Compounding Orders

Sr.NoName of the applicantAmount imposed under
the compounding orders
Whether the amount
imposed has been paid
Download Order
1Finish Services Management Company Private Limited₹ 51,523Yes 119 kb
2Vaatsalya Health Care Solutions Private Limited₹ 2,40,085Yes 64 kb
3Creditaccess Grameen Limited₹ 9,06,840Yes 60 kb
4Enzen Global Solutions Private Limited₹ 1,49,280Yes 55 kb
5Youngmonk Technologies Private Limited₹ 2,73,000Yes 47 kb
6Instakart Services Private Limited₹ 26,000Yes 44 kb
7Sea Funds Management India Private Limited₹ 68,700Yes 74 kb
8Carthero Technologies Private Limited₹ 4,26,910Yes 54 kb
9Tenax India Stone Products Private Limited₹ 2,33,200Yes 66 kb
10Flutura Business Solutions Private Limited₹ 30,810Yes 46 kb
11IBS Synergies (India) Private Limited₹ 63,709Yes 36 kb
12Texelq Engineering India Private Limited₹ 3,67,717Yes 127 kb
13Jatropower Bio-Trading Private Limited₹ 5,67,910Yes 83 kb
14Checkpoint Apparel Labelling Solutions India Private Limited₹ 8,87,148Yes 87 kb
15Neohapsis Software Private Limited₹ 11,500Yes 78 kb
16Del Corona & Scardigli Private Limited₹ 20,375Yes 70 kb
17Beva Silicones Private Limited₹ 40,260Yes 73 kb
18Imprimatur Printing Services Private Limited₹ 48,940Yes 75 kb
19Sumhitha Polyfabrics Private Limited₹ 25,339Yes 100 kb
20Rockworth Systems Furniture (India) Private Limited₹ 6,94,407Yes 91 kb
21Timla Foods Private Limited₹ 14,360Yes 81 kb
22Talis Valves India Private Limited₹ 69,978Yes 109 kb
23Mysmartprice Web Technology Private Limited₹ 2,37,680Yes 98 kb
24Mas Fabric Park (India) Private Limited₹ 92,750Yes 87 kb
25United States Pharmacopeia India Private Limited₹ 1,70,940Yes 97 kb
26Everup Battery India Private Limited₹ 1,37,620Yes 72 kb
27Verdant Life Sciences Private Limited₹ 14,175Yes 57 kb
28Apex Covantage India Private Limited₹ 57,420Yes 59 kb
29Apex Knowledge Technology Private Limited₹ 1,34,940Yes 63 kb
30Daydream Constructions Private Limited₹ 63,180Yes 75 kb
31Phoenix Managed Services (India) Private Limited₹ 1,14,732Yes 64 kb
32KGK Creations Private Limited₹ 7,68,500Yes 45 kb
33O.L.C.I. Engineering India Private Limited₹ 1,40,500Yes 61 kb
34Derivium Tradition Securities (India) Private Limited₹ 3,51,500Yes 37 kb
35Wockhardt Hospitals Limited₹ 19,70,000Yes 38 kb
36ZTRIC India Private Limited₹ 66,660Yes 59 kb
37Firki Wholesale Private Limited₹ 96,055Yes 78 kb
38Aaidea Solutions Private Limited₹ 31,260Yes 77 kb
39Tienda Advance Materials Private Limited₹ 21,590Yes 65 kb
40Strides Shasun Limited₹ 1,54,748Yes 41 kb
41Endurance Technologies Limited₹ 6,74,942Yes 52 kb
42CI Global Technologies Private Limited₹ 1,62,499Yes 40 kb
43Inventurus Knowledge Solutions Private Limited₹ 8,11,042Yes 52 kb
44Millith Karv Engineering & Trading Private Limited₹ 10,000Yes 38 kb
45J K Enviro Tech Limited₹ 58,768Yes 58 kb
46Dynemic Products Private Limited₹ 2,07,772Yes 46 kb
47R Ramanujam₹ 3,25,239Yes 67 kb
48Prema Ramanujam₹ 5,05,59,190Yes 54 kb
49Sumanth Ramanujam₹ 11,43,16,108Yes 54 kb
50S Zhaveri Pharmakem Private Limited₹ 3,48,717Yes 46 kb
51Shapoorji Pallonji And Company Private Limited₹ 1,03,122Yes 57 kb
52Reno Mercantile Private Limited₹ 14,91,895Yes 38 kb
53M&C Saatchi Communications Private Limited₹ 4,39,600Yes 54 kb
54Panacea Publishing Private Limited₹ 55,500Yes 35 kb
55Rahul Saraf₹ 6,65,598Yes 44 kb
56Bennett Broadcasting And Distribution Services Limited₹ 4,24,123Yes 38 kb
57Astra Specialty Compounds India Private Limited₹ 1,11,505Yes 145 kb
58Jurimatrix Services India Private Limited₹ 1,24,450Yes 62 kb
59Mintm Mediatech Private Limited₹ 350Yes 39 kb
60Kern-Liebers (India) Private Limited₹ 6,25,620Yes 48 kb
61VTS TF Air Systems Private Limited₹ 4,14,950Yes 48 kb
62Tenshi Life Sciences Private Limited₹ 1,400Yes 39 kb
63Advisual Technology India Private Limited₹ 31,800Yes 40 kb
64Asset Trackr Private Limited₹ 31,280Yes 75 kb
65IAcharaya Silicon Limited₹ 2,74,845Yes 67 kb
66SEI Adhavan Power Private Limited₹ 1,30,670Yes 63 kb
67Sibelco India Minerals Private Limited₹ 2,02,500Yes 62 kb
68Waterhealth India Private Limited₹ 3,99,953Yes 297 kb
69ProcessMAP India Private Limited₹ 94,817Yes 75 kb
70Amish Crop Sciences Private Limited₹ 61,575Yes 99 kb
71Nippai Shalimar Feeds Private Limited₹ 85,000Yes 109 kb
72Strassenburg Pharmaceuticals Ltd.₹ 1,05,833Yes 101 kb
73Sapient Consulting Private Limited₹ 31,28,500Yes 44 kb
74Umg Index Tradefairs Private Limited₹ 2,85,000Yes 29 kb
75Sylvia Khan₹ 2,76,500Yes 29 kb
76Liyakat Ali Khan₹ 2,76,500Yes 29 kb
77Soha Systems India Private Limited₹ 1,130/-Yes 44 kb
78Mobili Italia India Private Limited₹ 57,487/-Yes 73 kb
79KO Con India Private Limited₹ 49,746/-Yes 72 kb
80Serviont Global Solutions Limited₹ 43,330/-Yes 76 kb
81Manureva Digital Solutions India Private Limited₹ 1,05,395/-Yes 72 kb
82Yongsan Automotive India Private Limited₹ 3,89,990/-Yes 69 kb
83Green Coke & Ferro Alloys (P) Ltd₹ 63,000/-Yes 70 kb
84M.S.Transformers India Private Limited₹ 2,29,946/-Yes 85 kb
85R N Photo Coatings Private Limited₹ 66,380/-Yes 68 kb
86VSoft Technologies Private Limited₹ 55,77,565/-No 79 kb
87ITS Technodue India Private Limited₹ 72,328/-Yes 80 kb
88BASIX SUB-K iTransactions Limited₹ 61,500/-Yes 67 kb
89Amrutha Power Projects Private Limited₹ 14,15,250/-Yes 67 kb
90Chigurupati Technologies Private Limited₹ 35,945/-Yes 70 kb
91Harsha Chigurupati₹ 19,198/-Yes 73 kb
92Omullane India Solutions Private Limited₹ 21,170/-Yes 82 kb
93Infrasoft Technologies Ltd₹ 3,42,500/-Yes 53 kb
94JBM MA Automotive Private Limited₹ 11,79,360/-Yes 37 kb
95Tangerine Developers Private Limited₹ 20,98,125/-Yes 38 kb
96Worley Parsons Engineering Private Limited₹ 6,38,306/-Yes 41 kb
97Sanghvi Beauty & Technologies Private Limited₹ 10,080/-Yes 40 kb
98Sapience Analytics Private Limited₹ 10,160/-Yes 41 kb
99M J Biotech Private Limited₹ 1,29,62,533/-Yes 67 kb
100Artex Ventures Private Limited₹ 29,175/-Yes 65 kb
101Kodiak Networks India Private Limited₹ 21,667/-Yes 67 kb
102Centor India Agri Private Limited₹ 1,54,571/-Yes 87 kb
103Skyweb Infotech Limited₹ 2,92,641/-Yes 61 kb
104RJ Corp Limited₹ 3,54,508/-Yes 46 kb
105Jindal Futures Private Limited₹ 2,08,744/-Yes 39 kb
106Principal PNB Asset Management Company Private Limited₹ 53,000/-Yes 35 kb
107VD Global Private Limited₹ 1,92,300/-Yes 39 kb
108M J Biotech Private Limited₹ 21,000/-Yes 35 kb
109Dempo Industries Private Limited₹ 2,26,376/-Yes 51 kb
110Dorma India Private Limited₹ 7,42,994/-Yes 83 kb
111Elliot Prima Resorts Private Limited₹ 8,69,798/-Yes 61 kb
112Arvind Singh Mewar – I₹ 1,54,289/-Yes 52 kb
113Arvind Singh Mewar – II₹ 3,32,777/-Yes 55 kb
114Surbana International Consultants (India) Private Limited₹ 24,55,213/-Yes 110 kb
115ITH Engineering ( India ) Pvt Ltd₹ 41,294Yes 97 kb
116Source Pundit Info Systems Private Limited₹ 55,000Yes 42 kb
117PMP Auto Components Private Limited₹ 4,35,235Yes 46 kb
118Casme Industrial Park Development I Private Limited₹ 3,45,750Yes 140 kb
119Raipar Renewable Energy Private Limited₹ 3,54,080Yes 112 kb
120Novagen Healthcare Private Limited₹ 2,12,940Yes 160 kb
121B.C. Instruments India Private Limited₹ 1,76,538Yes 158 kb
122Himile Molds (India) Private Limited₹ 1,24,500Yes 139 kb
123Chumbak Design Private Limited₹ 16,54,500Yes 51 kb
124Xiaomi Communications And Logistics India Private Limited₹ 2,15,350Yes 56 kb
125Accion Labs India Private Limited₹ 75,700Yes 54 kb
126Paybooks Technologies India Private Limited₹ 46,950Yes 69 kb
127Manipal Technologies Limited₹ 7,12,000Yes 53 kb
128ANSR Source India Private Limited₹ 41,730Yes 52 kb
129Prestige Mysore Retail Ventures Private Limited₹ 13,84,950Yes 60 kb
130Prestige Mangalore Retail Ventures Private Limited₹ 3,00,200Yes 59 kb
131Firmedge Plastic Manufacturing Private Limited₹ 61,640Yes 50 kb
132Talon Trims India Private Limited₹ 25,200Yes 52 kb
