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Date : Jun 08, 2021
Minutes of pre-bid meeting - Providing Integrated Facility Management Services (IFMS) at RBI, Patto Plaza, Panaji and Bank’s residential premises at Panaji

Cancellation of e-tender

The captioned meeting was held at 11:00 am on June 08, 2021 in the conference hall of RBI, Panaji RO. The meeting was chaired by Shri Richard Gomes, Asst General Manager (AGM) and the undernoted officers attended the meeting:

Shri Manoj Pillai, Manager (P&S Cell)

Shri Prafull Thakur, Asst Manager (Estate Cell)

Shri Vijay Ajarekar, Sr Asst (Estate Cell)

Representatives from the following vendors attended the meeting:

  1. M/s. Veejay Facility Management Pvt Ltd

  2. M/s. Shubhda Facility Management Services

Shri Richard Gomes, AGM welcomed and briefed the representatives of the vendors.

Clarifications on queries raised by prospective bidders in the meeting are furnished below:

Sr No Query Clarification submitted by Panaji RO
1 What about the increase of service charges in following years? The percentage increase in the contract value will be calculated as per the changes in CPI/WPI every year and service charges will also be changed accordingly.
2 What about the increase in VDA/Other factors imposed by central/state Govt towards min. wages We will follow the order issued by the Office of Chief Labour Commissioner, New Delhi, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt of India on time to time in connection with the minimum wages to be paid to the labourers for the captioned contract.
3 Ensuring proper operation of the water pumping systems and lighting system by the Security Staff in the Officers quarters and arranging for water tankers whenever required - Clarity required Water tanker charges will be reimbursed on actual basis after the submission of original bills within 30 days from the date of submission.
4 Making arrangements of sufficient cleaning material required for day to day cleaning without extra cost to the Bank - consumables under whose scope The cleaning material needs to be arranged by the vendor for cleaning of residential premises and same will be paid separately subjected to submission of bill. However, for cleaning of office premises, cleaning material will be provided by the Bank.
5 Whether the Bank has kitchen with all facilities / storage space (including refrigerator) to prepare and keep all raw materials, Fresh vegetables, milk, soft drinks etc.  The Bank has full fledged kitchen at its Residential Quarters with sufficient space including refrigerator/Microwave/Toaster etc to prepare and keep all food items.
6 What about quantity of ingredients in the available place in the VOF to ensure preparation of food items in time. The Contractor shall store sufficient quantity of high quality ingredients in the available place in the VOF to ensure preparation of food items in time. The Contractor at his own risk shall make the procurement and storage.
7 Is the contractor expected to provide efficient and prompt service to all guests. Yes. It is expected from the vendor to provide efficient and prompt services by arranging their manpower efficiently.
8 Will all food items to be supplied be at pre-determined rates Subsidized rates for food items will be finalised in consultation of the contractor after award of the work.
9 Need clarifications regarding supply of welcome kit Welcome Kit (contents as decided by the bank) shall be provided by the vendor and same will be paid separately based on consumption and occupancy at the rate of ₹ 150/Kit (approx.).
10 What is expected from the proposed gardener? Gardener should be experienced and should also be able to operate Organic Waste Converter which is installed at the Banks Residential Quarters
11 Manpower deployed should be physically fit in all respects. Medical fitness will be considered as per fresh medical fitness certificate from Registered Medical practitioner with qualification not less than MBBS as produced for verification by the Contractor to be submitted annually. Contractor should bear expenses towards Medical Fitness tests / certificate. The Bank's medical consultant will also be assessing the fitness as and when required.
12 Will cleaning material be provided by the Bank for cleaning office premises? Yes.
13 Whether the Solvency Certificate should be submitted for any specific amount? Yes. All interested bidders should submit the solvency certificate from their banker of amount not less than 3 lakhs
14 Whether the tenderer shall compulsorily submit licenses under Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006? All interested bidders may apply for e-Tender without requiring the licenses obtained under Food Safety and Standard Act 2006. However, the successful bidder to whom the contract will be awarded shall obtain necessary licenses and permits (as may be applicable), including licenses under Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006 within 3 months from the date of award of contract.
15 Is it compulsory for the bidder/s to have own Office/ branch in Goa? Yes. Since, location of work is in Goa, it will be convenient for the Bank to correspond with contractor for resolving any issues which may occur during the period of contract.