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Weekly Statistical Supplement

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Date : Nov 13, 2004
10. Auctions of 91-Day Government of India Treasury Bills

DateofDateofNotifiedBidsReceived BidsAccepted DevolvementonTotalWeigh-ImplicitAmount
Auction Issue Amount TotalFace Value IssuetedYieldatOutstanding
NumberTotalFace ValueNumber PDs/SDs*RBI
(8+9+AverageCut-offas on the
Com-Non- Com-Non- 10+11)PricePriceDate of Issue
petitiveCom- petitiveCom-
petitive petitive (per cent)(Face Value)
1 2 3456789101112131415
* : Effective from auction dated May 14, 1999, devolvement amount would be on RBI only.
Notes : 1. Uniform Price Auction was introduced from November 6, 1998. The format of auction has been changed to Multiple Price Auction from December 11, 2002.
2. Notified amount includes Rs.1,500 crore under Market Stabilisation Scheme from auction dated April 7, 2004.
3. The presentation of implicit yield at cut-off price has been changed from actual/364 day count convention to actual/365 day count convention from auction dated October 27, 2004.