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Date : Sep 26, 2023
Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting - Non-Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract for Operation of chillers, AHUs, pumps and other related equipment of Central AC plant at Main Office Premises, RBI, Bengaluru


E-Tender No: RBI/Bangalore/Estate/266/23-24/ET/361

The ‘Pre-Bid Meeting’ for the captioned work was conducted as per schedule at 3:00 PM, on September 20, 2023, at Meeting Room, 2nd Floor, Estate Department, Reserve Bank of India, Bengaluru. The following staff members of RBI and representative of the prospective bidder were present during the pre-bid meeting:

Sl. No. Name and designation of the RBI officials
1. Shri. K G Rajesh Kumar, AGM (Estate)
2. Shri. M.V.S Babaji Rao, Manager (Tech - Electrical)
3. Shri. Karan, Manager (Estate)
4. Shri. Ramakrishna S T, Asst. Manager (Tech – Electrical)
5. Shri. Sameer Patel, Assistant (Estate)

Sl. No. Name of the prospective bidders Name of the representative
1. M/s. Toot MNE Tech Pvt Ltd Shri. Shrithar
2. M/s. Toot MNE Tech Pvt Ltd Shri. Prajeesh Kumar

The following query / issue was raised / discussed during the pre-bid meeting. The clarification given by the Bank with respect to each of this query / issue is as follows:

Sl. No. Query / Proposal/ Existing condition Bank’s response / revised condition
1 Vendor enquired about EMD amount All the tenderers shall pay Earnest Money a sum of ₹22,000/- (Rupees Twenty Two thousand only)

Note: Above amendment / clarification is issued for information to all intending bidders. Minutes of the pre-bid meeting shall form part of tender. All other parts of the tender document continue to remain unaltered. Submission of tenders shall be construed to be in conformity to the bid document and amendments/clarifications.