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Date : Feb 18, 2021
Minutes of Pre-bid Meeting - Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) and Facility Management Service (FMS) for Computer Hardware, Software and Peripherals at Reserve Bank Staff College (RBSC), Chennai

E-Tender No.: RBI/RBSC//516/21-22/ET/516

The Pre-bid meeting for the captioned tender was held at 11.30 a.m. on February 15, 2021 in the Seminar Hall at Reserve Bank Staff College, Chennai, chaired by Dr.M Sreeramulu, Director (Gr D)/MoF. Shri Shaji Thomas, AGM, IT Cell, other officials of IT Cell and Shri. F Johnson, representative of ‘M/s Finecons Pvt Ltd’, a prospective bidder, participated in the meeting.

Shri Shaji Thomas, welcomed the participant and others to the meeting and invited queries from the participant regarding the captioned tender.

The queries raised by the participant during the meeting along with clarifications and comments of the College are tabulated below:

SL No. Query Clarifications and Comments
1 Whether Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are eligible for any exemption from remitting Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)? The bidder is required to remit EMD as specified in the tender document irrespective of their category.
2 Whether client certificate is required to be submitted in the specified format? Client Certificate, containing all details specified in the format in Annexure XI, of the tender, is required to be submitted.
3 What are the components to be considered while quoting price bid? While quoting the price bids for AMC/FMS charges, the bidder must take into consideration the requirement of payment of not less than minimum wages to Resident Engineers (REs)-(Central Government Minimum Wages as specified at para 23 of Tender) and all statutory requirements like ESI, EPF, Bonus, etc. No separate field is provided to quote REs’ charges separately in the Price Bid format in MSTC Portal, which shall be inclusive in the AMC/FMS charges being quoted by the bidder against each item of IT equipment.
4 Whether the transaction fee and EMD are to be remitted to RBSC? What is the amount of Transaction fee? Transaction fee and EMD are to be remitted to MSTC and RBSC respectively.

Transaction fee is 0.05 per cent of the estimated cost, subject to a maximum of Rs.15,000/-, plus applicable GST thereon.
5 Whether the hard copies of documents are to be submitted separately? Scanned copies of all documents, as specified in the tender document, are to be submitted only through online.

Note: -

1. The shift timings of REs, mentioned under duty hours at Sl No.1 of para 3 (II) (G) (ii) of Section III of Tender is modified as 9.00 hours to 17.00 hours.

2. Annexure XIV A and Annexure XIV B referred at Sl No 5 and 9 of para 3 of Section II of Tender may please be read as Annexure XIV and Annexure XIX respectively.

3. Rate analysis in respect of the prices quoted for the items indicated in the Price Bid, clearly indicating the cost of manpower deployment and AMC/FMS charges, may be called for from the bidders, if required, during the process of evaluation. However, successful bidder is required to submit the same on award of work.

Dr Sreeramulu thanked the bidder’s representative and others for attending the meeting. The meeting ended at 12.00 p.m.

R. Kesavan
Chief General Manager/Principal
Reserve Bank Staff College, Chennai