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Date : Feb 14, 2020
Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting – Supply of Sufficient Number of Fully Covered Container Trucks/Vehicles for Transportation of Bank Notes from RBI, Chandigarh to Various Currency Chests and other places in the State of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Union Territory of Chandigarh and vice versa

Pre-Bid meeting for the captioned tender was held on February 11, 2020 at 11:00 AM in Issue Department, RBI Chandigarh. List of officials from Issue Department, Chandigarh and representatives from interested agencies who participated in the meeting is given in the Annex-I.

2. The discussions held with the agencies’ representatives and clarifications arrived thereof are mentioned hereunder:

Sr. No. Questions raised by agencies’ representatives Clarification given by the Bank
1. What will be the minimum distance criteria for payment for a remittance. Minimum charges of 50 kms will be paid for plain and hilly areas. For local remittances, lumpsum amount will be paid, irrespective of distance.
2. What kind of Solvency Certificate is required as per the list of documents mentioned in NIT? Any amount is to be mentioned? The bank will provide the solvency certificate which states the positive net worth as per the latest audited balance sheet, as mentioned in Para (C) (iii) of Section III of NIT.
3. Who shall bear the Toll Charges? As per the Part-II (Price Bid) of the NIT, the prices quoted shall be all inclusive of all charges and will be exclusive of GST. Hence, toll charges will not be paid separately as they should be factored in, while bidding.
4. How much GST will be levied? GST, if applied on the invoice, will be reimbursed by the bank.


Smt. Varsha Bajpai DGM, Issue Department
Sh. Ram Sarup AGM, Issue Department
Smt. Shikha Kaushal Manager, Issue Department
Sh. Priyatendra Singh Rajput Assistant Manager, Issue Department
Sh. N.K. Roy Assistant Manager, Issue Department
Sh. Tarundeep Singh Blackcat Securities
Sh. Yogesh Kumar Blackcat Securities
Sh. Baljeet Singh Sharma Tour & Travels