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Date : Nov 16, 2020
Minutes for Clarifying of Queries raised - Facility Management Service & Annual Maintenance Contract for Computer Hardware, Software & IT Peripherals at Reserve Bank of India, Kolkata

The Tender No. RBI/Kolkata/DIT/8/20-21/ET/270 was floated on both MSTC and RBI’s website on November 05, 2020 for the captioned work. The offline Clarifying of Queries was conducted at 11:00 AM on November 12, 2020. The below mentioned participants/representatives from RBI Officials and various Company/firms were participated in the meeting.

Participants from RBI, Kolkata.

Sr no. Name of RBI Officials Designation
1. Shri Amit Kumar Mandal Manager, IT Cell
2. Shri Biplab Biswas Asstt. Manager, IT Cell

Representatives from various Companies/ Firms.

Sr no. Name of the Representative Company/Firms
1. Shri Arindam Dutta M/s Inspirisys Solutions Ltd
2. Shri Dwaipayan Roy & Shri Palash Saha M/s Sysnet Global Technologies Pvt Ltd
3. Shri Sanjay Dey M/s Hue Service Pvt Ltd
4. Shri Pinku Ghosh M/s Bharat IT Services Ltd
5. Shri Aniruddha Majumder M/s Ensure Support Services India Ltd
6. Shri Amit Ray M/s Pecon Software Ltd
7. Shri Somnath Das M/s Team Computer

The various queries related to the provisions/conditions of the tender document were raised by the representatives of various companies attended in the meeting. The queries raised by the representative were answered by the IT Cell officials. Details of such queries raised by the representatives and the clarifications are furnished in Annexure.


Sl No Clause Details Query Raised Clarifications
1. Annexure II
Eligibility Conditions:
Clause no.12
Page no.25
We are the partners of all OEM e.g. HP, ACER, DELL, LENOVO, APPLE, we have documentary proof i.e. partnership certificate, either there is any requirement of MAF also as any Format of MAF (Manufacturing Authorization Form) is not provided in Tender Document. No MAF (Manufacturing Authorization Form) is required for the tender. However, necessary supporting documents for OEM may be submitted by the Tenderer.
2. Annexure VII
Financial Terms & Conditions.
Clause no.01
Page no. 63
We have a query as per commercial bid Annexure-VII. Only AMC price has been asked for out of warranty as well as under warranty items while there is no provision for cost of Engineer is included, as per Tender Document, 07 Engineers are demanded hence there should be provision of FMS engineers cost separately in commercial Bid for better planning of Resources as well as AMC. As per the Tender clause, the price bid should include the labour and material cost. However, the tenderer has to furnish the breakup of labour and other Cost in the total cost in a sealed envelope and drop the same in the box at IT Cell, fourth floor, RBI Kolkata on or before December 03, 2020 by 15:00 hrs. The same may be confirmed by sending an email to ditkolkata@rbi.org.in regarding submission of the documents.
3. Annexure II
Eligibility Conditions:
Clause no.6
Page no.24

Solvency Certificate
Solvency Certificate – can it be given of 2018 or specific solvency Certificate against this tender is required. No, the Solvency Certificate issued in 2018 is not acceptable.

The Tenderers have to submit the solvency certificate issued by their banker for the quarter ended September 2020 or later.
4. Annexure II
Clause no.34
Page no. 40 & Clause 42 Page no.42.
Engineer wages – Is any recent minimum wages structure to be followed for engineer salary. Refer to the Clause 34 of page no. 40 and Clause 42 of Page no.42. It is clearly mentioned that the vendor will have to ensure the compliance with payment of minimum wages as notified by the Central Government/State Government (whichever is higher) from time to time and in compliance with instructions pertaining to EPF, ESIC, Gratuity, etc.
5. Annexure II
Other General Terms & Conditions:
Clause no.7
Page no.27
EMD – Whether MSME Certificate is allowed against EMD. Registered MSEs are exempted from depositing EMD after submitting the certificate provided by the competent authority. The document must be uploaded along with tender documents in the MSTC site.
6. Annexure II
Eligibility Conditions:
Clause no.3
Page no.23

Regarding client’s certificate
Regarding client’s certificate, we already collected for your last cancelled tender. Can we same certificate will produce, or fresh certificate required. If the existing Client’s Certificate meet the requirements as mentioned in the tender document, the same may be submitted. However, the tenderer may submit any additional Client’s Certificate issued on September 30, 2020 and later, if they deem fit.
7. Annexure II
Eligibility Conditions:
Clause no.6
Page no.24

Solvency Certificate
We already collected from our Bank for your last cancelled tender. Can we same certificate will produce or fresh certificate required. Tenderers are required to submit the solvency certificate for the quarter ended September 2020 or later.
8. Clause 14

Page no.25
Please clarify whether the Seven Resident Engineers should be treated as Highly skilled / semi- skilled/ skilled? The “Resident Engineer” should be treated as Highly Skilled and the minimum wages should be provided as applicable to “Highly Skilled” workers under the Central Govt/State Govt Notifications (whichever is higher).
9. Clause 37

Page 40
Salary & Provident Fund amount was updated and revised in half yearly basis. Whether RBI will consider to pay the increase amount of Salary & Provident Fund to the vendor after submission of the payment certificate? No, as per the clause 37 of page no 40 of the Tender document, the annual increment on the rates on yearly basis is decided based on the indexation formula. No further reimbursement will be made by RBI.
10. Annexure VIII
Page no. 59
Whether the RBI format is necessary for submitting the Banker’s Certificate (Annex – VIII) or any other format can be submitted. The indicative format of Banker’s Certificate is given in Annex – VIII. The banker’s certificate produced should contain the details as asked for in the format given in Annex VIII.