This Section provides data on various aspects of Indian economy, banking and finance. While the current data defined as data for the past one year is available at the links provided below, researchers may also access data series available in the Database on Indian Economy link available on this page.

Data Releases

Settlement Data of Payment Systems
LAF Result
Money Market Operations
Reference Rate
Weekly Statistical Supplement - Extract
Weekly Statistical Supplement
Foreign Exchange Turnover Data
Data on Reserve Money
Data on Money Supply
Scheduled Bank's Statement of Position in India
External Commercial Borrowings
RBI Bulletin - Current Statistics
Payment System Indicators
Pictorial Representation of Trends in Payment Systems
Bankwise Volumes in NEFT/RTGS/Mobile Transactions/Internet Banking Transactions
Bank-wise ATM/POS/Card Statistics
Entity-wise PPI Statistics
Entity-wise TReDS Statistics
Data on Sectoral Deployment of Bank Credit
Data on Overseas Investment
India's International Trade in Services
Lending and Deposit Rates of Scheduled Commercial Banks
Survey of Professional Forecasters
Inflation Expectations Survey of Households
Consumer Confidence Survey
Balance of Payments
Bank Lending Survey
Basic Statistical Return (BSR)2 – Deposits with Scheduled Commercial Banks (SCBs) (Quarterly)
Disaggregated data on India's Invisibles
Foreign Trade Statistics
Household Financial Savings
Industrial Outlook Survey
Quarterly BSR-1: Outstanding Credit of Scheduled Commercial Banks
Performance of Private Corporate Business Sector
Quarterly Order Books, Inventories and Capacity Utilisation Survey
Services and Infrastructure Outlook Survey
State wise and Region wise Deployment of ATMs
Sources of Variation in foreign Exchange Reserves in India
Survey of Professional Forecasters - Results
India's International Investment Position (IIP)
India's External Debt
Quarterly Statistics on Deposits and Credit of Scheduled Commercial Banks: Press Releases
Half Yearly
Report on Management of Foreign Exchange Reserves
A Profile of Banks
Aggregate deposits and gross bank credit of all scheduled commercial banks as on the last Friday
Annual Accounts Data of Scheduled Commercial Banks (1989-90 to 2000-2001)
Annual Census on Foreign Liabilities and Assets for the Mutual Fund Companies
Annual Census on Foreign Liabilities and Assets of Indian Companies
Basic Statistical Returns of Scheduled Commercial Banks in India
Basic Statistical Return (BSR)-1 – Credit by Scheduled Commercial Banks (SCBs)
Basic Statistical Return (BSR)2 – Deposits with Scheduled Commercial Banks (SCBs)
Branch Banking Statistics
Composition and Ownership Pattern of Deposits with Scheduled Commercial Banks
Finances of Foreign Direct Investment Companies
Finances of Non-Government Non-Financial Private Limited Companies
Finances of Non-Government Non-Financial Public Limited Companies
Financial Stocks and Flow of Funds Accounts of the Indian Economy
Handbook of Statistics on Indian Economy
India's International Investment Position (IIP)
Performance of Non-Government Non-Banking Financial and Investment Companies
Performance of Private Corporate Business Sector
SDDS - Advance Release Calendar
Survey on Computer Software and Information Technology Enabled Services Exports
Survey on International Trade in Banking Services
Statistical Tables Relating to Banks in India
Banking Statistics 1972 - 1995 (Summary Tables)
Central bank survey of foreign exchange and derivatives market activity in BIS
Electronic Payment Systems - Representative Data
India's External Debt Outstanding
International Banking Statistics of India
Selected Banking Indicators 1947-1997
List of Government of India Securities outstanding