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Date : Feb 02, 2023
Minutes of Pre Bid Meeting - Construction of Classroom in the garden adjacent to Godavari Hostel in CAB Campus, Pune

Cancellation of Tender

Extension of Last Date of Submission

e-Tender no.: RBI/CAB Pune//584/22-23/ET/584

A Pre-bid meeting was conducted at 11:00 AM on Monday, January 30, 2023 with respect to the captioned tender. Shri Anand Upadhyay, DGM/MoF chaired the proceedings of the meeting. The meeting was attended by representative of prospective bidder.

2. (a) List of Bank’s Officials who attended the meeting-

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Shri Anand Upadhyay DGM & MoF
2 Shri Prasad Kumar LM Assistant Manager
3 Shri Ranjit Kumar Assistant Manager
4 Shri Shriniwas Band Assistant
5 Smt. Pooja Sadanand Pai Junior Engineer (Civil)

(b) List of Representative of Company/Individual/Firm/Contractor

Sr. No. Name of Entity Name of the Representative
1 M/s B M Constructions Shri B M Patil

3. Queries raised during the meeting and clarifications provided are as follows:

Sr. No. Query raised by Vendor Clarification of queries
1. Details of the works/special instructions to be carried out as per tender. Work has to be carried out in accordance with the conditions as stipulated in the tender.

Works i.e. Railings, Flooring and construction of side huts is not included in the scope of this tender.
2. When will the drawing details be provided? The detailed drawing will be shared at later stage, post award of the contract.
3. Timelines for completion of work 45 days

4. The prospective bidders were requested to submit the bid after considering the clarifications given in the above minutes. A duly signed /stamped copy of this minutes of meeting must be uploaded. All vendors are advised to visit site (RBI, CAB, Pune) to acquaint themselves with the security requirements required while working in RBI. It was reiterated that this is supplementary to the tender document and will form part of the tender. In case there is any conflict between the tender document and the corrigendum, the latter shall prevail.

5. All other terms and conditions and specifications of the tender document shall continue to remain same.

6. Meeting ended with thanks to the chair.