133Planet11 Ecommerce Solutions India Private Limited₹ 1,06,830Yes 68 kb
134Healthvista India Private Limited₹ 3,34,780Yes 67 kb
135Prestige Garden Constructions Private Limited₹ 11,13,500Yes 63 kb
136CEJN Products India Private Limited₹ 29,230Yes 53 kb
137Columbia Medical Systems Private Limited₹ 71,650Yes 57 kb
138Damcosoft Private Limited₹ 6,21,529Yes 86 kb
139Amika Hotels Madurai Private Limited₹ 4,85,328Yes 95 kb
140E-IT Professionals India Private Lmited₹ 47,406Yes 71 kb
141Blogilicious Private Limited₹ 21,825Yes 70 kb
142Lhotellier Ikos Environment India Private Limited₹ 39,570Yes 82 kb
143AGC Apps Private Limited₹ 44,111Yes 76 kb
144Hirose Electric Singapore Pte Limited India Liaison Office₹ 1,06,793Yes 88 kb
145Brandix Apparel India Private Limited₹ 12,73,346Yes 79 kb
146CLT Apparel India Private Limited₹ 2,26,260Yes 97 kb
147Neotiss Limited₹ 5,95,185Yes 73 kb
148Mimics East Technologies Private Limited₹ 52,976Yes 85 kb
149Inecom Technology Private Limited₹ 88,813Yes 44 kb
150Mahesh Ramakrishnan₹ 83,300/-Yes 38 kb
151S. Ramakrishnan₹ 83,300/-Yes 39 kb
152Diabu Diamond Tools (India) Private Limited₹ 1,11,610/-Yes 55 kb
153Mcelroy Sales And Services India Private Limited₹ 74,850/-Yes 54 kb
154eDreams Edusoft Private Limited₹ 13,200/-Yes 44 kb
155CVC India Infrastructure Private Limited₹ 34,740/-Yes 49 kb
156Shinwa (India) Engineering & Trading Private Limited₹ 55,460/-Yes 54 kb
157Niasha Youth Hostel Private Limited₹ 31,470/-Yes 51 kb
158Tele System Electronic (India) Private Limited₹ 60,260/-Yes 68 kb
159SunEdison Solar Power India Private Limited₹ 4,88,000/-Yes 76 kb
160Olympus Therapeutics Private Limited₹ 20,940/-Yes 64 kb
161Dion Lion Saumabaan Distributors Private Limited₹ 21,250/-Yes 70 kb
162Syncfusion Software Private Limited₹ 47,195/-Yes 67 kb
163Bicelli Geco Hydraulics India Private Limited₹ 33,570/-Yes 68 kb
164Egger Pumps India Private Limited₹ 1,48,904/-Yes 75 kb
165LBR Leisure And Hospitality Services Private Limited₹ 1,54,500/-Yes 71 kb
166LS Automotive India Private Limited₹ 4,78,500/-Yes 69 kb
167SPG India Private Limited₹ 4,43,940/-Yes 69 kb
168Bhandari Foundations Private Limited₹ 56,034/-Yes 66 kb
169American Brew Crafts Private Limited₹ 77,910/-Yes 86 kb
170Agarwal Sponge And Energy Private Limited₹ 1,03,000/-Yes 65 kb
171Puffy Thumb Game Studio Private Limited₹ 25,625/-Yes 69 kb
172Reitz United Technologies Private Limited₹ 65,181/-Yes 71 kb
173SVR Retail Private Limited₹ 96,211/-Yes 115 kb
174Magicrot Industrial Services Private Limited₹ 39,860/-Yes 43 kb
175Wockhardt Limited₹ 1,35,948/-Yes 43 kb
176ATC Telecom Infrastructure Private Limited₹ 12,37,000/-Yes 61 kb
177Bericap India Private Limited₹ 15,14,043/-Yes 63 kb
178UE Lifesciences (India) Private Limited₹ 1,01,780/-Yes 62 kb
179Esmes Pantry Private Limited₹ 32,081/-Yes 56 kb
180Franstek Belts Private Limited₹ 50,990/-Yes 95 kb
181Benson Hotels Private Limited₹ 77,973/-Yes 87 kb
182Karan Kapur₹ 1,14,092/-Yes 55 kb
183Varun Sunil Kapur₹ 1,15,092/-Yes 57 kb
184Abicor Binzel Production (I) Private Limited₹ 7,99,250/-Yes 49 kb
185Advent Business Credit Development Company Private Limited₹ 9,14,833/-Yes 67 kb
186Trigyn Technologies Limited₹ 33,02,218/-Yes 44 kb
187Buimerc Core Investments Private Limited₹ 7,58,333/-Yes 49 kb
188Edunetwork Private Limited₹ 26,530/-Yes 35 kb
189Enaltec Labs Private Limited₹ 2,16,208/-Yes 44 kb
190Watchdata Technologies (India) Private Limited₹ 58,030/-Yes 41 kb
191Energy Quote Private Limited₹ 60,470/-Yes 47 kb
192Southern E Commerce Solutions Private Limited₹ 11,000/-Yes 45 kb
193Packetvideo India Private Limited₹ 84,366/-Yes 28 kb
194Parexel International Services India Private Limited₹ 3,86,250/-Yes 44 kb
195Airmail Services Private Limited₹ 10,666/-Yes 49 kb
196Kobster E Shop Private Limited₹ 52,860/-Yes 77 kb
197Unicorn Valves Private Limited₹ 1,53,815/-Yes 77 kb
198India Consolidated Contractors Company Private Limited₹ 1,37,332/-Yes 74 kb
199SEI Bheem Private Limited₹ 4,44,745/-Yes 70 kb
200Aarish Solar Power Private Limited₹ 23,251/-Yes 68 kb
201Karadi Path Education Company Private Limited₹ 1,92,477/-Yes 84 kb
202SEI L'volta Private Limited₹ 1,03,500/-Yes 71 kb
203ECS Systems Services India Private Limited₹ 68,145/-Yes 71 kb
204Trimble Information Technologies India Private Limited₹ 29,09,170/-Yes 79 kb
205Ravindranath GE Medical Associates Private Limited₹ 9,40,116/-Yes 70 kb
206Hsenid Business Solutions India Private Limited₹ 1,40,288/-Yes 93 kb
207Nutra Specialities Private Limited₹ 1,64,015/-Yes 67 kb
208Airis Pharma Private Limited₹ 5,82,122/-Yes 190 kb
209Impacts Renewable Solutions (India) Private Limited₹ 22,490/-Yes 80 kb
210IVIS International Private Limited₹ 45,065/-Yes 109 kb
211Sanvi Properties (India) Private Limited₹ 1,34,310/-Yes 91 kb
212Babji Realtors Private Limited₹ 4,23,750/-Yes 80 kb
213Trimurti Plant Sciences Private Limited₹ 18,000/-Yes 66 kb
214Reportgarden Technologies Private Limited₹ 42,347/-Yes 64 kb
215Stewken Traveltek India Private Limited₹ 55,762/-Yes 74 kb
216Pervacio India Private Limited₹ 1,14,642/-Yes 71 kb
217AMR Carpets Private Limited₹ 67,882/-Yes 97 kb
218I-Cube Analytics And Data Services Private Limited₹ 11,670/-Yes 29 kb
219Tejpal Mehta₹ 11,670/-Yes 28 kb
220Emirates Lube India Private Limited₹ 2,53,500/-Yes 52 kb
221Sheltrex Karjat Private Limited₹ 1,28,000/-Yes 61 kb
222Apollo Logisolutions Limited₹ 3,13,000/-Yes 77 kb
223Argon Hotels Private Limited₹ 1,34,250/-Yes 78 kb
224Ardom Towergen Private Limited₹ 4,85,500/-Yes 80 kb
225Integral Biosciences Private Limited₹ 1,03,160/-Yes 73 kb
226Halcyon Finance and Capital Advisors Private Limited₹ 2,31,58,756/-Yes 43 kb
227Hurix Systems Private Limited₹ 2,76,596/-Yes 59 kb
228Sterling Industries₹ 79,414/-Yes 50 kb
229Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Company Private Limited₹ 1,14,12,800/-Yes 43 kb
230Rishiroop Limited₹ 1,12,955/-Yes 85 kb
231Indian Energy Exchange Limited₹ 6,28,145/-Yes 99 kb
232Zodiac Clothing Company Limited₹ 18,07,868/-Yes 47 kb
233Mandrem Hotels Private Limited₹ 1,35,000/-Yes 41 kb
234CTC (India) Private Limited₹ 11,750/-Yes 46 kb
235Gaurav Bamania₹ 26,530/-Yes 36 kb
236Bigtec Innovations Private Limited₹ 69,600Yes 39 kb
237Bigtec Pvt Ltd₹ 59,800Yes 38 kb
238Songline Analytics Private Limited₹ 62,900Yes 51 kb
239Durag India Instrumentation Pvt Ltd₹ 29,370Yes 62 kb
240Little Eye Software Labs Private Limited₹ 22,150Yes 46 kb
241We Alliance Packaging India Pvt Ltd₹ 41,185Yes 47 kb
242Capital Small Finance Bank Ltd.₹ 50,832Yes 43 kb
243Lyca Productions Private Limited₹ 10,80,884Yes 96 kb
244Kukdong Coolant India Pvt Ltd₹ 5,37,000Yes 52 kb
245SEI Adityashakti Private Limited₹ 1,68,500Yes 50 kb
246Elite Screens India P Ltd₹ 77,150Yes 53 kb
247Smiley Monroe Rubber & Allied Products (India) Pvt Ltd₹ 64,810Yes 51 kb
248SEI Sitara Private Limited₹ 1,11,500Yes 57 kb
249Rain Greens Systems Pvt Ltd₹ 23,905Yes 53 kb
250Pearson Education (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.₹ 94,91,250Yes 77 kb
251Naya Infra India Private Limited₹ 3,46,514Yes 100 kb
252Avance Consulting Services Pvt Ltd₹ 74,160Yes 57 kb
253Dropsa Spicelube India Pvt Ltd₹ 38,160Yes 78 kb
254Perigord Premedia (India) Pvt Ltd₹ 22,180Yes 99 kb
255Vivify Ventures Pvt Ltd₹ 22,430Yes 95 kb
256Scalar Bathware Pvt. Ltd.₹ 686Yes 91 kb
257Vivaan Hotels Private Ltd₹ 12,917Yes 78 kb
258Franklin Templeton Asset Management (India) Pvt Ltd₹ 53,000Yes 38 kb
259CI (India) Pvt Ltd₹ 1,47,491Yes 57 kb
260ITS India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 5,25,523Yes 61 kb
261Info Vision Labs India Pvt Ltd₹ 86,455Yes 63 kb
262Ion Exchange Waterleau Ltd₹ 9,01,975Yes 61 kb
263Salathai Foods & Restaurants P L₹ 84,038Yes 60 kb
264UL Quality Assurance Private Limited₹ 51,480Yes 71 kb
