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Date : Mar 03, 2021
Minutes of Pre-Bid meeting - Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 400 KVA Diesel Generator set with Acoustic enclosure and AMF panel at Bank’s Main Office Building, Chandigarh


With reference to captioned tender (e-Tender no. RBI/Chandigarh/Estate/356/20-21/ET/524), a pre-bid meeting was held at RBI Chandigarh from 11:30 AM to 01:00 PM dated March 02, 2021. The meeting was attended by the representatives of the firm Sudhir Power Limited. The queries raised by the firms via email and direct are addressed below.

Queries received by emails from following firms:

1. Krishna Engineering Works, New Delhi

2. G.D Anklesaria & Co. Mumbai

The Bank's clarifications for queries raised by these firms are as follow.

Queries by firm Krishna Engineering Works
Sr. No. Queries Bank’s clarification
1. Time Period: 2 Months is on lesser side and should be amended to 2 — 4 months as DG.Set delivery itself takes 2 months. Please follow the Tender Conditions on Time allowed for completion of work.
2. Authorization from OEM: This clause should be deleted so that tenderer/Contractor's are free to supply any of the approved makes. The OEM's obligation letter can be given after finalization of order. Please follow the Tender Terms and Conditions. No deviation is allowed.
3. Testing: The D.G. Set should be tested at the Engine Manufacturer premises only before dispatch. The DG Set may be tested at the factory Premises of the Manufacturer, where testing facilities are available as per detail mentioned in the Tender.
4. Payment Terms: 35% payment should be made after Erection, Testing, Commissioning & Handing over without statutory approvals as approvals take substantial time and withheld of 35% payment will increase the interest cost ultimately resulting higher quote/cost to RBI. Please follow the Tender Terms and Conditions on payment terms. No deviation is allowed.
5. Acoustic enclosure: M.S. Sheet thickness should be as per respective Manufacturer's standards duly approved by CPCB Nodal agency instead of I .4mm. Please read para “Acoustic enclosure” mentioned at Page No. 51 under Section VII of Tender Document as “Acoustic enclosure shall be powder coated and fabricated out of minimum 1.6 mm thickness MS sheet instead of 1.4 mm thickness MS sheet”.
6. Exhaust System: The Length of Exhaust Pipe, Support Structure and Civil Foundation for support structure are not clear. It should be in Per Metre for Exhaust Pipe, Per kg for Support Structure and Per Cubic Metre for Civil Work. The length of MS exhaust pipe with insulation in BOQ may be considered as 8 metre and diameter shall be as per manufacturer standard.

The civil foundation of the DG Set shall be provided by the Bank. The size shall be indicated by the successful bidder.

Queries by: G . D Anklesaria
Sr. No. Queries Bank’s clarification
1. In the above Tender the Buyback of OLD 250 KVA DG Set is in ACOUSTIC ENCLOSURE? If Yes, please let us know the MAKE and Year of Installation. Existing 250 KVA DG Set is Greeves make and Year of installation is 2006.
2. Old Earth Stations and Strips will be available to use or new Earthings are to be used. Existing earth pits shall be used, however in case of any issues on existing earth pits, its rectification and laying of new earth strip shall be in the scope of the Bank.
3. We are an MSME registered unit and are exempted from paying EMD.We are Authorised Suppliers with RBI Mumbai and do PAN-India supplies and do not pay EMD. Exemption on deposit of EMD is not available to any kind of firm for this Tender.

Queries by firm – Sudhir Power Limited
Sr. No. Queries Bank’s clarification
1. No any queries received