Sikkim State was serviced until January 2010 by the Kolkata Office of the Reserve Bank of India. On January 25, 2010 an Office in Gangtok was set up as an adjunct to the Reserve Bank's office in Kolkata for a more direct handholding of the nascent financial system of the State. The Office is now housed in a well-appointed premise in Gangtok. The office became an Independent Accounting Unit (IAU) and Autonomous Office (AO) with effect from July 01, 2017.

State of Sikkim


The Office discharges functions such as disseminating financial education, customer grievance redressal, financial inclusion with SLBC and EC MSME, supervision of banks, maintaining banking department, coordinating currency management work with Kolkata Regional Office, FFMC related FED work along with Human Resource Management and Information Technology, premises related activities etc.

2. The departments at the office are FIDD, Department of Supervision, Foreign Exchange Department, Consumer Education and Protection Cell, Banking Department, ID Cell and HRMD (including Admin, Establishment, Premises, Rajbhasha, P & SO).

Head of Office
Shri Kishore Pariyar, General Manager & O-i-C

Address Telephone Fax Email
Reserve Bank of India,
2nd Floor, Tseyang Dzong,
Amdo Golai,
03592-281118 (PS)
03592-281113 Email

Working Hours: 09.45 Hrs to 17.30 Hrs