265ILSC India Private Limited₹ 3,02,052Yes 89 kb
266Deep Emotions Publishing Pvt. Ltd₹ 6,61,500Yes 68 kb
267Anuj Jain₹ 65,209Yes 53 kb
268Sahajanand Medical Technologies Private Limited₹ 2,18,518Yes 57 kb
269Mahendra Kumar Sanghi₹ 1,11,091Yes 55 kb
270Manju Sanghi₹ 1,11,233Yes 69 kb
271Ashwin M Sanghi₹ 1,11,251Yes 53 kb
272Vaibhav Sanghi₹ 1,11,115Yes 53 kb
273Amit Jain₹ 65,218Yes 52 kb
274Titan Company Limited₹ 3,30,523Yes 41 kb
275Optiemus Infracom Limited₹ 50,000Yes 50 kb
276Solutions Infini Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.₹ 15,000Yes 49 kb
277Shree Bhavani Power Projects Private Limited₹ 1,21,940Yes 70 kb
278Avyukta Constructions Private Limited₹ 18,333Yes 38 kb
279Hittco Tools Ltd₹ 60,773Yes 49 kb
280Intricast Overseas LLP₹ 83,502Yes 51 kb
281Modern Montessori International India Pvt Ltd₹ 1,04,980Yes 50 kb
282Boehringer Ingelheim India Pvt Ltd₹ 8,27,975/-Yes 43 kb
283Carryage Technologies Pvt Ltd₹ 51,625/-Yes 48 kb
284Ambi Vijay Steel Suppliers Pvt Ltd₹ 68,475/-Yes 69 kb
285Optum Global Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd₹ 11,000/-Yes 41 kb
286You Broadband India Ltd₹ 52,27,703/-Yes 103 kb
287Mr. Belur Manjappa Chittaranjan₹ 50,566/-Yes 35 kb
288C & S Electric Limited₹ 80,000/-Yes 49 kb
289Lupin Limited₹ 50,610/-Yes 48 kb
290Arun Mammen₹ 69,45,495/-Yes 46 kb
291Kandathil M Mammen₹ 69,45,495/-Yes 46 kb
292Rajan Mittal₹ 1,000/-Yes 34 kb
293Niton Valve Industries Pvt Ltd₹ 1,22,988/-Yes 78 kb
294TLC Relationship Management Pvt Ltd₹ 62,500/-Yes 78 kb
295Basant Gurnani₹ 1,59,625/-Yes 55 kb
296Pipartoda Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd₹ 1,65,080/-Yes 113 kb
297Zoomcar India Pvt Ltd₹ 2,80,780/-Yes 52 kb
298Kadavanthara Builders Private Limited₹ 45,000/-Yes 68 kb
299Mathworks India Private Limited₹ 2,09,600/-Yes 49 kb
300Axcend Automation & Software Solutions Pvt Ltd₹ 2,22,580/-Yes 62 kb
301TUV Rheinland India Pvt Ltd₹ 2,03,270/-Yes 43 kb
302J C Penney Services India Pvt Ltd₹ 68,080/-Yes 65 kb
303Net Right Technologies Private Limited₹ 49,000/-Yes 61 kb
304Start Up Farms It Pvt. Ltd.₹ 8,25,196/-Yes 59 kb
305Rana Polycot Ltd.₹ 1,28,271/-Yes 43 kb
306Socomo Technologies Pvt. Ltd.₹ 3,08,687/-Yes 47 kb
307Aspen Care Private Limited₹ 1,04,752/-Yes 73 kb
308SEI Aditi Power Pvt Ltd₹ 3,48,970/-Yes 69 kb
309GMT Ice & Cream Art (India) Pvt Ltd₹ 58,160/-Yes 78 kb
310Leapinc Business Solutions Private Limited₹ 23,225/-Yes 67 kb
311Bhomiaji Infrastructure Private Limited₹ 58,575/-Yes 66 kb
312Chennai Business Park Private Limited₹ 83,24,225/-Yes 73 kb
313Dhyan Art Materials And Canvas Pvt Ltd₹ 10,283/-Yes 67 kb
314Ohmic Research India Pvt Ltd₹ 2,41,580/-Yes 64 kb
315Raqmiyat Information Technology Pvt Ltd₹ 4,16,540/-Yes 65 kb
316Shreyas Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd₹ 1,39,160/-Yes 62 kb
317Pratyash Renewable Pvt Ltd₹ 22,161/-Yes 67 kb
318EDAC Engineering Limited₹ 40,720/-Yes 68 kb
319Asahitec Stencils Private Limited₹ 4,14,530/-Yes 72 kb
320YSI Automotive Private Limited₹ 56,18,163/-Yes 77 kb
321DIS MRP Seals Pvt Ltd₹ 53,225/-Yes 66 kb
322RA Chem Pharma Limited₹ 1,77,500/-Yes 78 kb
323Laxmi RA Holdings & Investments Private Limited₹ 9,26,500/-Yes 66 kb
324Ravula Sirish Kumar₹ 27,075/-Yes 72 kb
325AMR Carpets Pvt. Ltd₹ 39,104/-Yes 75 kb
326Burberry India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,81,000/-Yes 84 kb
327Rayagada Minerals And Chemicals Pvt. Ltd₹ 2,77,000/-Yes 68 kb
328Onion Mobi Services Pvt. Ltd.₹ 72,500/-Yes 68 kb
329Boeing International Corporation India Private Limited₹ 11,28,000/-Yes 66 kb
330Woodver Coatings Private Limited₹ 52,620/-Yes 68 kb
331Metenere (Global) Limited₹ 1,15,000/-Yes 86 kb
332Jasmin Infotech Pvt Ltd₹ 1,09,900/-Yes 54 kb
333Sukavala Renewable Energy Private Limited₹ 3,27,000/-Yes 113 kb
334Archetype Entertainment Private Limited₹ 1,04,620/-Yes 52 kb
335Inclusive Ventures India Private Limited₹ 21,700/-Yes 45 kb
336Rmz Somerset Galleria Hotels Private Limited₹ 1,78,950/-Yes 48 kb
337Jinhap Automotive Private Limited₹ 42,870/-Yes 65 kb
338Saf-Holland India Private Limited₹ 2,09,290/-Yes 71 kb
339Leax India Private Limited₹ 43,400/-Yes 75 kb
340Fba Consulting India Private Limited₹ 1,02,930/-Yes 72 kb
341Nilpeter India Private Limited₹ 42,000/-Yes 68 kb
342Tas Textiles India Private Limited₹ 53,696/-Yes 68 kb
343Apc Drilling & Construction Private Limited₹ 30,500/-Yes 62 kb
344Phasorz Technologies Private Limited₹ 1,94,090/-Yes 71 kb
345Ifmr Holdings Private Limited₹ 81,420/-Yes 69 kb
346Sandler And Travis Trade Advisory India Private Limited₹ 12,200/-Yes 61 kb
347Ventureast Tenet Fund Ii₹ 4,97,303/-Yes 79 kb
348The Biotechnology Venture Fund (Ventureast Trustee Company)₹ 37,72,500/-Yes 66 kb
349Vizag Hospital And Cancer Research Centre Private Limited₹ 8,42,454/-Yes 128 kb
350Innovare Labs Private Limited₹ 1,73,010/-Yes 146 kb
351Atum It Services India Private Limited₹ 1,32,034/-Yes 73 kb
352Applause App Quality India Private Limited₹ 54,300/-Yes 60 kb
353Tavrida Electric India Private Limited₹ 16,251/-Yes 73 kb
354Saffron Brand Consultants India Private Limited₹ 2,17,822/-Yes 54 kb
355Yuanda International Aluminium Engineering India Private Limited₹ 1,51,750/-No 41 kb
356Perstorp Chemicals India Private Limited₹ 54,30,500/-Yes 43 kb
357Tranzlease Automobile Solutions Private Limited₹ 14,95,000/-Yes 39 kb
358Axiom Propack Private Limited₹ 4,68,760/-Yes 41 kb
359Nine United Properties Private Limited₹ 21,690/-Yes 67 kb
360Idea Cellular Infrastructure Services Limited₹ 1,07,500/-Yes 38 kb
361Mobilecomm Technologies India Private Limited₹ 69,232/-Yes 53 kb
362Rajesh Khursija₹ 22,000/-Yes 51 kb
363Ramandeep Singh₹ 22,000/-Yes 51 kb
364Marimed Shipping (India) Private Limited₹ 1,31,891/-Yes 43 kb
365Mukhtarul Amin₹ 1,06,771/-Yes 76 kb
366Shahina Mukhtar₹ 76,771/-Yes 74 kb
367Zafarul Amin₹ 68,751/-Yes 61 kb
368Venus Aesthetic LLP₹ 72,650/-Yes 89 kb
369Synfosys Business Solutions Limited₹ 7,70,347/-Yes 45 kb
370Priyanjali Education Private Limited₹ 1,52,385/-Yes 53 kb
371Northern Exim Private Limited₹ 1,70,417/-Yes 57 kb
372Zicom Electronic Security Systems Limited₹ 86,135/-Yes 50 kb
373Marksans Pharma Limited₹ 70,000/-Yes 41 kb
374S Maragathamani₹ 1,42,750/-Yes 77 kb
375Solkar Solar Industry Limited₹ 11,21,948/-Yes 52 kb
376Cropnosys (India) Private Limited₹ 5,29,071/-Yes 47 kb
377Azure Power India Private Limited₹ 16,416/-Yes 55 kb
378Satnam Sanghera₹ 80,292/-Yes 55 kb
379Gold Coast Diagnostics Private Limited₹ 18,98,801/-No 62 kb
380Jasper Infotech Private Limited₹ 12,71,72,860/-Yes 53 kb
381Entropy Innovations Pvt.Ltd.₹ 28,265/-No 40 kb
382Exactus Corporation Private Ltd₹ 73,968/-Yes 53 kb
383Macson Color Chem Pvt Ltd₹ 16,640/-Yes 126 kb
384Kuma Engineering Pvt Ltd₹ 28,665/-Yes 124 kb
385Tejas Networks Limited₹ 1,576,900/-Yes 72 kb
386Ecom Gill Coffee Trading Pvt Ltd₹ 8,63,000/-Yes 48 kb
387Elken International India Pvt Ltd₹ 77,800/-Yes 43 kb
388Aerospace Processing India Pvt Ltd₹ 14,900/-Yes 44 kb
389Sifang Automation India Private Limited₹ 93,640/-Yes 66 kb
390One Business Consulting Group Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,66,000/-Yes 35 kb
391Combier Brewmaster Ventures Pvt. Ltd.₹ 25,610/-Yes 38 kb
392Britannia Labels India Private Limited₹ 12,761/-Yes 63 kb
393PRI Precision Automotive Pvt Ltd₹ 35,561/-Yes 71 kb
394Enerlife India Private Limited₹ 5,29,359/-Yes 80 kb
395Appviewx Private Limited₹ 22,000/-Yes 64 kb
396Polyhose Tofle Private Limited₹ 43,710/-Yes 69 kb
397SH Electronics India Private Limited₹ 5,07,000/-Yes 72 kb
398TGI Packaging Private Limited₹ 45,250/-Yes 67 kb
399Kohnle Heat Treating Systems Pvt Ltd₹ 97,590/-Yes 72 kb
400Currie & Brown (Padgham) Pvt Ltd₹ 2,45,370/-Yes 74 kb
401International Waste Management Private Limited₹ 2,18,840/-Yes 71 kb
