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Date : Sep 16, 2021
Minutes of pre-bid meeting - Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of X-Ray Baggage Scanner Systems for Bank’s Central Office Building, Fort, Mumbai

An online Pre-Bid Meeting through Cisco WebEx on the captioned subject was held at 11.00 am on Monday, September 13, 2021.

(a) List of Bank’s Officials who attended the on-line meeting

1 Shri Ashutosh Singh Assistant General Manager (Tech-Electrical)
2 Shri Subhash Pawar Assistant Manager (Tech-Electrical)
3 Shri Sunil S Sahare Assistant General Manager (Gen)
4 Smt. Rashmi Gehani Manager
5 Ms Arundhati Shinde Assistant

(b) List of Contractors’ representatives who attended the on-line meeting

  Name of the Representative Name of the Contractor
1 Shri Abhijit Patil M/s. Vehant Technologies
2 Ms. Khyati Shah M/s. Trust Safety Solutions

2. The participants had sent the queries by mail, which were discussed in the meeting. Queries put forth by the representatives and clarifications/comments given by the Bank are tabulated below:

Sr. No. Queries/Suggestions Clarification/Comments
1 Request for considering OEM 3 years’ experience No change in tender conditions acceptable.
2 Considering Tunnel size 600 mm x 400 mm X-Ray Baggage Inspection system No change in tender conditions acceptable.
3 Waiving of EMD No change in tender conditions acceptable.
4 Have a service set up in Mumbai for rendering after sales service – Clause 4(vi) It is clarified that the service set up in Mumbai Metropolitan Region.
5 Request for considering Performance Security Deposit to be capped to 3% of value of contraction It is clarified that Performance Bank Guarantee should be strictly as per Clause 3.18 of Part I of the tender document
6 Request to consider Bankers’ Certificate only without restricting specific format All the required details given in Annexure 10 of the tender should be incorporated in the Bankers’ Certificate by the issuing bank.
7 Make in India Purchase preference Participating bidders will be considered for purchase preference under Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India) PPP-MII order-2017 Revised – Government of India, subjected to their submission of self-certifications and fulfilment of all other documents, conditions of the above “PPP - MII order – 2017 Revised” of Government of India.

3. All the vendors are also advised that no deviation in commercial terms and conditions will be accepted by the Bank and all other technical specifications shall be strictly as per tender and all the points/clarifications/deletions/additions will also be part of the contract documents.

The meeting came to an end at 11.45 am.

(Ashutosh Singh)
Assistant General Manager (Tech)

(Sunil Sahare)
Assistant General Manager