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Date : Feb 02, 2023
Minutes of Pre-bid meeting - DSITC of phytorid (constructed wetland) Grey Water Treatment Plant for College of Agricultural Banking, Reserve Bank of India campus at University Road, Shivajinagar, Pune

Cancellation of Tender

Extension of Last Date of Submission

E-Tender Number: RBI/CAB Pune//587/22-23/ET/587

The captioned meeting was held on January 27, 2023 at 12:00 pm in the College of Agricultural Banking, RBI, Pune. The meeting was chaired by Shri Abhishek Kumar, DGM & MoF.

2. (a) List of Bank Officials who attended the meeting: -

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Shri Abhishek Kumar DGM/MoF
2 Shri Sudhansu Vikram Assistant Manager, (T-C)
3 Shri Prasad Kumar LM Assistant Manager

(b) List of Representative of Company/Individual/Firm/Contractor

Sr. No. Name of Entity Name of the Representative
1 M/s Vekan Solutions Shri Arshad J Bagwan

3. At the outset, the Chairman welcomed the participants and advised them to put forth their doubts / queries, if any. Shri Sudhansu Vikram, AM (Tech-Civil) explained various aspects of the tender and Bank’s requirements, which needed to be taken care of in bid submission.

4. Queries raised during the meeting and clarifications provided are as follows:

Sr. No. Query raised by Vendor Clarification of queries
1. Technology Transfer Agreement/Approvals As stated in the RFP Document, the responsibility to arrange requisite technology transfer agreements/ approvals with entities/ organisations whatsoever required for execution of the work under consideration (if any) rests with the bidder.
2. Whether we can collect water sample for testing purpose? Yes, with prior intimation and permission from Bank.
3. Whether site visit is allowed before bidding ? Yes, with prior intimation and permission from Bank.
4. What is the approximate quantity of grey water per day Approximately 10 KLD per day during peak usage
5. Submission of Price bid i.e. Commercial / Financial Quotation for Bidder. It was clarified with the Annexure IV, i.e. Commercial / Financial Quotation for Bidder to be uploaded separately as Part-II.

Note: Vendors who quote price in Part-I of the tender will be considered disqualified.

5. The bidders are requested to submit the bid after considering the clarifications given in the above minutes. (A duly signed /stamped copy of this Minutes of Meeting should be uploaded). It was reiterated that this is supplementary to the tender document and will form part of the tender. In case there is any conflict between the tender document and the corrigendum, the latter shall prevail.

6. All other terms and conditions and specifications of the tender document shall continue to remain same.