402Mana Hc Info Private Limited₹ 51,865/-Yes 71 kb
403Prabhudeva Studios Private Limited₹ 82,500/-Yes 63 kb
404Sepco Electric Power Construction Corporation₹ 4,67,204/-Yes 74 kb
405Arani Agro Oil Industries Private Limited₹ 8,121,868/-Yes 142 kb
406Verdant Life Sciences Pvt Ltd₹ 1,13,724/-Yes 62 kb
407GSR Infrastructure Private Limited₹ 81,270/-Yes 55 kb
408Munchem India Private Limited₹ 25,410/-Yes 61 kb
409Oppo Mobiles West Bengal Pvt Ltd₹ 26,700/-Yes 34 kb
410Petunia Properties Private Ltd₹ 19,000/-Yes 60 kb
411Magaldi Power India Pvt. Ltd₹ 36,350/-Yes 35 kb
412Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals India Private Limited₹ 81,565/-Yes 70 kb
413Shingora Textiles Limited₹ 1,35,220/-Yes 71 kb
414ALP Overseas Pvt Ltd₹ 2,02,718/-Yes 75 kb
415Bennett, Coleman And Company Ltd (I)₹ 7,47,211/-Yes 39 kb
416Analec Infotech Private Limited₹ 80,333/-Yes 40 kb
417Quippo Valuers And Auctioneers Pvt Ltd₹ 67,283/-Yes 51 kb
418Bennett, Coleman And Company Ltd (II)₹ 1,514,422/-Yes 40 kb
419Dodla Dairy Limited₹ 40,000/-Yes 37 kb
420CCL Consultants(India) Private Limited₹ 81,006/-Yes 50 kb
421Elomatic-Pharmalab Consulting And Engineering Pvt Ltd₹ 1,33,877/-Yes 61 kb
422Ceres Hotels Pvt Ltd₹ 1,06,333/-Yes 42 kb
423Stros Esquire Elevators And Hoists Pvt Ltd₹ 25,975/-Yes 109 kb
424Getrag Transmissions India Pvt Ltd₹ 115,500/-Yes 130 kb
425Calumite India Manufacturing Pvt Ltd₹ 52,789/-Yes 136 kb
426Acciona Energy India Pvt Ltd₹ 838,550/-Yes 63 kb
427IQGateway Private Limited₹ 65,200/-Yes 47 kb
428Zipdial Mobile Solutions Pvt Ltd₹ 311,200/-Yes 88 kb
429Waggener Edstrom Worldwide Communications Pvt Ltd₹ 133,140/-Yes 50 kb
430Bhalakh Realtors Pvt Ltd₹ 97,971/-Yes 73 kb
431Boccard India Pvt Ltd₹ 21,212/-Yes 73 kb
432Nektan Gaming Technologies Private Limited₹ 16,248/-Yes 68 kb
433Gruppo Biokimica India Pvt Ltd₹ 45,525/-Yes 78 kb
434TPF Software India Pvt Ltd₹ 119,550/-Yes 65 kb
435Kidim India Pvt Ltd₹ 1,343,599/-Yes 80 kb
436Trusted Aerospace Engineering Limited₹ 227,456/-Yes 73 kb
437Yoe Yoe Electronics India Pvt Ltd₹ 179,671/-Yes 73 kb
438Caring Elders Technology Private Limited₹ 29,430/-Yes 71 kb
439Straits Food Chain Pvt Ltd₹ 14,635/-Yes 63 kb
440Drivestream India Pvt Ltd₹ 118,448/-Yes 71 kb
441Modria India Pvt Ltd₹ 34,330/-Yes 73 kb
442E.E.Blyth Exim India Private Ltd₹ 31,300/-Yes 75 kb
443H.B.Fuller Adhesives Deutschland GMBH Branch Office₹ 32,000/-Yes 74 kb
444Pena4 Tech Solutions India Pvt Ltd₹ 142,430/-Yes 60 kb
445Transcon Life Spaces Pvt Ltd₹ 26,275/-Yes 66 kb
446EA Labs India Pvt Ltd₹ 51,550/-Yes 57 kb
447China Coal No.3 Mining (India) Pvt Ltd₹ 32,830/-Yes 57 kb
448Walled City Hotels Pvt. Ltd.₹ 341,339/-Yes 112 kb
449Short Breaks Pvt Ltd₹ 31,005/-Yes 35 kb
450Affle India Pvt Ltd₹ 460,266/-Yes 49 kb
451Brattle Foods Private Limited₹ 564,905/-Yes 45 kb
452Goqii Technologies Pvt Ltd₹ 60,500/-Yes 58 kb
453Maico Ventilation Pvt.Ltd.₹ 127,360/-Yes 53 kb
454Mach 7 Technologies Pvt Ltd₹ 510,226/-Yes 43 kb
455Minaean Habitat India Pvt Ltd₹ 2,935,462/-Yes 69 kb
456Imagination Edutainment India Pvt Ltd₹ 395,245/-Yes 53 kb
457Enaltec Labs Pvt Ltd₹ 209,249/-Yes 30 kb
458Hill & Smith Infrastructure Products India Pvt. Ltd₹ 24,250/-Yes 70 kb
459Red Brick Lane Marketing Solutions Private Limited₹ 22,720/-Yes 72 kb
460APL Logistics Vascor Automotive Pvt. Ltd.₹ 555,000/-Yes 79 kb
461Tara Tourism And Hotels (Goa) Pvt Ltd₹ 32,558/-Yes 61 kb
462Ascend Telecom Infrastructure Pvt Ltd₹ 136,529/-Yes 53 kb
463Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited₹ 859,775/-Yes 44 kb
464Ellucian Higher Education Systems India Pvt Ltd₹ 5,367,097/-Yes 63 kb
465Wilton Weavers Private Limited₹ 2,646,345/-Yes 65 kb
466Deepak Chamanlal Kamani₹ 376,667/-Yes 42 kb
467Rashmi Chamanlal Kamani₹ 376,667/-Yes 42 kb
468Zuri Hospitality Pvt Ltd₹ 693,333/-Yes 42 kb
469Troupe International Ltd₹ 225,701/-Yes 37 kb
470Aurionpro Solutions Limited (2)₹ 1,500,189/-Yes 45 kb
471Aurionpro Solutions Limited₹ 492,968/-Yes 45 kb
472Sahyadri Hospitals Limited₹ 209,870/-Yes 41 kb
473Sartorius Stedim India Pvt Ltd₹ 105,803/-Yes 53 kb
474Mahesh Mohan Uberoi₹ 51,421/-Yes 36 kb
475Markit India Services Pvt Ltd₹ 826,368/-Yes 50 kb
476MNR Research Conventions Pvt Ltd₹ 21,250/-Yes 61 kb
477Genus Power Infrastructures Limited₹ 155,836/-Yes 53 kb
478Mahindra & Mahindra Limited₹ 1,683,333/-Yes 42 kb
479Cisco Development India Private Limited₹ 430,386/-Yes 43 kb
480ALP Overseas Pvt Ltd₹ 75,757/-Yes 64 kb
481Janalakshmi Financial Services Limited₹ 1,366,806/-Yes 44 kb
482Zim Laboratories Ltd₹ 85,168/-Yes 56 kb
483Optel Vision India Pvt Ltd₹ 24,417/-Yes 49 kb
484Greytip Software Private Limited₹ 124,375/-Yes 61 kb
485Adknowledge Asia Pacific (India) Pvt Ltd₹ 58,250/-Yes 61 kb
486Abja Global Hospitality Investments Pvt Ltd ("ABJA")₹ 70,000/-Yes 45 kb
487NSR International Private Limited₹ 21,300/-Yes 132 kb
488Consure Medical Private Limited₹ 46,185/-Yes 125 kb
489Kaizen Infrastructure LLP₹ 77,985/-Yes 107 kb
490Vizury Interactive Solutions Private Limited₹ 604,200/-Yes 89 kb
491Aeroflex Systems Private Limited₹ 38,100/-Yes 47 kb
492Sensata Technologies India Private Limited₹ 465,990/-Yes 68 kb
493Structcon Engineering Constructions Private Limited₹ 12,000/-Yes 41 kb
494Vios Medical India Private Limited₹ 10,790/-Yes 40 kb
495Italind Engineers Private Limited₹ 50,600/-Yes 39 kb
496Nusyn Digital Solutions Private Limited₹ 149,168/-Yes 51 kb
497Catbus Infolabs Private Limited₹ 33,765/-Yes 44 kb
498Capillary Technologies India Private Limited₹ 309,440/-Yes 54 kb
499Vekoma Rides Equipment (India) Private Limited₹ 17,630/-Yes 41 kb
500Energon Soleq India Power Resources Private Limited₹ 37,320/-Yes 65 kb
501NBSL Elevator Components India Private Limited₹ 30,620/-Yes 66 kb
502Vishay Precision Transducers India Private Limited₹ 167,250/-Yes 73 kb
503Chain-Sys India Private Limited₹ 83,813/-Yes 79 kb
504C C Jensen Filtration Private Limited₹ 49,118/-Yes 71 kb
505Alfanar Engineering Services India Private Limited₹ 315,665/-Yes 66 kb
506Wak Homes & Fashions Private Limited₹ 474,300/-Yes 65 kb
507Mayflower Inno Realty Private Limited₹ 943,502/-Yes 79 kb
508Corent Technology Private Limited₹ 64,873/-Yes 65 kb
509Basha Syed Niamathullah₹ 17,670/-Yes 70 kb
510Vermeer Equipment India Private Limited₹ 10,500/-Yes 63 kb
511Fujita Engineering India Private Limited₹ 41,250/-Yes 67 kb
512Trichy Power Limited₹ 158,072/-Yes 77 kb
513Trichy Energy Limited₹ 121,010/-Yes 77 kb
514Accumetric Silicones Private Limited₹ 45,121/-Yes 73 kb
515Next Chapter Technology Private Limited₹ 21,570/-Yes 66 kb
516Syed Shafiullah Badsha₹ 17,670/-Yes 70 kb
517TVS Logistics Services Limited₹ 65,376/-Yes 71 kb
518Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd (Liaison Office)₹ 1,897,464/-Yes 129 kb
519Zenera Pharma Private Limited₹ 83,423/-Yes 88 kb
520PSK Research Foundation₹ 34,600/-Yes 73 kb
521Ccube Fintech Global Services Private Limited₹ 37,490/-Yes 66 kb
522Maxking (India)Footwear Private Limited₹ 49,140/-Yes 65 kb
523Watlow Thermal Solutions India Private Limited₹ 23,560/-Yes 101 kb
524Kalluri Punnaiah Choudary₹ 34,710/-Yes 73 kb
525Inficold India Private Limited₹ 267/-Yes 114 kb
526Kangaroo Kids Education Limited₹ 30,000/-Yes 36 kb
527Decagon Investments Private Limited₹ 90,000/-Yes 38 kb
528Marchmont International Finance Limited₹ 1,89,78,115/-Yes 69 kb
529Batliboi Limited₹ 36,98,458/-Yes 50 kb
530Cisco Systems (India) Private Limited₹ 2,87,90,980/-Yes 80 kb
531Immortal Life Sciences Private Limited₹ 80,000/-Yes 45 kb
532Skills Soft Interactive Solutions₹ 51,684/-Yes 35 kb
533Strides Shasun Limited₹ 1,28,247/-Yes 63 kb
534Alkem Laboratories Limited₹ 2,65,08,512/-Yes 51 kb
535Aurionpro Solutions Limited₹ 92,009/-Yes 62 kb
536Lubi Industries LLP₹ 1,43,272/-Yes 39 kb
