer Maheshwari₹ 18,500/-YesPDF document 191 kb
376Shankar Nath₹ 18,000/-YesPDF document 191 kb
377Renu Satti₹ 14,000/-YesPDF document 189 kb
378Kiran Kalyan Vasireddy₹ 14,000/-YesPDF document 190 kb
379K. Shanmugam₹ 36,300/-YesPDF document 156 kb
380Shapoorji Pallonji Oil And Gas Private Limited₹ 63,452/-YesPDF document 126 kb
381Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited₹ 44,87,500/-YesPDF document 146 kb
382Zensar Technologies Limited₹ 23,70,099/-YesPDF document 145 kb
383U Square Lifescience Private Limited₹ 1,65,191/-YesPDF document 132 kb
384Loyalhut Solutions Pvt. Ltd.₹ 32,542/-YesPDF document 141 kb
385Alertlabs India pvt Ltd₹ 10,917/-YesPDF document 117 kb
386Yapapp India Pvt Ltd₹ 30,037/-YesPDF document 143 kb
387Researchwire Knowledge solutions Pvt Ltd₹ 30,417/-YesPDF document 112 kb
388M/s Sanctum Wealth Management Pvt Ltd₹ 59,458/-YesPDF document 167 kb
389M/s Purita Water Solution Pvt Ltd₹ 58,125/-YesPDF document 155 kb
390M/s Eden Innovations India Pvt Ltd₹ 1,77,375/-YesPDF document 172 kb
391Bandhan Bank₹ 43,334/-YesPDF document 242 kb
392Jineahat Export Pvt. Ltd₹ 78,334/-YesPDF document 268 kb
393Sibre Brakes (India) Pvt.Ltd₹ 1,28,750/-YesPDF document 272 kb
394DPBS (India) Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd₹ 22,292/-YesPDF document 269 kb
395Fiamoli Management and Business Consulting Pvt. Ltd₹ 72,098/-YesPDF document 278 kb
396Jyotirmoyee International Pvt. Ltd₹ 60,000/-YesPDF document 90 kb
397Tazzo Technologies Pvt Ltd₹ 36,000/-YesPDF document 134 kb
398Learnograph E-Learning India Pvt Ltd₹ 34,716/-YesPDF document 153 kb
399Lex Nimble Solutions Ltd₹ 52,060/-YesPDF document 179 kb
400JSD Medical Business Management Services Pvt Ltd₹ 11,170/-YesPDF document 148 kb
401Ravulapati Techub Pvt Ltd₹ 70,511/-YesPDF document 155 kb
402Narangah Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd₹ 22,660/-YesPDF document 139 kb
403Greatfour Systems Pvt Ltd₹ 36,737/-YesPDF document 156 kb
404Bomotix Pvt Ltd₹ 23,490/-YesPDF document 140 kb
405Quality Exim Pvt Ltd Pvt. Ltd.₹ 5