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Date : Feb 16, 2024
Minutes of Pre-bid Meeting - Housekeeping and Catering Arrangements, RBI Patna

The Pre-Bid meeting for the captioned e-Tender having e-Tender No: RBI/Patna Regional Office/Estate/8/23-24/ET/381 was conducted on February 12, 2024 at 03:00 PM at HRMD, First Floor at Reserve Bank of India, South Gandhi Maidan, Patna. The following officials of RBI and intending bidders were present during the meeting:

Sl. No. Name & Designation of RBI Official
1 Shri Sandipan Chatterjee, Assistant General Manager
2 Shri Satyaveer Singh, Assistant Manager

Sl. No Name of the intending bidder Name of the representative of the intending bidder
1 Cherish Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd. Shri RK Surya
2 M/s Chandan Kumar Shri Chandan Kumar
3 Asha Home Shri Rajiv Ranjan Sinha

2. The queries from the prospective bidders regarding the captioned tender and clarifications for the same are as follows:

Sr. No. Query/ Proposals Clarifications
1. Whether the EMD deposit of unsuccessful bidder will be returned or not? EMD deposit of unsuccessful bidders will be returned.
2. Whether the rate of food menu to be provided to guests at VOF/ THH/ MF will be fixed? The menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner and their rates shall be fixed by the Bank in consultation with successful bidder
3. Whether the cost of maintenance items will be provided separately? The cost of maintenance items shall be borne by the successful bidder.

Please note:
A This document (Minutes of the Pre-bid meeting) shall form a part of the tender/ agreement. Hence, it shall be signed and submitted along with the tender by the bidders.
B Rest of the terms and conditions and specifications as mentioned in the tender documents shall continue to remain the same.
C All the bidders are advised to read the tender documents carefully and submit the Technical Bid. The Bank will do the scrutiny of all the documents uploaded during technical bid, if any discrepancy is found, the particular bid is liable to be rejected.
D The above clarifications are issued for the information of all the intending bidders.
E The submission of bid by the bidder shall be construed to be in conformity to the bid document and clarifications given above.
F In case any bidder has already uploaded their bids to the MSTC portal before issuance of this Minutes of the Pre-bid meeting cum Corrigendum, they are advised to revise their bids and re-upload their bids to the MSTC portal.

Regional Director
Reserve Bank of India, Patna