537UBS (India) Private Limited₹ 1,12,86,495/-Yes 42 kb
538Indus Biotech Private Limited₹ 14,86,584/-Yes 79 kb
539IBM India Private Limited₹ 1,69,57,452/-Yes 62 kb
540Nissan Trading India Private Limited₹ 76,121/-Yes 41 kb
541Valuable Technologies Ltd₹ 1,79,248/-Yes 37 kb
542Kepo Tourism Services Pvt Ltd₹ 4,16,673/-Yes 57 kb
543JSW Steel Limited₹ 8,75,292/-Yes 37 kb
544I G Petro Chemicals Limited₹ 64,000/-Yes 38 kb
545Lisaline Lifescience Technologies Pvt Ltd₹ 1,20,000/-Yes 37 kb
546Lodha Developers Private Limited₹ 3,51,501/-Yes 46 kb
547AddressHealth Solutions India Pvt Ltd₹ 18,600/-Yes 41 kb
548ID Fresh Food (India) Pvt Limited₹ 1,11,000/-Yes 41 kb
549Cokinetic Systems India Pvt Ltd₹ 52,500/-Yes 42 kb
550Carbon Reduction Technology Innovations Pvt Ltd₹ 25,600/-Yes 43 kb
551Wintac Limited₹ 46,500/-Yes 83 kb
552Don Construction Chemicals India Limited₹ 13,95,211/-Yes 96 kb
553Cheyyar SEZ Developers Pvt Ltd.₹ 1,23,250/-Yes 69 kb
554Poclain Hydraulics Pvt Ltd₹ 1,78,950/-Yes 78 kb
555Husky Injection Moulding Systems (Chennai) Pvt Ltd₹ 13,06,500/-Yes 72 kb
556Bontaz Automotive India Pvt Ltd₹ 84,840/-Yes 67 kb
557Turbo Energy Private Limited₹ 50,250/-Yes 61 kb
558Manuli Hydraulics India Pvt Ltd₹ 3,19,750/-Yes 74 kb
559Danly (India) Pvt Ltd₹ 32,765/-Yes 76 kb
560Polymatech Electronics Pvt Ltd₹ 14,19,513/-Yes 76 kb
561Kovai Hills Edinfra Pvt Ltd₹ 37,370/-Yes 67 kb
562McWane Services Private Limited₹ 3,55,810/-Yes 67 kb
563Vital Paper Products Pvt Ltd₹ 89,670/-Yes 112 kb
564Resource Solutions India Pvt Ltd₹ 28,920/-Yes 103 kb
565V Fraas (India) Fashion Accessories Pvt Ltd₹ 1,19,680/-Yes 36 kb
566D B Realty Limited₹ 4,20,000/-Yes 48 kb
567Palm India Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.₹ 41,000/-Yes 38 kb
568Elitser Technologies Pvt Ltd₹ 1,72,084/-Yes 42 kb
569Arvind Limited₹ 1,42,800/-Yes 39 kb
570VFS Global Services Private Limited₹ 6,98,714/-Yes 43 kb
571Global Collect India Private Limited₹ 1,80,347/-Yes 35 kb
572Uma Polymers Limited₹ 6,09,809/-Yes 40 kb
573Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited₹ 1,720,000/-Yes 33 kb
574Laxmi Diamond Private Limited₹ 5,538,342/-Yes 52 kb
575Noble Tech Industries Private Limited₹ 34,273,470/-Yes 79 kb
576Supreme Treon Private Limited₹ 1,65,600/-Yes 35 kb
577Kalinga Hospital Limited₹ 5,88,568/-Yes 87 kb
578Intercode Solutions Private Limited₹ 1,99,325/-Yes 45 kb
579Coastal Corporation Limited₹ 1,08,641/-Yes 40 kb
580Mindtree Limited₹ 2,31,315/-Yes 38 kb
581Reve Systems India Private Limited₹ 93,733/-Yes 42 kb
582MKU Holdings Private Limited₹ 3,56,852/-Yes 40 kb
583Crown Worldwide Movers Private Limited₹ 3,63,248/-Yes 43 kb
584Signure Technologies Private Limited₹ 25,000/-Yes 67 kb
585Uber9 Business Process Services Private Limited₹ 1,24,275/-Yes 75 kb
586Pan Asia HR Solution (P) Limited₹ 82,690/-Yes 79 kb
587Chennai Ferrous Industries Limited₹ 17,560/-Yes 61 kb
588Palani Hills Garden Hotel Pvt Ltd₹ 2,92,260/-Yes 75 kb
589Take Solutions Limited₹ 3,82,170/-Yes 70 kb
590Srinala Leathers India Pvt Ltd₹ 1,57,076/-Yes 87 kb
591Panasonic Appliances India Company Limited₹ 13,740/-Yes 69 kb
592UTstarcom Inc – MTNL CPE Project Office₹ 30,800/-Yes 62 kb
593UTstarcom Inc – Branch Office₹ 1,21,400/-Yes 67 kb
594Cancer Treatment Services Hyderabad Pvt Ltd₹ 1,34,178/-Yes 184 kb
595Pomelo Infra Projects Private Limited₹ 7,15,190/-Yes 106 kb
596Insight Medical Diagnostics Hyderabad Pvt Ltd₹ 30,370/-Yes 101 kb
597Transocean Support Services Pvt Ltd₹ 2,10,891/-Yes 38 kb
598Belkin India Private Limited₹ 3,56,379/-Yes 162 kb
599Hasabi Hospitality Services Private Limited₹ 95,000/-Yes 89 kb
600Nitin Fire Protection Industries Limited₹ 2,53,920/-Yes 143 kb
601Aptivaa Consulting Solutions Private Limited₹ 1,20,000/-Yes 149 kb
602Apollo Tyres Ltd₹ 1,30,200/-Yes 164 kb
603Sharekhan Consultants Private Limited₹ 4,02,500/-Yes 139 kb
604Wanbury Limited₹ 11,64,000/-Yes 147 kb
605Aarti Yarnfab Private Limited₹ 1,10,80,000/-Yes 180 kb
606Greentek Systems (India) Private Limited₹ 20,000/-Yes 82 kb
607Beaver Visitec Ophthalmic Private Limited₹ 1,22,022/-Yes 105 kb
608Raftaar Terminals Pvt Ltd₹ 66,000/-Yes 93 kb
609Somerset Whitefield Hospitality Pvt Ltd₹ 5,72,500/-Yes 92 kb
610Instasafe Technologies Pvt Ltd₹ 25,500/-Yes 96 kb
611Ducen IT Private Limited₹ 1,62,099/-Yes 145 kb
612Sri Abiraami Spintex P Ltd₹ 2,11,320/-Yes 142 kb
613Shinsung Petrochemical Private Limited₹ 3,62,500/-Yes 145 kb
614MGM Varvel Power Transmission Private Limited₹ 1,16,798/-Yes 153 kb
615Trivitron Helathcare Private Limited₹ 7,21,560/-Yes 142 kb
616Malladi Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd₹ 1,32,347/-Yes 144 kb
617Zamil Steel Engineering India Private Limited₹ 2,25,758/-Yes 150 kb
618Dr Reddy's Laboratories Limited₹ 53,406/-Yes 157 kb
619Laempe Foundry Technology Pvt Ltd₹ 20,489/-Yes 194 kb
620Cenerg Global Tools Pvt Ltd₹ 74,025/-Yes 93 kb
621Essar Oil Ltd₹ 241,16,30,941/-No 93 kb
622Dani Instruments India Pvt Ltd₹ 39,000/-Yes 34 kb
623Lupin Limited₹ 1,53,600/-Yes 85 kb
624Deesan Cotex Pvt Ltd₹ 1,20,000/-Yes 31 kb
625Harvest Enterprises Ltd₹ 12,55,295/-Yes 93 kb
626Sierra Med-It India Pvt Ltd₹ 77,000/-Yes 30 kb
627Parker Hannifin India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 6,70,229/-Yes 41 kb
628Dentsu India Pvt Ltd.₹ 8,70,000/-Yes 28 kb
629LPS-Ejot Fastening Systems Private Limited₹ 44,885/-Yes 244 kb
630Diabu Diamond Tools (India) Pvt Ltd₹ 82,100/-Yes 44 kb
631Express Fabric Cleaners Pvt Ltd₹ 46,900/-Yes 78 kb
632Criticalog India Private Limited₹ 75,400/-Yes 53 kb
633Givi Misure Pvt Ltd₹ 67,400/-Yes 78 kb
634Chaitanya Rural Intermediation Dev Services Pvt Ltd₹ 83,700/-Yes 50 kb
635Bigtapp India Pvt Ltd₹ 13,600/-Yes 45 kb
636Dataglen Technologies Pvt Ltd₹ 27,300/-Yes 80 kb
637Smartpools (International) Pvt Ltd₹ 13,800/-Yes 38 kb
638Signure Technologies Private Limited₹ 24,000/-Yes 68 kb
639Wuxi Yushow Medicare Pvt.Ltd₹ 73,500/-Yes 38 kb
640Clifford Thames India Services Private Limited₹ 1,94,067/-Yes 82 kb
641Pactron India Private Limited₹ 25,008/-Yes 71 kb
642Leitwind Shriram Manufacturing Ltd₹ 2,41,720/-Yes 86 kb
643Danam Infotech Private Limited₹ 22,080/-Yes 69 kb
644Australian Foods India Private Limited₹ 7,04,538/-Yes 82 kb
645Biogenomics Limited₹ 19,09,140/-Yes 80 kb
646CAN Automotion Private Limited₹ 21,400/-Yes 69 kb
647Meeturpro E Ventures Pvt Ltd₹ 10,875/-Yes 62 kb
648Olive Beach Properties Private Limited₹ 85,813/-Yes 81 kb
649Acura Agencies And Sales Pvt Ltd₹ 66,696/-Yes 68 kb
650Baltimore Investments Pvt Ltd₹ 66,696/-Yes 70 kb
651MAXG 1864 SE India Liaison Office₹ 85,100/-Yes 58 kb
652SSK Ventures Private Limited₹ 18,700/-Yes 77 kb
653A.K.V. Jogi Naidu₹ 6,83,285/-Yes 84 kb
654Jain Sons Finlease Limited₹ 81,580/-Yes 105 kb
655Dharti Dredging And Infrstructure Ltd₹ 17,74,994/-Yes 81 kb
656Intellectual Capital Advisory Services Pvt Ltd₹ 11,33,375/-Yes 101 kb
657Sahal Business Private Ltd₹ 55,833/-Yes 28 kb
658Savitri Devi Chowdhury₹ 8,50,000/-Yes 27 kb
659Turmeric Vision Private Ltd.₹ 9,44,000/-Yes 54 kb
660Samuel Aaron Trading India Private Limited₹ 97,000/-Yes 41 kb
661Dentsu One Ltd (Dentsu Marcom₹ 62,000/-Yes 38 kb
662Tinius Olsen India Private Limited₹ 24,635/-Yes 70 kb
663Bashkent(India) Education Private Limited₹ 7,39,945/-Yes 96 kb
664GSH(India) Private Limited₹ 2,04,647/-Yes 98 kb
665TV Today Network Limited₹ 34,28,586/-Yes 104 kb
666Pramati Technologies Private Limited₹ 3,38,800/-Yes 38 kb
667IIFL Holdings Limited (Formerly India Infoline Limited)₹ 2,03,420/-Yes 40 kb
668Krawler Information Systems Private Limited₹ 2,90,000/-Yes 40 kb
669Nirmal Kumar Bardiya₹ 67,500/-Yes 36 kb
670Gharda Chemicals Limited₹ 49,47,061/-Yes 40 kb
671Reliasoft India Private Limited₹ 82,205/-Yes 51 kb
672Global Impressions Labels India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 36,400/-Yes 45 kb
