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Date : Aug 10, 2022
Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting - Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning (SITC) of 04 Nos. water pumps for Chiller line and Condenser line of Centralized AC Plant at Bank’s Main Office Building in Chennai

Extension of Last Date of Submission

(e-Tender No: RBI/Chennai/Estate/137/22-23/ET/212)

The ‘Pre-Bid Meeting’ for the captioned work was conducted as per schedule at 12:00 Hrs, on August 03, 2022, in the Conference room, I Floor, Reserve Bank of India, Chennai. The following staff members of RBI and intending bidders were present during the pre-bid meeting:

Sl. No. Name and designation of the RBI official.
1. Shri. M Rajkumar, Deputy General Manager (Estate)
2. Shri. Rajesh N Pai, Assistant General Manager (Estate)
3. Smt. Revati Kottakota, Manager (Tech-Electrical) (Estate)
4. Shri. Rajesh Bonagiri, Assistant Manager (Estate)
5. Shri. Selva Iyyappan R, Junior Engineer (Tech-Electrical) (Estate)
6. Shri. Muthu Mari M, Assistant (Estate)

Sl. No. Name of the intending bidder. Name of the representative of the intending bidder.
1. M/s Voltas Limited Shri. Balaji T
2. M/s Aadhi Electrical and Construction Shri. S Vijay Anand

The following queries / proposals were raised during the pre-bid meeting. The clarifications given by the Bank are as follows:

Sl. No. Query / Proposal. Bank’s response.
1. Request for change in terms of payment from 60% & 40% to 80% & 20% at para-No.16 in Section -II Commercial Conditions. It is clarified that the request cannot be acceded to. Payment terms remain unchanged.
2. Request for addition of few more makes in approved makes list for Pumps and Motors at Section-VII Technical Specification Accepted. In addition to the makes mentioned in the tender for motors, vendors may also include motors manufactured by the pump manufacturers as mentioned in clause (i) of Section VII - Technical Specification.
3. Increase of Time allowed for completion of work from 4 months to 5 or 6 months from the tenth day of the date of work order due to delivery of motors may take approx. 4 to 5 months, which depends upon the brand. Accepted. The time allowed for completion of work is increased to 5 months from the tenth day of the date of work order.
4. Whether Electrical Contractor having experience in electrical works than “SITC of pumps” are eligible? It is hereby clarified that all electrical contractors having experience in electrical works other than “SITC of pumps” are also eligible to participate subject to submission of Annexure-L “Undertaking by the Manufacturer of Pump and Motor”
5. The amount to be quoted for Buyback for dismantling and taking away old pump-motor set with base frame is inclusive of GST or not? It is clarified that the bidders may submit only the rate per unit (a) excl. of GST and TCS. The system will automatically multiply with Quantity, GST along with TCS by using the formulae and show the final amount. Further, it is advised to refer to the Table No. II: Illustrative table for easy reference while submitting the Part-II (Price-Bid) in MSTC website for any clarifications.
6. Request for reducing the Security Deposit (SD) amount at 10% (Ten percent) of the contract value in the form of a Bank Guarantee to 3% as per the market. It is clarified that the request can not be acceded to, as per extant instructions.
7. Letter of Authority can be submitted in place of power of attorney for signing of application/proposal. Accepted. Signatory to the tender documents shall hold proper power of attorney. Hence, the application shall be signed by the person/s on behalf of the organisation having necessary Authorisation / Power of Attorney to do so.
8. Sought for clarification in Section-II: Commercial Conditions, Clause 16(b) regarding clause specified in the payment terms - 40% of the quoted rate against erection, testing, commissioning and handing over of the equipment to the Bank including submission of necessary documents, manuals and on submission of bank guarantee as per clause 21, section II, commercial conditions. It is clarified that clause 21 may be read as clause 17.
9. Sought for clarification in Section VII

Technical Specification, Details of Pump-sets: clause (e) regarding material of the impeller - The impeller should be of CI and statically and dynamically balanced to ensure smooth working without vibration and noise.
It is clarified that impeller material should be of Bronze.
10. Relaxation for the Yearly Turnover of ₹28 lakh for FY:2020-21 (COVID-19 affected year) due to lockdown restrictions imposed by Central/State governments. As per the tender conditions, minimum yearly turnover is 100% of the estimated cost i.e., ₹28 Lakh during the last 3 years.

The request is considered subject to the average turnover of last 3 years to be minimum of ₹28 lakh.

Note: Above amendments / clarifications are issued for the information for all intending bidders. Minutes of the pre-bid meeting shall form part of tender. All other parts of the tender document of the tender document continue to remain unaltered. Submission of tenders shall be construed to be in conformity to the bid document and amendments/clarifications.

Regional Director
Reserve Bank of India