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Date : Jan 09, 2020
Minutes of Pre-bid meeting - Renovation of Bathrooms in Old Hostel Block at Reserve Bank Staff College, Chennai

e- Tender – No. RBI/RBSC//281/19-20/ET/281

Clarifications in respect of the following points raised by the vendors during the prebid meeting are furnished below:

Clarification sought Clarification given
Proforma of Performance Guarantee for water proofing works given in Annexure III. It is clarified that the Proforma given at Annexure III pertains to item 3 of Schedule of Quantities and the same is not a Bank guarantee and needs to be submitted on a non-judicial stamp paper of requisite value.
Whether the quantities mentioned in the tender schedule will be settled at actuals executed at site? It is clarified that this is item rate contract and the bills will be settled at actual quantities executed.
What is the permitted working hours? Whether work can be done on Saturdays? It is clarified that the regular working hours is 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on working days. The College may consider granting permission to work on Saturdays at its discretion. However, the contractor should ensure to depute a suitable, qualified supervisor for the entire duration of work on such days.
Clarification regarding debris clearance was sought It is clarified that the debris clearance has to be done frequently and the fittings that are removed from the rooms needs to be stacked separately and only upon inspection and clearance by the Bank’s Engineer/ Security Officer, the items shall be taken out along with the debris. It was informed to the bidders that the use of lifts for shifting of material or debris is not permitted and the contractor will have to use designated staircase only for such purpose.
Clarification regarding approval of materials was sought. It is clarified that the material approval needs to be taken well in advance for all the basic price items. Production of purchase bills for all the basic price items is mandatory. Kind attention of bidders was drawn to clause 18 (h) of 5. General Conditions of the Contract (GCC) of tender document.
Clarification regarding exemption in payment of EMD by MSE bidders. It is clarified that the MSE bidders are not required to remit the EMD amount. Moreover, the documentary evidence (certificate issued by competent authority) has to be uploaded in the MSTC portal at the time of submitting the bids.
Clarification regarding GST The bidders are advised to refer to clause 23 of Instructions to Bidders of tender document that the rates to be quoted in the e-tender shall be unit rate inclusive of GST.
Clarification was sought whether all rooms will be allocated simultaneously It was clarified to the bidders that at any point in time we will be able to allocate 5 rooms to carry out the works and those rooms may be in any floor from Ground to Second floors. Additional rooms can be allocated for work only after handing over of the previously allocated rooms.