673Intalio Software India Pvt. Ltd₹ 30,700/-Yes 86 kb
674Growrite Substrates India Pvt Ltd₹ 46,448/-Yes 80 kb
675Mandala Apparels Pvt Ltd₹ 1,83,326/-Yes 78 kb
676RM Palaniyapan₹ 1,14,830/-Yes 66 kb
677Ramu Annamalai Ramasamy₹ 89,830/-Yes 66 kb
678Mobolution India Private Limited₹ 20,700/-Yes 67 kb
679Continental Traffic Service Global Technologies Private Limited₹ 61,384/-Yes 68 kb
680CMCS Collaboration Management And Control Solution India Ltd₹ 62,965/-Yes 69 kb
681TCW Renewable Energy (India) Private Limited₹ 6,32,800/-Yes 76 kb
682Cargoplan International India Pvt Ltd₹ 11,300/-Yes 61 kb
683Precia Molen India Limited₹ 2,12,865/-Yes 62 kb
684Daechang India Seat Company Pvt Ltd₹ 16,00,800/-Yes 69 kb
685Bitzer SE₹ 74,200/-Yes 58 kb
686Aurobindo Pharma Ltd₹ 2,48,422/-Yes 107 kb
687MYK Schomburg India Pvt Ltd₹ 6,92,185/-Yes 72 kb
688Toyotsu Rare Earths India Pvt Ltd₹ 80,000/-Yes 153 kb
689Nuevo Renewable Power Pvt Ltd₹ 87,337/-Yes 74 kb
690Master Image Works Private Limited₹ 1,90,302/-Yes 91 kb
691Percos India Private Limited₹ 9,58,405/-Yes 91 kb
692Hexagon Metrology India Private Limited₹ 2,15,675/-Yes 75 kb
693Kirtilal M. Shah₹ 5,42,500/-Yes 45 kb
694TVS Logistics Services Limited₹ 9,77,156/-Yes 39 kb
695Britomatics India Private Limited₹ 65,000/-Yes 31 kb
696Guetermann India Private Limited₹ 6,71,232/-Yes 64 kb
697Tano India Advisors Private Limited₹ 1,24,450/-Yes 39 kb
698P S Atree And Co. Private limited₹ 1,62,086/-Yes 41 kb
699Kushank Goel₹ 66,850/-Yes 30 kb
700Simmi Goel₹ 66,850/-Yes 30 kb
701Ranjana Goel₹ 66,850/-Yes 30 kb
702Priyankar P Sheth₹ 77,945/-Yes 43 kb
703Chirag Sheth₹ 77,765/-Yes 43 kb
704Plus Buidling Systems Private Limited₹ 2,11,566/-Yes 60 kb
705Gujarat Terce Laboratories Ltd.₹ 1,41,040/-Yes 98 kb
706Daissun Highway Appurtenances Pvt. Ltd.₹ 94,826/-Yes 103 kb
707Sotexpa Qualidis Textile India Pvt Ltd₹ 58,960/-Yes 67 kb
708Bio Grow Sustrates India Private Limited₹ 41,250/-Yes 68 kb
709Sing Venture Foods Private Limited₹ 1,30,358/-Yes 78 kb
710Tapp Semiconductor India Private Limited₹ 36,680/-Yes 63 kb
711Lotus Pond Hotels & Hospitality Pvt Ltd₹ 6,96,760/-Yes 77 kb
712Novus Animal Nutrition (India) Private Limited₹ 91,060/-Yes 67 kb
713Koyo Sms (India) Pvt Ltd₹ 77,750/-Yes 72 kb
714Yoshiaki Chemicals Company Pvt Ltd₹ 56,640/-Yes 67 kb
715C.H.Robinson Worldwide Freight India Pvt Ltd₹ 4,22,075/-Yes 70 kb
716Kovai Maruthi Papers and Boards Pvt Ltd.₹ 47,221/-Yes 80 kb
717Thumbay Hospital India Pvt Ltd₹ 1,30,125/-Yes 98 kb
718Botek India Pvt Ltd₹ 54,750/-Yes 89 kb
719AMN Hotels Pvt Ltd₹ 1,24,750/-Yes 81 kb
720R. A. Chem Pharma Limited₹ 7,33,297/-Yes 69 kb
721Solvosol Paints Pvt Ltd₹ 1,13,991/-Yes 85 kb
722Naandi Education Support and Training Pvt Ltd₹ 2,11,000/-Yes 78 kb
723Chemo India Formulation Pvt Ltd₹ 1,02,440/-Yes 82 kb
724Today's Healthcare India Pvt Ltd₹ 95,750/-Yes 85 kb
725Kaane Visionary Projects Private Limited₹ 12,26,996/-Yes 33 kb
726Kellogs India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 4,20,000/-Yes 43 kb
727Egon Software Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,86,590/-Yes 43 kb
728Network Solutions & Consulting Pvt Ltd₹ 2,56,414/-Yes 46 kb
729Missmalini Publishing Private Ltd₹ 45,500/-Yes 47 kb
730SS Analytics Solutions Private Limited₹ 63,312/-Yes 55 kb
731Durga Homes Private Limited₹ 1,33,876/-Yes 46 kb
732Orient Craft Limited₹ 15,36,820/-Yes 57 kb
733Ahoy Telecom Private Limited₹ 98,954/-Yes 57 kb
734Quality Life Enterprise (India) Private Limited₹ 1,18,500/-Yes 72 kb
735Square Dotcom Private Limited₹ 52,000/-Yes 58 kb
736Opple Lighting India Private Limited₹ 1,47,500/-Yes 59 kb
737Walvoil Fluid Power India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 2,33,685/-Yes 44 kb
738Cactus Communications Private Limited₹ 60,000/-Yes 37 kb
739Goan Heritage Leisure House Pvt Ltd₹ 1,53,042/-Yes 53 kb
740Prime Living Private Limited₹ 1,23,800/-Yes 52 kb
741Anand Swarup Oberoi₹ 600/-Yes 36 kb
742Viteos Capital Market Services Limited₹ 48,58,152/-Yes 74 kb
743Sri Venkateswara Digital Home Entertainment Limited₹ 74,600/-Yes 45 kb
744SR Cable TV Private Limited₹ 10,29,000/-Yes 45 kb
745I B Communications Network Private Limited₹ 1,32,000/-Yes 45 kb
746RIR Enterprises – I₹ 88,25,000/-No 41 kb
747RIR Enterprises – II₹ 17,35,74,959/-No 51 kb
748Ortlinghaus Drive Technology India Private Limited₹ 88,000/-Yes 40 kb
749CSM Software Private Limited₹ 1,28,26,000/-Yes 53 kb
750Phenomenix India Private Limited₹ 1,58,700/-Yes 53 kb
751Sandhar Technologies Limited₹ 63,000/-Yes 46 kb
752Ducom Instrument Pvt Ltd₹ 81,750/-Yes 36 kb
753CL Educate Limited₹ 1,28,355/-Yes 37 kb
754Atc India Infrastructure Private Limited₹ 14,416/-Yes 56 kb
755Jayshree Rohitash Gupta₹ 11,000/-Yes 56 kb
756Cliff View Holidays Private Limited₹ 47,125/-Yes 60 kb
757Ubm Medica India Private Limited₹ 1,10,000/-Yes 46 kb
758Vedanta Limited₹ 2,41,000/-Yes 38 kb
759Ceramtec India Innovative Ceramic Engineering Pvt Ltd₹ 38,833/-Yes 45 kb
760V-Access (India) Private Limited₹ 2,57,500/-Yes 42 kb
761The Rajagiri Rubber & Produce Co. Ltd.₹ 72,377/-Yes 63 kb
762Eco Hotels India Private Limited₹ 32,125/-Yes 48 kb
763Aptean Software India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 2,82,500/-Yes 43 kb
764Jens Traves Pvt Ltd₹ 1,17,000/-Yes 48 kb
765Patel Realty (India) Limited₹ 10,17,800/-Yes 50 kb
766Acme Cleantech Solutions Private Limited₹ 6,78,348/-Yes 41 kb
767Dada Sons Private Limited₹ 2,62,659/-Yes 53 kb
768Grt Jewellers India Private Limited₹ 6,60,000/-Yes 39 kb
769Pakushve Ventures₹ 53,000/-Yes 35 kb
770Gms Consultant Private Limited₹ 3,02,535/-Yes 67 kb
771Sanmar Group International Limited₹ 1,76,00,000/-Yes 54 kb
772Kapico Hospitality Pvt Ltd₹ 48,87,643/-Yes 77 kb
773Pamusa Logistics Services Private Limited₹ 22,990/-Yes 69 kb
774Cloudcherry Analytics Private Limited₹ 74,220/-Yes 78 kb
775First Engineering Plastics India Private Ltd₹ 6,46,103/-Yes 89 kb
776Secova E Services Private Limited₹ 1,41,655/-Yes 74 kb
777DSRK Holdings Chennai Private Limited₹ 62,35,949/-Yes 83 kb
778Dong-A India Automative Private Limited₹ 95,000/-Yes 70 kb
779Navarathna Housing Finance Limited₹ 87,575/-Yes 71 kb
780Nowfloats Technologies Pvt Ltd₹ 38,514/-Yes 79 kb
781Millard Filters India Pvt Ltd₹ 20,000/-Yes 115 kb
782Skyfi Education Labs Pvt Ltd₹ 21,000/-Yes 99 kb
783Changyou.Com India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,57,875/-Yes 51 kb
784Polypeptide Laboratories Pvt Ltd₹ 17,18,576/-Yes 50 kb
785UGL Engineering Pvt. Ltd.₹ 3,48,398/-Yes 45 kb
786Audax Protective Fabrics Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,10,000/-Yes 37 kb
787AF Ferrari Secure Logitech Pvt. Ltd₹ 31,425/-Yes 57 kb
788Statkraft India Private Limited₹ 12,38,190/-Yes 68 kb
789Vetrocer Ink Technology Private Limited₹ 72,500/-Yes 73 kb
790Permasteelisa India Pvt Ltd₹ 2,15,200/-Yes 50 kb
791Tecosim Engineering Services Pvt Ltd₹ 34,000/-Yes 45 kb
792Bionova Tech Private Limited₹ 64,131/-Yes 75 kb
793Hyoseong Electric India Pvt Ltd₹ 8,60,550/-Yes 97 kb
794Clarewhite Foods Private Limited₹ 22,300/-Yes 61 kb
795Southside Hotels And Resorts Limited₹ 6,21,443/-Yes 73 kb
796KJK Meister Honen (P) Ltd.₹ 34,543/-Yes 72 kb
797Futari Manufacturing India Pvt Ltd₹ 21,080/-Yes 65 kb
798Tripro Technologies Pvt Ltd₹ 10,660/-Yes 68 kb
799Solarwinds India Pvt Ltd₹ 14,720/-Yes 65 kb
800R.K.M Estates Private Ltd₹ 4,92,899/-Yes 63 kb
801Sai Global Limited Branch Office₹ 1,79,000/-Yes 55 kb
802All Metal Services Limited - Liaison Office₹ 47,800/-Yes 56 kb
803UTStarcom Inc.  BSNL 2.1 and 2.2 Project Office₹ 34,36,000/-Yes 59 kb
804UTStarcom Inc.  BSNL Multiplay Project Office₹ 34,40,600/-Yes 57 kb
805Advent Global Solutions Ltd₹ 4,66,635/-Yes 73 kb
806Rohini Minerals Pvt Ltd₹ 1,58,190/-Yes 65 kb
