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Explanatory Notes to the Current Statistics
Date : Jul 10, 2013

Table No. 1

1.2 & 6: Annual data are averages of months.
3.5 & 3.7: Relate to ratios of increments over financial year so far.
4.1 to 4.4, 4.8, 4.12 & 5: Relate to the last day of the month/financial year.
4.5, 4.6 & 4.7: Relate to five major banks on the last Friday of the month/financial year.
4.9 to 4.11: Relate to the last auction day of the month/financial year.

Table No. 2

2.1.2: Include paid-up capital, reserve fund and Long-Term Operations Funds.
2.2.2: Include cash, fixed deposits and short-term securities/bonds, e.g., issued by IIFC (UK).

Table No. 4

Maturity-wise position of outstanding forward contracts is available at http://nsdp.rbi.org.in under ``Reserves Template’’.

Table No. 6

For scheduled banks, March-end data pertain to the last reporting Friday.
2.2: Exclude balances held in IMF Account No.1, RBI employees’ provident fund, pension fund, gratuity and superannuation fund.

Table Nos. 7 & 11

3.1 in Table 7 and 2.4 in Table 11: Include foreign currency denominated bonds issued by IIFC (UK).

Table No. 8

NM2 and NM3 do not include FCNR (B) deposits.
2.4: Consist of paid-up capital and reserves.
2.5: includes other demand and time liabilities of the banking system.

Table No. 9

Financial institutions comprise EXIM Bank, SIDBI, NABARD and NHB.
L1 and L2 are compiled monthly and L3 quarterly.
Wherever data are not available, the last available data have been repeated.

Table No. 17

2.1.1: Exclude reserve fund maintained by co-operative societies with State Co-operative Banks
2.1.2: Exclude borrowings from RBI, SBI, IDBI, NABARD, notified banks and State Governments.
4: Include borrowings from IDBI and NABARD.

Table No. 24

Primary Dealers (PDs) include banks undertaking PD business.

Table No. 30

Exclude private placement and offer for sale.
1: Exclude bonus shares.
2: Include cumulative convertible preference shares and equi-preference shares.

Table No. 32

Exclude investment in foreign currency denominated bonds issued by IIFC (UK) and foreign currency received under SAARC SWAP arrangement. Foreign currency assets in US dollar take into account appreciation/depreciation of non-US currencies (such as Euro, Sterling and Yen) held in reserves. Foreign exchange holdings are converted into rupees at rupee-US dollar RBI holding rates.

Table No. 34 & Estimates. Estimates for latest months.
Other capital’ pertains to debt transactions between parent and subsidiaries/branches of FDI enterprises.
Data may not tally with the BoP data due to lag in reporting.

Table No. 35

1.10: Include items such as subscription to journals, maintenance of investment abroad, student loan repayments and credit card payments.

Table No. 36

Increase in indices indicates appreciation of rupee and vice versa. For 6-Currency index, base year 2010-11 is a moving one, which gets updated every year. Methodological details are available in December 2005 issue of the Bulletin.

Table No. 37

Based on applications for ECB/Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds (FCCBs) which have been allotted loan registration number during the period.

Table Nos. 38, 39, 40 & 41

Explanatory notes on these tables are available in December issue of RBI Bulletin, 2012.

Table No. 43

1.3: Pertain to multilateral net settlement batches.
3.1: Pertain to two centres - New Delhi and Chennai.
3.3: Pertain to clearing houses managed by 21 banks.
6: Available from December 2010.
7: Include IMPS transactions.

Detailed explanatory notes are available in the relevant press releases issued by RBI and other publications/releases
of the Bank such as Handbook of Statistics on the Indian Economy.