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Date : Feb 26, 2021
Provision of full height turnstiles for the Bank’s Office Building at RBI, New Delhi


RBI, New Delhi invites e-tenders for the work of Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of full height dual lane turnstiles at Bank’s Office Building at RBI, New Delhi. E-Tenders are to be submitted through the e-tendering portal of MSTC Ltd. (https://www.mstcecommerce.com/) not later than 02.00 PM on March 19, 2021. All interested bidders must register themselves with MSTC through the above referred website to participate in the e-Tendering process. Only those OEMs who are qualified for the work as per qualification criteria stipulated in the tender are eligible to participate in this tender. Bidders are advised to upload the documents in support of their eligibility for this tender during the submission.

a. e-Tender Name Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of full height dual lane turnstiles for the Bank’s Office Building at RBI, New Delhi.
b. e-Tender no RBI/New Delhi/Estate/401/20-21/ET/611
c. estimated cost Rs. 16.00 Lakh
d. Mode of Tender e-Procurement System
(Online Part I - Techno-Commercial Bid and Part II - Price Bid through) (www.mstcecommerce.com/eprochome/rbi)
e. Date of NIT available to parties to download 2.00 P M of February 26, 2021 onwards.
f. Pre-Bid Clarification No deviation is acceptable. However, clarification may be sought any day before the last day of tender submission.
g. Earnest Money Deposit ₹32,000/- (Rupees Thirty Two Thousand only)

In the form of NEFT / BG (as per Annexure III of NIT part 1)

Details for NEFT:
Beneficiary Name: RBI New Delhi
Account No.: 186004001

Proof of remittance with transaction number (Scanned copy) shall be Attached/ uploaded.

The bidders are also advised to send the proof of remittance with transaction number (scanned copy) to estatenewdelhi@rbi.org.in.

Qualification Criteria

Only those Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)/Authorized channel partners who have minimum 5 years’ experience in the field of undertaking similar works viz. Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of full height dual lane turnstiles for the office buildings/commercial premises/industrial houses and have, during the last 5 years (works completed on or after December 31, 2015), executed successfully similar works individually costing as under:

(a) Three works each costing not less than 40% of estimated cost.


(b) Two works each costing not less than 50% of estimated cost.


(c) One work costing not less than 80% of estimated cost.


(d) Have a minimum yearly turnover of 100% of estimated cost during the last 3 years supported by audited financial statements.


(e) Have a complete service set up at New Delhi for rendering after sales service. For this, proof of residence to be submitted either in the form of telephone bill or lease agreement etc.

Bidders should upload the following documents in respect of fulfilling their eligibility with suitable file names as indicated. The experience of works carried out in private companies should accompany/include the particular TDS certificate for the particular payment received against the shown work.

i. Copies of detailed work order indicating scope and value of works. (File name eg: WO1, WO2 etc.) for indicating the experience (work completed before December 31, 2015) and for the qualifying works (works completed after December 31, 2015)

ii. List of completed works with all the details (File name eg: CW1, CW2 etc.)

iii. Client certificate regarding performance of the contractor for the qualifying works. (File name eg: CC1, CC2 etc.) – In the format of Annexure III

iv. Proof of remittance of EMD/ Bank Guarantee In Lieu Of Earnest Money Deposit

v. Banker’s Certificate as per Annexure IV

vi. Audited financial statement for turnover for last 3 years (File name e.g.: FS1, FS2 etc.)

vii. Details of service set up

viii. Details of technical deviations proposed – Not allowed.

ix. The particulars/Catalogues and the names of manufacturers of specified item.

x. Details of Bankers

xi. Copy of Power of Attorney (Original to be submitted by the successful bidder to RBI New Delhi)

xii. Any other information relevant to the proposed work

xiii. In case of non-fulfilment of the eligibility (pre-qualification) criteria of the bidders, their bid shall not be considered for further evaluation and their part-II shall not be opened.

Regional Director