807Swarnim Trading Pvt Ltd₹ 6,36,000/-Yes 67 kb
808Paradigm Corporation Pvt. Ltd₹ 25,34,500/-Yes 80 kb
809Solidcam Software India Pvt Ltd₹ 1,00,000/-Yes 91 kb
810Powersys India Pvt Ltd₹ 22,990/-Yes 85 kb
811Softbridge Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.₹ 88,595/-Yes 43 kb
812My Personal Health Record Express (India) Private Ltd₹ 19,051/-Yes 41 kb
813NMT Shipping Private Limited₹ 12,500/-Yes 40 kb
814Memeticlabs Technologies Private Limited₹ 18,655/-Yes 73 kb
815NTT Data Global Delivery Services Private Limited₹ 1,00,970/-Yes 51 kb
816FJM Cylinders Private Limited₹ 1,12,750/-Yes 74 kb
817BPTP Parklands Pride Limited₹ 2,19,000/-Yes 76 kb
818Presidency Infraheights Private Limited₹ 24,40,000/-Yes 94 kb
819Jupiter Corporate Services Ltd.₹ 18,46,915/-Yes 96 kb
820Radha Madhav Corporation Ltd.₹ 12,17,773/-Yes 147 kb
821Greenfileds Derivatives Pvt. Ltd.₹ 86,125/-Yes 128 kb
822Varsun Foods Pvt. Ltd.₹ 29,175/-Yes 95 kb
823Dymak India Services LLP₹ 1,19,766/-Yes 112 kb
824Yash Technologies Private Limited₹ 50,600/-Yes 36 kb
825Sachin Patel Developers LLP₹ 2,58,000/-Yes 40 kb
826CSGT Trading India Private Limited₹ 57,300/-Yes 41 kb
827Interjewel Pvt. Ltd.₹ 12,26,622/-Yes 51 kb
828Essar Steel India Ltd.₹ 9,47,34,110/-Yes 56 kb
829Rohitash Gupta₹ 57,600/-Yes 37 kb
830Atul Limited₹ 97,130/-Yes 74 kb
831Cableas India Exports Private Ltd.₹ 2,33,640/-Yes 59 kb
832MR Sheetfed India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 70,000/-Yes 47 kb
833Sanjiv Kumar Agarwal₹ 65,000/-Yes 32 kb
834Darshan Hemant Mondkar₹ 68,000/-Yes 38 kb
835Deepak Gupta₹ 63,000/-Yes 35 kb
836Sanjay Gupta₹ 63,000/-Yes 35 kb
837Deepak A Merani₹ 53,300/-Yes 34 kb
838Viraf P Deboo₹ 48,400/-Yes 34 kb
839Raju Shyam Merani₹ 53,300/-Yes 52 kb
840Anita R Merani₹ 47,760/-Yes 51 kb
841A.G. Technologies Private Limited₹ 1,48,000/-Yes 39 kb
842Bruker AXS Analytical Instruments Pvt. Ltd.₹ 83,000/-Yes 39 kb
843Late Shyam Alidas Merani₹ 53,300/-Yes 56 kb
844Oneglobe Systems LLP₹ 85,000/-Yes 55 kb
845Insight Media City (India) Private Limited₹ 1,94,000/-Yes 42 kb
846TripAdvisor Travel India Private Limited₹ 3,39,517/-Yes 77 kb
847D. Navinchandra Exports Private Limited₹ 3,61,057/-Yes 43 kb
848Kapil Gupta₹ 69,000/-Yes 34 kb
849Veen Waters (india) Private Limited₹ 2,49,167/-Yes 41 kb
850Reliance Mediaworks Limited₹ 60,000/-Yes 38 kb
851Alliance City Developers Realtors Private Limited₹ 2,09,000/-Yes 44 kb
852Pradeep Kar₹ 80,000/-Yes 38 kb
853M.J. Scrap Private Limited₹ 1,03,500/-Yes 40 kb
854Lloyd Electric and Engineering Limited₹ 12,04,175/-Yes 58 kb
855Geometric Limited (I)₹ 3,98,333/-Yes 41 kb
856Geometric Limited (II)₹ 7,38,756/-Yes 41 kb
857Geometric Limited (III)₹ 2,12,027/-Yes 43 kb
858Diagnosys Electronics (I) Private Limited₹ 59,000/-Yes 47 kb
859Mr.Barry Kendal Dansie, Ms.Wendy Dansie, Mr.Derek Alfred Parker and Ms.Catherine Margaret Ingram₹ 30,00,000/-Yes 60 kb
860Alamode Hotels Pvt Ltd₹ 29,810/-Yes 27 kb
861Freeset Business Incubators Pvt Ltd₹ 1,92,455/-Yes 42 kb
862B2fays Creation Pvt Ltd.₹ 31,490/-Yes 68 kb
863CSB Services Asia Pacific Pvt Ltd.₹ 57,685/-Yes 71 kb
864Hale Electronics India Pvt Ltd₹ 22,650/-Yes 71 kb
865Jumbo Seafoods Pvt Ltd₹ 32,225/-Yes 69 kb
866Urbanedge Hotels Pvt Ltd.₹ 48,47,350/-Yes 107 kb
867Tradeline Enterprises Pvt Ltd.₹ 6,67,403/-No 104 kb
868SIAMP India Private Limited₹ 2,07,816/-Yes 145 kb
869Repal Renewables Pvt. Ltd.₹ 22,500/-Yes 59 kb
870Omnimed Solutions Pvt. Ltd.₹ 20,320/-Yes 80 kb
871Ascend Telecom Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,89,000/-Yes 90 kb
872Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited₹ 1,22,060/-Yes 29 kb
873Franke Faber India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 13,75,000/-Yes 57 kb
874Pan India Shipping Pvt. Ltd.₹ 7,17,899/-Yes 44 kb
875Village Laundry Services Pvt. Ltd.₹ 6,80,997/-Yes 77 kb
876Eurostar Consultants Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,61,865/-Yes 33 kb
877Lexicon Networks India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 65,000/-Yes 44 kb
878Global One (India) Private Limited₹ 9,58,890/-Yes 84 kb
879Solutions 4 Energy Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,61,365/-Yes 137 kb
880TBEA Energy (India) Pvt Ltd.₹ 1,59,500/-Yes 132 kb
881REELEEZEE Software Services I Pvt. Ltd.₹ 26,935/-Yes 148 kb
882Keller Ground Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 3,05,250/-Yes 71 kb
883Encore Theme technologies Pvt Ltd.₹ 1,80,004/-Yes 76 kb
884Grama Vidiyal Micro Finance Limited₹ 50,480/-Yes 68 kb
885Growin Coir India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 4,591/-Yes 62 kb
886Avaap IT Solutions Pvt Ltd.₹ 27,042/-Yes 62 kb
887Budenberg Gauge Pvt Ltd.₹ 10,705/-Yes 61 kb
888Lex Aude Services Pvt Ltd.₹ 74,070/-Yes 76 kb
889National Petroleum Construction Co.₹ 28,36,500/-Yes 65 kb
890N M Infrastructures Pvt Ltd.₹ 1,00,000/-Yes 84 kb
891Universal Sports Biz Private Ltd.₹ 48,000/-Yes 69 kb
892Provigil Surveillance Ltd.₹ 53,810/-Yes 73 kb
893Natems Sugar Pvt. Ltd.₹ 46,940/-Yes 64 kb
894Brun Health Pvt. Ltd.₹ 20,000/-Yes 84 kb
895ONG & ONG DESIGNS (India) Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,38,931/-Yes 46 kb
896OOMS Avenhorn Holding India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 43,45,612/-Yes 86 kb
897New India BioPharma Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,71,620/-Yes 68 kb
898Barry Bhangoo₹ 5,000/-Yes 34 kb
899Jaguar Buildcon Pvt Ltd.₹ 78,500/-Yes 56 kb
900Solarwinds India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 2,34,105/-Yes 44 kb
901Faizan Aziz₹ 8,000/-Yes 36 kb
902Anirudh Shashi Contoor₹ 8,000/-Yes 36 kb
903Ronak Gems Pvt. Ltd.₹ 2,67,782/-Yes 49 kb
904Mak Plywood Industries Pvt. Ltd.₹ 5,85,000/-Yes 56 kb
905Punjab Chemicals and Crop Protection Ltd.₹ 71,08,317/-Yes 54 kb
906Macro Polymers Pvt. Ltd.₹ 78,000/-Yes 39 kb
907Lodha Aviation Pvt. Ltd.₹ 8,94,500/-Yes 42 kb
908Afcons Infrastructure Ltd.₹ 1,20,300/-Yes 37 kb
909Kaefer Pvt. Ltd.₹ 2,40,000/-Yes 69 kb
910Select Equity Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd.₹ 6,07,880/-Yes 54 kb
911GAVS Information Services Pvt. Ltd.₹ 2,24,917/-Yes 41 kb
912Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd.₹ 3,93,180/-Yes 37 kb
913Tushar Satishbhai Patel₹ 10,000/-Yes 32 kb
914Sociedade De Fomento Industrial Pvt. Ltd.(III)₹ 1,11,71,915/-Yes 42 kb
915Value First Digital Media Pvt. Ltd.₹ 4,60,018/-Yes 37 kb
916Sociedade De Fomento Industrial Pvt. Ltd.(II)₹ 3,82,970/-Yes 42 kb
917Sociedade De Fomento Industrial Pvt. Ltd.(I)₹ 16,91,530/-Yes 43 kb
918Piramal Enterprises Ltd.₹ 1,12,610/-Yes 36 kb
919Ampere Vehicles Private Limited₹ 7,14,679/-Yes 81 kb
920Ankit Gems Private Limited₹ 22,34,080/-Yes 49 kb
921Kandathil Mammen₹ 20,18,196/-Yes 37 kb
922Arun Mammen₹ 20,18,196/-Yes 37 kb
923Kandathil Mammen₹ 21,54,639/-Yes 37 kb
924Arun Mammen₹ 21,54,639/-Yes 37 kb
925Marico Limited₹ 8,65,444/-Yes 41 kb
926Subhkam Ventures (I) Private Limited₹ 4,70,836/-Yes 40 kb
927Triple Rank Commodities Private Limited₹ 1,60,647/-Yes 39 kb
928Sohil Premkumar Kothari₹ 71,915/-Yes 37 kb
929Viral Premkumar Kothari₹ 71,915/-Yes 36 kb
930All-ways Logistics India Private Limited₹ 43,000/-Yes 36 kb
931Prashant Juneja₹ 54,500/-Yes 49 kb
932Maru Limited₹ 86,800/-Yes 41 kb
933Maygrove Investment Limited₹ 94,100/-Yes 40 kb
934Woodcutter Limited₹ 87,600/-Yes 43 kb
935Enez Investment Limited₹ 88,600/-Yes 42 kb
936E-Land Apparel Limited₹ 7,40,400/-Yes 47 kb
937Avery Dennison India Pvt Ltd.₹ 4,70,000/-Yes 47 kb
938Metro Teleworks Private Limited₹ 1,64,800/-Yes 37 kb
939Metro Teleworks Private Limited₹ 1,38,200/-Yes 41 kb
940Neel Impex₹ 14,42,300/-Yes 42 kb
941TWI(India) Private Limited₹ 8,25,600/-Yes 46 kb
942Mumbai Mantra Media Limited₹ 63,800/-Yes 39 kb
943Protech Engineering Industries Private Limited₹ 76,700/-Yes 59 kb
