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Names of Audit Firms approved for appointment as Statutory Central Auditors (SCAs) in 12 Public Sector Banks (PSBs) for FY 2023-24
Sl. No. Name of the Bank Names of audit firms approved for appointment as SCAs for FY 2023-24 with Firm Registration Number (FRN) and Unique Code Number (UCN) Tenure in FY 2023-24
(in years)
1 Bank of Baroda M/s Khandelwal Jain & Co., (FRN 105049W; UCN 60996) 2nd
    M/s S Venkatram & Co LLP, (FRN 004656S; UCN 190913) 2nd
    M/s Shah Gupta & Co., (FRN 109574W; UCN 60553) 1st
    M/s V Sankar Aiyar & Co., (FRN 109208W; UCN 61381) 1st
    M/s Batliboi & Purohit, (FRN 101048W, UCN 62618) 1st
2 Bank of India M/s Mukund M Chitale & Co., (FRN 106655W, UCN 60485) 3rd
    M/s S Jaykishan, (FRN 309005E; UCN 71008) 1st
    M/s A Bafna & Co., (FRN 003660C; UCN 290873) 1st
    M/s S C V & Co., LLP (FRN 000235N; UCN 100458) 1st
3 Bank of Maharashtra M/s S Bhandari & Co LLP., (FRN 000560C/C400334; UCN 290314) 3rd
    M/s Kirtane & Pandit, LLP (FRN 105215W/W100057; UCN 105215) 2nd
    M/s Sundaram & Srinivasan., (FRN 004207S; UCN 190262) 2nd
    M/s G D Apte & Co Chartered Accountants (FRN 100515W; UCN 210439) 1st
4 Canara Bank M/s P A & Associates, (FRN 313085E, UCN 260118) 3rd
    M/s Sarath & Associates, (FRN 005120S; UCN 21825) 3rd
    M/s Arun K Agarwal & Associates, (FRN 003917N, UCN 101070) 3rd
    M/s K Venkatachalam Aiyer & Co., (FRN 004610S; UCN 170732) 1st
    M/s Rodi Dabir & Co., (FRN 108846W; UCN 212281) 1st
5 Central Bank of India M/s Kishore & Kishore (FRN 000291N, UCN 103998) 3rd
    M/s A R & Co., (FRN 002744C, UCN 330009) 2nd
    M/s A D B & Company (FRN 005593C, UCN 201030) 1st
6 Indian Bank M/s S A R C & Associates, (FRN 006085N, UCN 892457) 3rd
    M/s Kailash Chand Jain & Co., (FRN 112318W, UCN 65041) 2nd
    M/s S Singhal & Co., (FRN 001526C, UCN 291209) 2nd
    M/s G Balu Associates LLP, (FRN 000376S/S200073; UCN 190970) 1st
    M/s Dass Gupta & Associates, (FRN 000112N; UCN 100823) 1st
7 Indian Overseas Bank M/s S N Kapur & Associates, (FRN 001545C, UCN 330686) 3rd
    M/s R Devendra Kumar & Associates (FRN 114207W; UCN 780251) 1st
    M/s Tej Raj & Pal (FRN 304124E; UCN 260114) 1st
    M/s Laxmi Tripti & Associates (FRN 009189C; UCN 202038) 1st
8 Punjab & Sind Bank M/s Manohar Chowdhry & Associates (FRN 001997S, UCN 191928) 3rd
    M/s Chaturvedi & Co., (FRN 302137E, UCN 71720) 3rd
    M/s S P Chopra & Co., (FRN 000346N, UCN 100748) 1st
    M/s Gupta Sharma & Associates, (FRN 001466N, UCN 280170) 1st
9 Punjab National Bank M/s S C Bapna & Associates, (FRN 115649W, UCN 290254) 3rd
    M/s D K Chhajer & Co., (FRN 304138E, UCN 71018) 3rd
    M/s Ummed Jain & Co., (FRN 119250W; UCN 290292) 1st
    M/s N K Bhargava & Co., (FRN 000429N; UCN 5772) 1st
    M/s P S D & Associates (FRN 004501C; UCN 290981) 1st
10 State Bank of India M/s K C Mehta & Co., (FRN 106237W, UCN 121323) 3rd
    M/s Talati & Talati LLP (FRN 110758W, UCN 123894) 3rd
    M/s V Singhi & Associates, (FRN 311017E, UCN 72274) 3rd
    M/s M C Bhandari & Co., (FRN 303002E, UCN 73005) 3rd
    M/s Suri & Co., (FRN 004283S, UCN 192155) 3rd
    M/s Gokhale & Sathe, (FRN 103264W, UCN 60352) 2nd
    M/s M K Aggarwal & Co., (FRN 001411N, UCN 102096) 2nd
    M/s Ravi Rajan & Co., LLP, (FRN 009073N, UCN 125110) 2nd
    M/s J L N U S & Co., (FRN 101543W, UCN 782318) 2nd
    M/s Vinod Kumar & Associates (FRN 002304N, UCN 101259) 1st
    M/s R G N Price & Co., (FRN 002785S, UCN 190812) 1st
    M/s Rama K Gupta & Co., (FRN 005005C, UCN 200976) 1st
11 UCO Bank M/s P S M G & Associates., (FRN 008567C; UCN 333344) 1st
    M/s Sanjay Deep & Associates (FRN 015951N; UCN 131571) 1st
    M/s P V A R & Associates., (FRN 005223C; UCN 331711) 1st
    M/s H D S G & Associates., (FRN 002871N; UCN 100246) 1st
12 Union Bank of India M/s N B S & Co., (FRN 110100W; UCN 64480) 3rd
    M/s P Chandrasekar LLP (FRN 000580S; UCN 161166) 1st
    M/s G S Mathur & Co., (FRN 008744N; UCN 100411) 1st
    M/s V K Ladha & Associates (FRN 002301C; UCN 200021) 1st
    M/s Chhajed & Doshi (FRN 101794W; UCN 60547) 1st