Compounding Orders

Sr.NoName of the applicantAmount imposed under
the compounding orders
Whether the amount
imposed has been paid
Download Order
1Match-IT Consultants Pvt Ltd₹ 1,52,375/-YesPDF document 136 kb
2Suncity Sheets Pvt Ltd₹ 1,56,082/-YesPDF document 131 kb
3Pi Digital Media Network P Ltd₹ 1,18,039/-YesPDF document 141 kb
4July Systems & Technologies P Ltd₹ 38,125/-YesPDF document 185 kb
5M/s. Equadriga Software Private Limited₹ 50,642/-YesPDF document 186 kb
6M/s. Bestinet India Private Limited₹ 44,170/-YesPDF document 186 kb
7M/s. Finnew Solutions Private Limited₹ 85,436/-YesPDF document 220 kb
8M/s. JHY Techserve Private Limited₹ 1,20,269/-YesPDF document 224 kb
9M/s. Intraspatial Softech Private Limited₹ 88,410/-YesPDF document 177 kb
10M/s. Phi Property Management Services Private Limited₹ 5,628/-YesPDF document 193 kb
11M/s. RDA Labs India Private Limited₹ 21,834/-YesPDF document 179 kb
12M/s. Chatpay Commerce Private Limited₹ 60,461/-YesPDF document 199 kb
13M/s. Humble Mobile Solutions Private Limited₹ 63,725/-YesPDF document 203 kb
14M/s. Wire Developers Private Limited₹ 2,89,139/-YesPDF document 230 kb
15Mrs. Kaveri Kumar₹ 167/-YesPDF document 197 kb
16Mr. BNG Kumar₹ 11,670/-YesPDF document 195 kb
17M/s. Pravaa Infosystems Private Limited₹ 34,125/-YesPDF document 193 kb
18M/s. Yulu Bikes Private Limited₹ 2,552/-YesPDF document 197 kb
19M/s. Gessmann Controllers India Private Limited₹ 72,500/-YesPDF document 189 kb
20M/s. Fortuna Urbanspace Private Limited₹ 14,000/-YesPDF document 187 kb
21M/s. Elektrobit India Private Limited₹ 1,14,000/-YesPDF document 186 kb
22M/s. SolutionsIQ India Consulting Services Private Limited₹ 50,500/-YesPDF document 195 kb
23M/s. Marlabs Innovations Private Limited₹ 56,375/-YesPDF document 201 kb
24M/s. Matchmove India Private Limited₹ 3,67,500/-YesPDF document 203 kb
25M/s. Raffles Residency Private Limited₹ 5,01,175/-YesPDF document 189 kb
26SOBO Estate Development Private Limited₹ 61,667/-YesPDF document 162 kb
27FinIQ Consulting India Private Limited₹ 10,05,667/-YesPDF document 157 kb
28Caldic India Pvt Ltd₹ 83,639/-YesPDF document 160 kb
29Belaz-Enrika Mining Equipments Services Private Limited₹ 54,500/-YesPDF document 157 kb
30Capgemini Tecnology Services India Limited₹ 1,00,000/-YesPDF document 148 kb
31Strama Summit Machinery Pvt Ltd₹ 63,000/-YesPDF document 160 kb
32Shopsense Retail Technologies Private Limited₹ 4,81,500/-YesPDF document 167 kb
33Meissa Realty Ventures Private Limited₹ 31,458/-YesPDF document 153 kb
34Transerv Private Limited₹ 42,792/-YesPDF document 157 kb
35Kale Logistics Solutions Private Limited₹ 2,69,838/-YesPDF document 164 kb
36Procter & Gamble Home Products Private Limited₹ 1,05,833/-YesPDF document 155 kb
37Avasant Advisory India Private Limited₹ 50,500/-YesPDF document 149 kb
38Hiteshkumar Doshi₹ 20,000/-YesPDF document 149 kb
39Ashok Alate₹ 20,333/-YesPDF document 148 kb
40Infocept Technologies Private Limited₹ 55,375/-YesPDF document 149 kb
41Thermax SPX Energy Technologies Limited₹ 18,917/-YesPDF document 150 kb
