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Review of Guidelines for Core Investment Companies
RBI Bulletin - August 2020
Reserve Bank announces constitution of an Expert Committee
RBI releases the results of forward looking Surveys
Offline Retail Payments using Cards / Wallets / Mobile Devices – Pilot
Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) System for Digital Payments
Introduction of Automated Sweep-In and Sweep-Out (ASISO) Facility for end of the day LAF Operations
Opening of Current Accounts by Banks - Need for Discipline
Loans against Gold Ornaments and Jewellery for Non-Agricultural End-uses
Basel III Capital Regulations – Treatment of debt mutual funds/ETFs
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector – Restructuring of Advances
Resolution Framework for COVID-19-related Stress
RBI releases the Financial Stability Report, July 2020
RBI releases ‘Report of the Committee for Analysis of QR Code’ for public comments
Publication of RBI-Occasional Papers-Vol. 41, No.1, 2020
Fair Practices Code for Asset Reconstruction Companies
RBI Bulletin - July 2020
Indian Economy at a Crossroad: A view from Financial Stability Angle - Shri Shaktikanta Das, Governor, Reserve Bank of India - July 11, 2020 - at the 7th SBI Banking & Economics Conclave organised by the State Bank of India
Extension of timeline for finalization of audited accounts
Credit flow to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Sector - New criteria for classification of MSMEs
RBI Working Paper No. 08/2020: Subnational Government Debt Sustainability in India: An Empirical Analysis
Indian Stamp Act, 1899 Amendments and Rules made thereunder
RBI Working Paper No. 07/2020: Impact of Leverage on Firms’ Investment: Decoding the Indian Experience
Special liquidity scheme for NBFCs/HFCs
India’s International Investment Position (IIP), March 2020
India’s External Debt as at the end of March 2020
Sources of Variation in Foreign Exchange Reserves in India during 2019-20
Developments in India’s Balance of Payments during the Fourth Quarter (January-March) of 2019-20
RBI launches the July 2020 round of Consumer Confidence Survey
RBI launches the July 2020 round of the Inflation Expectations Survey of Households