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Special Data Dissemination Standards

Date : Apr 17, 2004
Treasury Bill Rates* (2004-05)

Advance Release Calendar of the Treasury Bill Rates* (2004-05)

For Week ending

Release Date

2-Apr-04 10-Apr-04 WSS
9-Apr-04 17-Apr-04 WSS
16-Apr-04 24-Apr-04 WSS
23-Apr-04 1-May-04 WSS
30-Apr-04 8-May-04 WSS
7-May-04 15-May-04 WSS
14-May-04 22-May-04 WSS
21-May-04 29-May-04 WSS
28-May-04 5-Jun-04 WSS
4-Jun-04 12-Jun-04 WSS
11-Jun-04 19-Jun-04 WSS
18-Jun-04 26-Jun-04 WSS
25-Jun-04 3-Jul-04 WSS
2-Jul-04 10-Jul-04 WSS
9-Jul-04 17-Jul-04 WSS
16-Jul-04 24-Jul-04 WSS
23-Jul-04 31-Jul-04 WSS
30-Jul-04 7-Aug-04 WSS
6-Aug-04 14-Aug-04 WSS
13-Aug-04 21-Aug-04 WSS
20-Aug-04 28-Aug-04 WSS
27-Aug-04 4-Sep-04 WSS
3-Sep-04 11-Sep-04 WSS
10-Sep-04 18-Sep-04 WSS
17-Sep-04 25-Sep-04 WSS
24-Sep-04 2-Oct-04 WSS
1-Oct-04 9-Oct-04 WSS
8-Oct-04 16-Oct-04 WSS
15-Oct-04 23-Oct-04 WSS
22-Oct-04 30-Oct-04 WSS
29-Oct-04 6-Nov-04 WSS
5-Nov-04 13-Nov-04 WSS
12-Nov-04 20-Nov-04 WSS
19-Nov-04 27-Nov-04 WSS
26-Nov-04 4-Dec-04 WSS
3-Dec-04 11-Dec-04 WSS
10-Dec-04 18-Dec-04 WSS
17-Dec-04 25-Dec-04 WSS
24-Dec-04 1-Jan-05 WSS
31-Dec-04 8-Jan-05 WSS
7-Jan-05 15-Jan-05 WSS
14-Jan-05 22-Jan-05 WSS
21-Jan-05 29-Jan-05 WSS
28-Jan-05 5-Feb-05 WSS
4-Feb-05 12-Feb-05 WSS
11-Feb-05 19-Feb-05 WSS
18-Feb-05 26-Feb-05 WSS
25-Feb-05 5-Mar-05 WSS
4-Mar-05 12-Mar-05 WSS
11-Mar-05 19-Mar-05 WSS
18-Mar-05 26-Mar-05 WSS
25-Mar-05 2-Apr-05 WSS
* Implicit yield at cut-off price of 91-day government of India treasury bills
Note: WSS=Weekly Statistical Supplement, Reserve Bank of India