42Seafoam Infosolutions Private Limited₹ 22,185/-YesPDF document 160 kb
43STG Refractory Services Private Limited₹ 90,833/-YesPDF document 152 kb
44Mahindra Two Wheelers Limited₹ 30,86,667/-YesPDF document 158 kb
45Prachi Garg₹ 34,792/-YesPDF document 148 kb
46TATA International DLT Private Limited₹ 33,68,507/-YesPDF document 164 kb
47LA MA Nilraj Engineering Private Limited₹ 5,46,667/-YesPDF document 156 kb
48Henkell & Company India Private Limited₹ 6,60,417/-YesPDF document 162 kb
49Roopa Andhare₹ 12,667/-YesPDF document 149 kb
50Austrax Technologies India Private Limited₹ 7,004/-YesPDF document 148 kb
51Dineshkumar Garg₹ 76,839/-YesPDF document 125 kb
52M/s Shivalik Rasayan Limited₹2,30,000/-YesPDF document 181 kb
53M/S MHA Imax Private Limited₹ 41,216/-YesPDF document 195 kb
54M/S Atlas Healthcare And Software Private Limited (II)₹ 20,917/-YesPDF document 166 kb
55M/S Atlas Healthcare And Software Private Limited (I)₹ 23/-YesPDF document 168 kb
56Smt. Namrata Pujara₹ 20,750/-YesPDF document 164 kb
57Ordain Healthcare Global Pvt Ltd₹ 1,45,831/-YesPDF document 196 kb
58Baton-Ubixi Systems India Pvt Ltd₹ 54,500/-YesPDF document 164 kb
59Easternbulk Lime Products Pvt Ltd₹ 35,886/-YesPDF document 184 kb
60Tosaf India Additives Solutions Pvt Ltd₹ 24,435/-YesPDF document 173 kb
61Elevate India Business Consultants Pvt Ltd₹ 25,445/-YesPDF document 174 kb
62e-Gits India Pvt Ltd₹ 46,125/-YesPDF document 175 kb
63Unilabel ID Service India Pvt Ltd₹ 199/-YesPDF document 161 kb
64Mados Infra Projects Pvt Ltd₹ 990/-YesPDF document 159 kb
65Pratheesh Kumar₹ 16,000/-YesPDF document 176 kb
66Indus Renewable Energy India Private Limited₹ 1,07,000/-YesPDF document 184 kb
67Ant Factory Startup Advisory Services Private Limited₹ 20,200/-YesPDF document 172 kb
68Chainflux Technologies Private Limited₹ 10,044/-YesPDF document 157 kb
69Chrysalis Hospitality Private Limited₹ 73,125/-YesPDF document 175 kb
70Danlaw Technologies India Limited₹ 54,181/-YesPDF document 148 kb
71Mr. Raviprasad Pisupati₹ 17,000/-YesPDF document 182 kb
72Compact India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 8,24,982/-YesPDF document 227 kb
73Novelvox Softwares India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 1,35,910/-YesPDF document 236 kb
74Indian Transelectric Company Ltd.₹ 97,376/-YesPDF document 223 kb
75B2B Travel Agency India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 30,910/-YesPDF document 214 kb
76Anglepoint India Pvt. Ltd₹ 55,000/-YesPDF document 206 kb
77Rajiv Arya₹ 18,360/-YesPDF document 202 kb
78KEU International Pvt. Ltd Limited₹ 3,76,720/-YesPDF document 244 kb
79Longjian Road and Bridge India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 50,558/-YesPDF document 228 kb
80Brown- Forman India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 52,501/-YesPDF document 205 kb
81M/s. Weiwo Communication Private Limited₹ 18,686/-YesPDF document 202 kb
82M/s. Velocity Global Management Services Private Limited₹ 233/-YesPDF document 185 kb
83M/s. Ancolet India Private Limited₹ 62,500/-No, referred to DOEPDF document 204 kb
