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Date : Jun 09, 2021
Minutes of Pre-bid meeting - Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning (DSITC) of Intelligent Addressable Analogue Fire Alarm System for the Bank’s office premises at Riverfront House in Ahmedabad

Corrigendum dated June 11, 2021

Corrigendum dated June 09, 2021

In connection with Tender No. RBI/Ahmedabad/Ahmedabad/28/20-21/ET/777, which was floated on MSTC website on May 27, 2021 for the captioned work, a Pre-bid meeting was conducted at 12.00 AM on June 07, 2021 at 4th floor, meeting room, RBI, Main Office Building, Ahmedabad. The following firms participated in the meeting: -

Sr. No. Vendors Name of Representatives
1 Engimex Engineering & Trading Co. Mr. Yatin Gandhi
2 Linc Digital Mr. Hardik Panchal
3 Linc Digital Mr. Praful Pansuriya

2. Participants from Reserve Bank of India, Ahmedabad: -

Sr. No. Name of RBI Officials Designation
1 Ms. Supriya Pai DGM
2 Mr. Mahipal Assistant Manager (Electrical)
3 Mr. Nishant Pandey Junior Engineer (Electrical)
4 Ms. Ritu Gajjar Assistant

3. Following queries/doubts were raised and clarified in the meeting: -

Sr. No. Queries raised by the Participants RBI's Clarification
1. Whether any other makes can be considered in the list of approved makes which are matching the tender specifications? The participants were advised to stick to the given list of approved makes as of now. However, if makes other than those specified in tender are considered, corrigendum regarding the same will be issued by the Bank and will be published on the Bank’s web site.
2. Should Banker’s Certificate be compulsorily on the Bank’s letter head? The participants were advised to refer to Annex-C of the tender document.
3. Whether the Labour License is required if number of labours are less than ten? The participants were advised to refer to point number 3.31 under Section III of the tender document.
4. Whether Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs) are required to do payment of Earnest Money Deposit? As per point 7 of the Schedule of the Tender MSEs participating in tendering process having Udyam Registration Number are exempt from payment of Earnest Money Deposit.

4. The participating bidders were advised to submit their bids on MSTC website well before the last date of submission of tender.

5. This document (minutes of the Pre-Bid Meeting) shall form a part of the tender and a duly signed & stamped copy of the same must be uploaded by the bidder along with Part-I of the tender. Any bid received without a duly signed and stamped copy of this document is liable to be rejected.

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for Gujarat, Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli