Exchange Control Manual

Bill of Entry (Evidence of import)
Date : May 31, 2005

Evidence of Import



It is obligatory on the part of importers to submit Exchange Control copy of


Bills of Entry for Home Consumption/Postal/Wrappers to the authorised

dealer hrough whom relative remittance was made as evidence that the goods for which the payment was made have actually been imported into India. Authorised dealer should ensure that in all cases, including cases of advance remittances permitted vide paragraph 7A.10, these are submitted by their importer customers and are verified. In respect of imports made on D/A basis, since goods would normally be cleared before the due date of payment, authorised dealers should insist on production of documentary evidence of import i.e. Exchange Control copy of Bill of Entry for Home Consumption/Postal/Wrappers at the time of effecting remittance of the import bill. Authorised dealers should also advise this requirement to their importer customers in writing while delivering the documents against acceptance.




In case of goods imported and stored by 100% Export Oriented Units/Units in Export Processing Zones and Free Trade Zones in bonded warehouses, it will be in order for authorised dealers to accept Exchange Control (quadruplicate) copy of Into Bond Bill of Entry for Warehousing as evidence of import.



As regards submission of evidence in respect of imports by courier services, please see paragraph 7A.23.



In respect of imports on D/A basis if importers fail to produce documentary evidence due to genuine reasons such as non-arrival of consignment, delay in delivery/customs clearance of consignment, etc. authorised dealers may, on merits, allow reasonable time not exceeding three months from the date of remittance to the importer to submit the evidence of import.



Authorised dealers should in all cases acknowledge receipt of Exchange

Control copy of bill of entry/postal/wrappers from importers by issuing acknowledgement slips containing the following particulars:



Importer's full name and address with code number.



Import licence number and date (wherever applicable)



Bank's reference of letter of credit number etc., if any.



Number and date of Exchange Control copy of bill of entry/postal wrapper and the amount of import.



Particulars of goods imported.



Internal inspectors or auditors (including external auditors appointed by

authorised dealers) should carry out 100% verification of all the Exchange Control copies of bills of entry/postal/wrappers and a certificate to that effect should be forwarded, on half-yearly basis, to the office of Reserve Bank under whose jurisdiction the authorised dealer is situated.



In case an importer does not furnish the Exchange Control copy of Bill of

Entry within three months from the date of remittance (or within prescribed period as provided in paragraph 7A.10), the authorised dealer should issue a reminder to the importer asking him to roduce it forthwith. If there is still no response, a reminder by registered post with acknowledgement due should be issued not later than one month from the date of the first reminder.



Authorised dealers should forward to Reserve Bank a statement as at the end

of each calendar quarter in form BEF furnishing details of import transactions in respect of which the importers have defaulted in submission of Exchange Control copies of Bills of Entry within a period of 21 days from the date of issue of registered (acknowledgement due) reminder. The quarterly statement should be submitted to Reserve Bank within 15 days from the end of the quarter to which the statement relates.



Exchange Control copy of Bill of Entry for Home Consumption/postal wrappers

should be preserved by authorised dealers for a period of one year from the date of its verification as required under paragraph (iii) above. However, in respect of cases which are under investigation by investigating agencies, the Exchange Control copy of Bill of Entry for Home Consumption/postal wrappers should be preserved till the investigating agency concerned gives clearance for destruction.

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