84M/s. Proxce Technologies Private Limited₹ 14,119/-YesPDF document 193 kb
85M/s. Surewaves Mediatech Private Limited₹ 102,200/-YesPDF document 200 kb
86M/s. Leisure and Allied Industries India Private Limited₹ 389,148/-YesPDF document 186 kb
87M/s. Due North Yoga Private Limited₹ 109,488/-YesPDF document 216 kb
88M/s. Cogos Technologies Private Limited₹ 15,000/-YesPDF document 188 kb
89M/s. TRS-Rentelco India Private Limited₹ 314,975/-YesPDF document 196 kb
90M/s. 63Ideas Infolabs Private Limited₹ 99,700/-YesPDF document 202 kb
91M/s. Zeven Sports Private Limited₹ 181,997/-YesPDF document 208 kb
92M/s. Sigtuple Technologies Private Limited₹ 136,560/-YesPDF document 198 kb
93M/s. Nova Medical Centres Private Limited₹ 90,725/-YesPDF document 214 kb
94M/s. Gram Suchana Solutions Private Limited₹ 40,030/-YesPDF document 202 kb
95M/s. GS Farm Taaza Produce Private Limited₹ 123,060/-YesPDF document 199 kb
96M/s. MG Funds Private Limited₹ 126,605/-YesPDF document 203 kb
97M/s. July Systems & Technologies Private Limited₹ 339,370/-YesPDF document 195 kb
98Cam Pak India Private Limited₹ 4,89,577/-YesPDF document 154 kb
99FZE Food Analysts Pvt Ltd₹ 52,086/-YesPDF document 154 kb
100Graphus Cyber Security India Private Limited₹ 42,107/-YesPDF document 152 kb
101Kamaldeep Singh Grover₹ 4,375/-YesPDF document 146 kb
102Kemper System India Pvt. Ltd.₹ 17,583/-YesPDF document 146 kb
103Meenakshi Grover₹ 4,369/-YesPDF document 145 kb
104Miraclon India Private Limited₹ 20,932/-YesPDF document 157 kb
105Nitin Kumar Gupta₹ 6,677/-YesPDF document 145 kb
106Shipra Gupta₹ 962/-YesPDF document 144 kb
107Sunvest Energy Private Limited₹ 19,311/-YesPDF document 147 kb
108M/s Abreakplease Holidays & Leisures Private Limited₹ 21,958/-YesPDF document 153 kb
109M/s Adena Cosmetics Private Limited₹ 1,63,500/-YesPDF document 151 kb
110M/s Adonia Cosmetics Private Limited₹ 1,63,500/-YesPDF document 151 kb
111M/s Allenwest Ampcontrol India Pvt Ltd₹ 1,49,594/-YesPDF document 167 kb
112M/s Avalon Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd₹ 71,250/-YesPDF document 151 kb
113M/s Brinton Pharmaceuticals Limited₹ 1,24,167/-YesPDF document 151 kb
114M/s DgNote Technologies Private Limited₹ 1,02,719/-YesPDF document 149 kb
115M/s Dsquare Tech Impex Pvt Ltd₹ 25,625/-YesPDF document 152 kb
116M/s Gurnani Metals Private Limited₹ 24,167/-YesPDF document 151 kb
117M/s Indeus Life Sciences Pvt Ltd₹ 3,11,643/-YesPDF document 160 kb
118M/s Navis Capital (India) Pvt Ltd₹ 1,78,682/-YesPDF document 151 kb
119M/s OpenMarket Services India Private Limited₹ 1,10,000/-YesPDF document 148 kb
120M/s Processia PLM Pvt Ltd₹ 2,07,875/-YesPDF document 151 kb
121Orient Box Movers Private Limited₹ 71,593/-YesPDF document 169 kb
122Ashmore Investment Management India LLP₹ 15,833/-YesPDF document 139 kb
123Saksoft Limited₹ 11,042/-YesPDF document 163 kb
124Mulchand R Shah Jewellers Private Limited₹ 1,62,042/-YesPDF document 193 kb
125Robosoft Technologies Private Limited₹ 1,90,375/-YesPDF document 135 kb
126Agmehra Pvt. Ltd₹ 92,710/-YesPDF document 131 kb
127Supple Tek Industries Pvt. Ltd₹ 7,55,306/-Yes