944DAR Realty Pvt. Ltd₹ 1,79,060/-Yes 125 kb
945Groth Continental Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd₹ 3,89,464/-Yes 148 kb
946Haver Ibau India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,11,000/-Yes 125 kb
947Affinity Real Estate Pvt Ltd₹ 2,57,500 /-Yes 46 kb
948Cisco Commerce India Pvt Ltd₹ 6,10,000/-Yes 44 kb
949Cobra Carbide Pvt Ltd₹ 20,58,200/-Yes 49 kb
950Wirintco Technologies Pvt Ltd₹ 17,300/-Yes 42 kb
951Mangalore Internet City Pvt Ltd₹ 1,92,900/-Yes 129 kb
952Janalakshmi Financial Services Limited₹ 1,64,300/-Yes 54 kb
953Henson Enterprises Pvt Ltd₹ 39,910/-Yes 80 kb
954ETA General Pvt Ltd.₹ 44,55,150/-Yes 95 kb
955Tempel Precision Metal Products India Private Limited₹ 1,89,703/-Yes 107 kb
956New Kovai Real Estate Pvt Ltd.₹ 83,250/-Yes 86 kb
957Vidhya Sriram₹ 33,310/-Yes 68 kb
958Nirmala Srinivasan₹ 33,310/-Yes 68 kb
959Maitreyi Resorts Pvt Ltd.₹ 10,71,224/-Yes 121 kb
960Fanar Foods Pvt Ltd.₹ 72,510/-Yes 74 kb
961AEG Solar India Pvt. Ltd₹ 14,850/-Yes 83 kb
962TEP Solar India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,50,000/-Yes 106 kb
963Harsco India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 22,45,000/-Yes 150 kb
964Sainath International Pvt. Ltd.₹ 2,49,000/-Yes 36 kb
965TCG Software Services Pvt Ltd₹ 25,750/-Yes 36 kb
966China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 2,20,000/-Yes 41 kb
967E M Improvement India  Pvt. Ltd.₹ 79,967/-Yes 41 kb
968Visa Managed Service (India) Pvt. Ltd.₹ 2,02,300/-Yes 41 kb
969Alpha-Pharma Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,37,108/-Yes 66 kb
970Anuapam MHI Industries Ltd.₹ 1,01,000/-Yes 131 kb
971Fivebro International Pvt. Ltd₹ 1,31,000/-Yes 114 kb
972Shiva Mall and Hotels Pvt. Ltd₹ 57,89,500/-Yes 122 kb
973Aviagen India Poultry Breeding Company Pvt Ltd.₹ 1,45,500/-Yes 79 kb
974C-KAM Steel Wire Solutions Pvt Ltd₹ 50,250/-Yes 86 kb
975Consleague Consulting Private Ltd.₹ 13,125/-Yes 53 kb
976Dengensha India Pvt Ltd₹ 28,640/-Yes 85 kb
977Dicronite India Private Ltd₹ 20,800/-Yes 70 kb
978Emergys Software Pvt Ltd₹ 38,678/-Yes 69 kb
979Modern Montessori International (India) Private Limited.₹ 74,175/-Yes 57 kb
980Morgan Mckinley Services Pvt Ltd₹ 49,075/-Yes 70 kb
981My Mobile Payments Ltd.₹ 1,10,000/-Yes 33 kb
982R. Srinivasan₹ 1,76,500/-Yes 57 kb
983S. Ramesh₹ 1,76,500/-Yes 61 kb
984Saharanpur Testing Instruments Private Limited₹ 64,910/-Yes 53 kb
985Scott Sports India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 79,500/-Yes 39 kb
986Sheng Long Bio-Tech (India) Pvt Ltd₹ 22,170/-Yes 64 kb
987Shilpi Cable Technologies Limited₹ 88,329/-Yes 51 kb
988UK India Business Council India Private Limited₹ 20,450/-Yes 59 kb
989UW Media Ventures Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,70,000/-Yes 36 kb
990Veena Enterprises Limited₹ 4,12,336/-Yes 55 kb
991Weber Hydraulic India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 2,20,000/-Yes 54 kb
992WSA Equity and Financial Research Pvt. Ltd.₹ 26,500/-Yes 50 kb
993Dongjin Trading Private Limited₹ 1,97,500/-Yes 62 kb
994Irene Healthcare Private Limited₹ 65,060/-Yes 50 kb
995International Orthopaedic Rehabilitation and Prevention (India) Private Limited₹ 19,500/-Yes 52 kb
996H & M Hennes & Mauritz Retail Private Limited₹ 37,500/-Yes 51 kb
997The Malayala Manorama Company Limited₹ 13,13,681/-Yes 62 kb
998International Orthopaedic Rehabilitation and Prevention (India) Private Limited₹ 1,47,000/-Yes 48 kb
999Iqor India Services Private Limited₹ 11,11,700/-Yes 89 kb
1000Disney Broadcasting (India) Limited₹ 6,52,300/-Yes 68 kb
1001Biomerieux India Private Limited₹ 6,39,200/-Yes 43 kb
1002Regenersis (India) Private Limited₹ 38,000/-Yes 36 kb
1003Ashdene Investments Limited₹ 1,32,700/-Yes 43 kb
1004ISIS Enterprises Limited₹ 1,27,200/-Yes 43 kb
1005Jugal Kishore Jewellers Private Limited₹ 200/-Yes 40 kb
1006Metco Colors (India) Pvt. Ltd.₹ 73,000/-Yes 30 kb
1007Unitape Mandovi Composites Pvt. Ltd.₹ 34,000/-Yes 36 kb
1008Morgan Mckinley Services Pvt. Ltd.₹ 49,075/-Yes 70 kb
1009Dicronite India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 20,800/-Yes 68 kb
1010Sheng Long Biotech India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 22,170/-Yes 63 kb
1011Spire Advisory Services India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 17,12,066/-Yes 43 kb
1012Cremica Food Industries Limited₹ 17,000/-Yes 38 kb
1013Aon Consulting Private Limited₹ 2,37,004/-Yes 45 kb
1014Diya Exports₹ 1,25,201/-Yes 45 kb
1015Debayan Banerjee₹ 3,000/-Yes 50 kb
1016Deobrat Singh₹ 3,000/-Yes 48 kb
1017Saurab Paruthi₹ 3,000/-Yes 47 kb
1018Sidhartha Gelatines₹ 1,84,240/-Yes 34 kb
1019Macmillan Publishers India Limited₹ 16,500/-Yes 54 kb
1020AMC Diamonds India Private Limited₹ 17,17,802/-No 58 kb
1021Bitumode International Pvt. Ltd.₹ 7,95,016/-Yes 125 kb
1022Shiva Satya Hotels Private Limited₹ 1,65,000/-Yes 141 kb
1023Think Systems Pvt. Ltd.₹ 3,91,000/-Yes 113 kb
1024Ameri Coats India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 63,260/-Yes 107 kb
1025J Korin Cocoon Manufacturing Private Limited₹ 67,704/-Yes 105 kb
1026Wielands Metal India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 41,000/-Yes 48 kb
1027Hippocampus Learning Centres Private Limited₹ 1,56,000/-Yes 48 kb
1028Cisco Systems Capital (India) Pvt. Ltd.₹ 7,19,000/-Yes 56 kb
1029Aluk Building Systems Pvt. Ltd.₹ 20,000/-Yes 44 kb
1030ECL Engineering Services India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 30,816/-Yes 70 kb
1031Technology Frontiers (India) Private Limited₹ 2,85,120/-Yes 76 kb
1032Ultramain Software India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 68,000/-Yes 88 kb
1033Suburban Property Developers Pvt. Ltd.₹ 2,00,580/-Yes 65 kb
1034Dengensha India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 28,640/-Yes 84 kb
1035Insona Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.₹ 74,419/-Yes 78 kb
1036Mita Teknik Technology Pvt. Ltd.₹ 27,140/-Yes 71 kb
1037Agile Electric Sub Assembly Pvt. Ltd.₹ 18,02,000/-Yes 61 kb
1038C-Kam Wire Solutions Pvt. Ltd.₹ 50,250/-Yes 85 kb
1039Kowa Company Limited₹ 2,54,900/-Yes 54 kb
1040Q.E. Electronics Pvt. Ltd.₹ 62,481/-Yes 87 kb
1041Consleague Consulting Pvt. Ltd.₹ 13,125/-Yes 43 kb
1042Mc Donalds India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 46,275/-Yes 49 kb
1043Flakt Woods ACS (India) Pvt. Ltd.₹ 5,62,000/-Yes 60 kb
1044IN- RVDS Electrical Consulting Pvt. Ltd.₹ 27,500/-Yes 51 kb
1045Intercat Equipment (Mumbai) Pvt. Ltd.₹ 2,13,800/-Yes 84 kb
1046Binani Industries Limited₹1,01,85,000/-Yes 33 kb
1047Biocon Limited₹ 16,20,000/-Yes 38 kb
1048South Asia FM Limited₹ 3,63,000/-Yes 52 kb
1049Diagnosys Electronic (I) Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,65,000/-Yes 48 kb
1050Mecklai and Mecklai Financial Consultants Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,93,750/-Yes 36 kb
1051Seclore Technology Pvt. Ltd.₹ 10,000/-Yes 39 kb
1052India Value Fund III-A₹ 1,25,35,000/-Yes 53 kb
1053Ritika Ravi₹ 2,63,942/-Yes 45 kb
1054Rohit Ravi₹ 2,13,942/-Yes 78 kb
1055Ravi Appasamy₹ 2,13,942/-Yes 45 kb
1056Charubala Ravi₹ 2,13,942/-Yes 45 kb
1057S. Narendra₹ 4,55,726/-Yes 48 kb
1058Eastman Industries Limited₹ 2,20,000/-Yes 49 kb
1059Smart Data Processing Services Private Limited₹ 1,73,000/-Yes 39 kb
1060Gireendra Baburao Kasmalkar₹ 1,96,423/-Yes 41 kb
1061Snigdha Kasmalkar₹ 1,22,118/-Yes 41 kb
1062Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services Limited₹ 2,40,000/-Yes 36 kb
1063Healthcare Global Enterprises Limited (I)₹ 17,69,000/-Yes 56 kb
1064Healthcare Global Enterprises Limited (II)₹ 3,32,300/-Yes 44 kb
1065Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt. Ltd.₹ 73,41,300/-Yes 57 kb

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