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Date : Sep 08, 2021
Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting - Supply of medicines and Non-medicine (surgical) items at Bank’s Dispensaries, Reserve Bank of India, Lucknow

(E-tender No. RBI/Lucknow/HRMD/10/21-22/ET/118)

A pre-bid meeting regarding the E-tendering for Procurement of Medicines for Dispensaries of RBI, Lucknow was held on September 04, 2021 at 12:00 PM. The meeting was conducted online through Cisco Webex. The meeting was attended by following:

Sr. No. Name Status
1 Soloman & Co. Not present
2 K C Pharmaceuticals Not present
3 Sheel Pharmaceuticals Utkarsh Parolia
4 Sagar Distributors Dr. Krishna Kumar
5 Truemed Chemists and Druggists Varun Anand
6 Apollo Pharmacies Ltd. Alok Singh and Amir Rai
7 Official from MSTC portal V N Singh
8 Reserve Bank of India Mohan Rawat (DGM, CES/ HRMD)
Markandeya Chaturvedi (AGM, CES)
Sonal Sinha (AM, CES)
Anurag Srivastava (Sr. Asst., CES)
Ravi Tripathi (Assistant, CES)

Following discussions took place in the pre-bid meeting: -

1. Shri Markandeya Chaturvedi, AGM apprised the vendors about the possible instance/ situation that if all the vendors quote same discount rate, then the Vendor who has first quoted the said rate in the MSTC portal will be declared the H1 bidder. It was also explained to them that the decision to award the contract to any bidder in above situation rests with the Regional Director, Lucknow.

2. The significance of negative sign in the discount rate column (price bid) of MSTC portal was apprised to the vendors by the Official from MSTC Shri V.N.Singh. He said that the MSTC portal is designed w.r.t. L1 bidders, so a negative sign is put in the discount column.

3. Shri Alok Singh from M/s Apollo Pharmacy and Dr. Krishna Kumar from M/s Sagar Distributors enquired whether list of medicines will be shared with them before placing the bid or not. AGM, CES informed that they will confirm with Central Office (CO) and share the details with vendors at the earliest.

4. Shri Utkarsh Parolia from M/S Sheel Pharmaceuticals enquired whether FDR can be taken in place of Bank Guarantee or not as mentioned in RFQ document. AGM, CES informed that as of now, there is no such provision.

5. Shri Varun Anand from Truemed Chemists and Druggists enquired about the helpline number of MSTC. The MSTC representative Shri V N Singh provided his contact details and MSTC, NRO helpline number.

6. Shri Alok Singh from Apollo Pharmacy enquired about the portal fees charged by RBI. In reply to the question, Shri V N Singh, MSTC, explained to the vendors that the fees required for E-tendering process is charged by MSTC portal and not by RBI.

7. Representative of M/S Sheel Pharmaceuticals enquired whether GST certificate will be provided by the end of financial year or not. AGM, CES replied that the same will be confirmed from the concerned section.

8. The representative from M/S Sagar Distributors enquired that in case they are not selected for the said contract whether EMD will be returned to them or not. AGM, CES responded whether the contract goes to the vendor or not, the EMD deposited by the vendors will be returned.

9. AGM, CES informed the vendors that they have been empanelled for the period April 2021 to March 2024 and advised them to comply to the guidelines and terms and conditions mentioned in the RFE and RFQ documents.

10. AGM, CES and MSTC representative advised all the vendors present at the meeting not to wait for the last date for quoting their respective price bids to avoid any last-minute issues.