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Date : Nov 19, 2022

Indian economy has exhibited remarkable resilience to multiple shocks encountered in succession since early 2020, preserving macro stability while sustaining the momentum of recovery in growth. Balanced regional development and inclusive growth have all along been the two key thrust areas of India’s development agenda, and as the nation celebrates 75 years of independence (Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav), the regional dimension of economic progress assumes even greater importance. Availability of adequate and comparable data at one place for different States on various dimensions – economic, social and demographic – can aid in conducting relevant research on sub-national challenges, opportunities and feasible policy options. With this objective, the Handbook of Statistics on Indian States is being brought out by the Reserve Bank annually since 2016.

This seventh edition updates the existing data series besides expanding the coverage to incorporate two new sections (Health and Environment) and nine new tables, viz., (i) State-wise Maternal Mortality Ratio ( under Social and Demographic section); (ii) State-wise Total Fertility Rate (under Social and Demographic section); (iii) State-wise Children Aged 6-59 Months Who are Anaemic (under Health section); (iv) State-wise Pregnant Women Aged 15-49 Years Who are Anaemic (under Health section); (v) State-wise Cold Storage Capacity ( under Agriculture section); (vi) State-wise Forest Cover (under Environment section); (vii) State-wise Tree Cover (under Environment section); (viii) State-wise Total Installed Capacity of Grid Interactive Renewable Power (under Infrastructure section); and (ix) State-wise Outstanding Guarantees of State Governments (under Fiscal section).

This Report has been prepared under the supervision and overall guidance of Dr. Deba Prasad Rath, Principal Adviser, Department of Economic and Policy Research (DEPR). It is the result of combined efforts by the Regional Economy Monitoring Division (REMD) team comprising Amarendra Acharya, Akash Kovuri, Sudhanshu Goyal and Ramesh Golait, and officers from DEPR Regional Offices, M. Seenuvasan, Rakhe P. Balachandran, Shromona Ganguly, Rasmi Ranjan Behera, Pallavi, B.S. Choudhary, Prabal Bilantu, Kirti Gupta, Sarita Sharma, Barkha Gupta, T.P. Meitei, Upasana Sharma, Alice Sebastian, Madhuchhanda Sahoo and Subhadhra Sankaran.

The Handbook is available on the RBI’s website ( Feedback/comments are solicited to help improve the content of the Handbook. Your responses may be sent to us at email

Sitikantha Pattanaik
Executive Director
November 19, 2022