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Date : Feb 25, 2021
Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting - Selection of Agency for running a Creche/ Day Care Centre at Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Kanpur

Pre-Bid Meeting for the captioned contract was held on February 22, 2021 in the premises of RBI Kanpur. The List of the officials from the Bank and representatives of Bidders who were present at the meeting is given at Annexure-I

Following Points were discussed during the meeting:

Sr. No. Query Clarification
1 Business commencement document and IT clearance certificate” required? Organisation Details like no. of branches, Accreditation/ Certification, experience etc. in the evaluation process carries 40 marks.
Hence, applicants are expected to provide supporting documents, if any.
2 Commencement of business can be verified by the client PO. (page 13 of Tender Document) Yes
3 Agency profile will cover about company strength, expertise, financial capability, legal status, awards, work experience etc. along with supporting documents. Yes
4 Other than statutory proofs, all required documents need to be on the agency’s letter head. Yes
5 For work experience, did copies of Purchase Orders or clients’ contact details needs to be submitted? For work experience, RBI Kanpur has sought

a. Name(s) and address(es) of the Clients and their present contact executives/Client

b. No. of Children enrolled

Supporting documents, if any may be provided (page 14 of Tender Document)
6 Manpower deployment at the Creche should be as per central minimum wages or as per state minimum wages? Manpower deployment at the Creche should be as per Central Minimum Wages
7 For Manpower Profile, do you require proposed profile for RBI or profile of our existing staff or industry benchmark of staff profile? The proposed profile for RBI must be quoted in financial bid (already mentioned in format page 15 of Tender Document).
In the technical Bid Response format, In the technical Bid Response format, Applicants are expected to provide profile of their existing staff. (page 14 of Tender Document)
8 There is no provision for running expenses of consumables in the Financial Bid? Reimbursement of consumables and other running expenses will be handled by Creche Management Committee on as and when basis.
9 Does Creche has provision of providing CCTV recording or live access to parents? Yes, Creche has provision of providing CCTV recording.
CCTV live access is not required to be provided to parents on their mobile application
10 In financial bid, total billable amount (staff salary + agency margin + applicable tax) need to mention as per no. of children along with staff profile and cost in rate column or in separate annexure. (page 15 of Tender Document) While quoting the price bids please refer the para 4 (iii) of tender Document.
It can be mentioned in the format, if required annexure may be provided.
But the total rate quoted as per no. of children i.e. Up to 10, 11 to 20, etc. mentioned in the format will be taken as final bid amount.
11 Bid can be submitted in person or sent by post/courier to HRMD, The Reserve Bank of India, The Mall, Kanpur. Yes, it should reach HRMD, The Reserve Bank of India, The Mall, Kanpur, before the mentioned due date and time i.e. March 05, 2021 by 10:00 AM (Friday)
12 Check list (annex IV) is just for reference to attach the supporting but listing of documents is advisable. (page 17 of Tender Document) Yes
13 In case minimum wage gets increased by GOI during the contact period after signing the agreement, same percentage of escalation will be applicable in the monthly billing along with attached GOI notification. (page 5 & 12 of Tender Document) The revision in wages is binding on both the parties. In case the minimum wages are revised by the Government of India, the Agency has to notify the Bank and the same will be reimbursed by the Bank and vice-a-versa
14 Creche supervisor and faculty should be ECCE/NTT diploma holder along with other educational qualification. (page 6 of Tender Document) Revision in respect of terms and conditions mentioned in para 6.1(vii) of Tender Document i.e. the minimum qualification for Crèche in-charge is ‘graduation’ as per National Minimum Guidelines for Setting Up and Running Crèches under Maternity Benefit Act 2017.
All the crèche personnel require adequate and relevant training. They could have either received this training before selection or such a training should be ensured after selection.
15 Contract Labour laws are not applicable, if agency staff is on agency’s payroll and paid EPF & ESIC. (page 11 & 13 of Tender Document) Yes

Note: This document shall form part of the tender. Hence, it shall be signed and submitted along with the tender by the tenderers with technical bid and each page need to be signed by authorised signatory.

  1. Minutes of pre-bid meeting shall form the part of bid document/Agreement. Rest of the terms and conditions and specifications of the bid document shall continue to remain same.

  2. Above amendments/clarifications are issued for the information for all intending bidders

  3. Submission of Bids shall be construed to be in conformity to the bid document and amendments/clarifications

Regional Director


Details of Participants: Pre-bid meeting held on February 22, 2021

The following Bank’s officials and representative of prospective bidder were present during the pre-bid meeting:

Sr No. Name and Designation of RBI Officials
1. Sh. Rakesh Shukla, Deputy General Manager
2. Ms. Anuradha Sahu, Assistant General Manager
3. Mrs. Anshvey Kaintura, Manager
4. Sh. Brijesh Kumar, Manager

Prospective Bidders’ Representatives present during the pre-bid meeting:

Sr No. Prospective Bidder firm Representative Name
1. Euro Kids International Private Limited Sh. Pradeep Bhojwal