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Date : Jan 25, 2023
Minutes of the Pre-Bid Meeting - Transportation of Coins from Reserve Bank of India/Government of India Mint, Fort, Mumbai to Currency Chests in Mumbai, Outstation RBI Offices, Other centres etc. with Carrier’s Risk

Extension of Time

E-Tender No.- RBI/Mumbai/Issue/10/22-23/ET/502

In terms of Para (e) of Section-I under schedule of Tender in above tender document, a Pre-bid meeting was held on January 24, 2023 at 3:30 P.M. at Reserve Bank of India, Issue Department Conference Room, Ground Floor, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001

The following officials from RBI and the prospective tenderers participated.

For Reserve Bank of India

  1. Shri M.S.Unni, DGM

  2. Shri Bhushan S. Laghate, AGM

  3. Shri Ram Kumar, A.M.

  4. Shri M.K.Kshirsagar, Sr. Assistant

Prospective Tenderers:

  1. M/s V. K Gavhane & Sons

  2. M/s Mayur Container Services

  3. M/s Currency Movers

  4. M/s Mintage Services and Traders Private Limited

  5. M/s S&IB Services Private Limited

The query raised by the one of the representatives of the participating firms, vis-à-vis our clarification in regard thereto is as under:

Sr. No. Query raised by the Participants Clarification/Response issued by RBI, Mumbai
1. What should be the size of the container (Load carrying capacity) for outstation remittance. Will it be 10 tons or more? The size of the containers (Load carrying capacity) for outstation remittance would depend upon the size of remittance which is usually higher than the local remittance and maximum up to 50 tons. The bidders may refer to the Price Bid Form in the Tender wherein weightage for outstation and local transportation have been indicated and submit their quotes accordingly.