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Date : Mar 02, 2021
Minutes of Pre-Bid meeting - Supply of Labour and Sufficient Number of Fully Covered Container Trucks / Vehicles for Transportation of Currency Note Boxes / Coin Bags at RBI, Patna

e-Tender No. RBI/Patna/Issue/18/20-21/ET/553

The pre-bid meeting for the captioned work was held on February 25, 2021 at 15:30 hrs. at Reserve Bank of India, Issue Department, Mezzanine Floor, Patna - 800001 in presence of Reserve Bank of India (hereinafter called as “Bank”) officials where the following prospective tenderers participated.

For Reserve Bank of India:

SN Name of the RBI Official Designation
1 Shri Praveen Ranjan Deputy General Manager
2 Shri Dipak Kumar Choudhary Assistant General Manager
3 Shri Rajeev Ranjan Manager
4 Shri Bibhutibhusan Malla Assistant Manager
5 Shri Manjit Kumar Assistant Manager
6 Shri Shyam Narayan Singh Senior Assistant

For Tenderers:

SN Name of the Firm Name of the Representative
1 B R Singh Enterprises Sri Madhav Murari
2 M/s Udyogam Mr. Vimal Prakash
3 M/s Surendra Singh Sri Tarun Kumar
4 G B. Lifting & Transportation System Mr. Amresh Kumar

2. The queries raised by the representatives of the prospective tenderers and requisite clarifications issued by RBI, Patna are as under: -

SN Query raised Relevant section of Tender Document Clarification
1 Tenderers enquired whether the files to be uploaded in bulk or in multiple pages Para - 4 of the “Important instructions for e-procurement” of the Tender document. Vendors are instructed to use Attach Documents link in bidding floor to upload documents in document library. Multiple documents can be uploaded. Maximum size of single document for upload is 4 MB. For further assistance the contact persons of MSTC Ltd. As mentioned in the Tender document.
2 What will be the minimum distance criteria for payment of Truck, Taxi and Bus charges? (i) PART -II(B) (Taxi charges (To and Fro out of Patna) (Rs. Per km)) - Sl No. 6

(ii) PART -II(B) (Transport charges of filled note boxes by metal covered trucks (To and Fro) (Outside Patna Municipal) (Rs. Per km) – Sl No. 2

(iii) PART -II(B) (Bus for escort (To and Fro) upto 30 persons) (Outside Patna Municipal) (Rs. Per km) – Sl No. 2

(iv) PART- II(C) – Sl No.1 Transportation Charges (Rate per MT per km)
(i) Minimum charges of 125 kms will be paid towards taxi charges for out of Patna services.

(ii) Minimum charges of 75 kms will be paid towards transport charges of filled note boxes by metal covered trucks for outside Patna Municipal services.

(iii) Minimum charges of 75 kms will be paid towards transport charges by bus for outside Patna municipal services

(iv) Minimum charges of 75 kms will be paid for Transportation charges of coin remittance / coin lifting at vendor’s risk.
3 What is the carrying capacity of the containers for which rate will be quoted in price bid? Part II (B) and (C) of the Tender document As mentioned in the Para 2.4.2(d) (Eligibility for the Tenderer) of Section -II of the Tender document, minimum capacity of the container should be 7.5 MT. The rate should be quoted for 7.5MT containers.
4 Participants enquired about assurance of the total work/value of the Tender Para 6 (Estimated cost of work) of the activity sheet of the Tender document It was clarified that the value of the Tender is purely indicative in nature and the Bank has no obligation to incur expenditure equal or exceeding the above amount.
5 Tenderers enquired whether the trucks should be equipped with high resolution CCTV system prior to the bidding in the MSTC Portal Para-2.4.2 (d)- Eligibility for the Tenderer - Vehicles Details of Section -II of the Tender document The eligibility criteria must be fulfilled during the evaluation of technical bids submitted by the tenderers
6 Whether the Performance Bank Guarantee of Rs.3.00 Crore is towards security deposit for contract for supply of Labour and Transportation of Currency Note Boxes or the same pertains to only for Transportation of Coin Bags? Para 2.10.2 of the Tender Document The Bank Guarantee of an amount of Rs. 3.00 Crore is exclusively for transportation of coins only.
The above Bank Guarantee is for covering the value of the coins under transportation.


  • The above minutes of pre-bid meeting shall form the part of bid document/Agreement

  • The minutes are also uploaded on MSTC portal

  • The other terms and conditions and specifications of the tender document shall continue to remain same

  • The above amendments / clarifications are issued for the information of all the intending bidders

Deputy General Manager
Issue Department
Reserve Bank of India, Patna