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The Reserve Bank of India is among the most transparent central banks in the world. The policy of transparency is evident from the information and data presented by the Reserve Bank in its annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and occasional publications. It is also a subscriber to the Special Data Dissemination Standards (SDDS)defined by the International Monetary Fund (URL:www.imf.org) for publishing data.

The sources of information are mainly publications - some of them periodical and others occasional. They are:

Annual publications


Annual Report

The annual report of the Reserve Bank is the most important document released every year in late August. It is the statement of the Board of Directors on the state of the economy, and on the balance sheet of the Reserve Bank. It also presents an assessment and prospects of the Indian economy.

TThe annual report is a statutory document relating to the financial year of the Reserve Bank (July to June) and is released in August.

Report on Trend and Progress of Banking in India

This is also a statutory publication produced by the central bank. Presented annually, this document is a review of the policies for and performance of the financial sector for the preceding year. The publication, covering period from April to March, is generally released around November/December.


The Reserve Bank of India has instituted three annual lectures. Two of these commemorate past Governors of the Reserve Bank and one a noted monetary economist.

Report on Currency and Finance

A favourite of researchers, this annual document is presented by the staff of the central bank. Since ...the Report dwells around a particular theme and presents a detailed economic analysis of the issues related to the theme. While the focus of the Report is on the policy approach, issues and challenges relevant to India, the various Chapters present these developments against the recent theoretical developments and the accumulated cross-country empirical evidence. Since the publication is released around December, it also serves the purpose of presenting a mid-year review of the economy.

Handbook of Statistics on the Indian Economy: This publication is a major initiative by the Reserve Bank aimed at improving data dissemination by providing a useful storehouse of statistical information at one place. The publication provides time-series data (annual/quarterly/monthly/fortnightly/daily) pertaining to a broad spectrum of economic variables, including data on national income, output, prices, money, banking, financial markets, public finance, trade and balance of payments. The publication is also available in a hard copy as well as a CD-ROM format.

State Finances: A Study of Budgets: Again a favourite of researchers, this publication provides a comprehensive analytical assessment of the finances of the State Governments. Consolidated data of all State Governments are analysed in addition to State-wise analysis to draw policy implications.

Macroeconomic and Monetary Developments: Issued along with the Annual Policy Statement of the Reserve Bank of India, this publication provides an analytical overview of macroeconomic and monetary developments during the year under review. The publication serves as a backdrop and rationale of the monetary policy for the year.

Statistical Tables relating to Banks in India

This annual publication contains comprehensive data relating to the commercial banking sector. It covers balance sheet information as well as performance indicators of each commercial bank in India including those registered abroad. The data are presented bank group-wise and state-wise.

Basic Statistical Returns

Yet another data-oriented publication, this annual presents comprehensive data on number of offices, employees, deposits and credit as per occupation of scheduled commercial banks. One of the features of this publication is that region-wise, state-wise and district-wise information is made available to the public.