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Date : Dec 28, 2022
Transportation of Coins from Reserve Bank of India/Government of India Mint, Fort, Mumbai to Currency Chests in Mumbai, Outstation RBI Offices, Other centres etc. with Carrier’s Risk

Extension of Time

Minutes of the Pre-Bid Meeting


The Regional Director, Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai invites electronic, digitally signed bids through MSTC Limited website ( from reputed and experienced contractors under two bid system (Technical Bid and Price Bid) tentatively for the period April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024 for providing the following services:

‘Transportation of coins from Reserve Bank of India/ Government of India Mint, Mumbai to Currency Chests located in the jurisdiction, outstation RBI Offices, other centres etc. with carrier’s risk.’

The e-Tender along-with the detailed tender notice and general instructions is available at the MSTC Website and Reserve Bank of India website at under the menu “Tenders”.

Interested bidders must register themselves at the aforementioned MSTC Limited website to participate in the e-Tendering process.

For the above work/s the bidders should submit their proposals in accordance with the important guidelines / instructions regarding e-Tendering along with all supporting documents and complete in all respects up to 02:00 P.M. on February 06, 2023.

The Bank reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids or cancel the e-tender without assigning any reason thereof. Any change/addition/deletion in tender document/conditions will be hosted on Bank’s website only.

Regional Director


“Don’t get cheated by E-mails/SMSs/Calls, promising you money.”


1. Two Part Tender is invited by Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai Regional Office (hereinafter referred to as “RBI” or “the Bank”) from eligible bidders for supply of transportation service for transporting coins from Reserve Bank of India/ Government of India Mint, Fort, Mumbai to Currency Chests located in Mumbai, outstation RBI Offices, other centres etc. by fully covered container trucks/vehicles with carrier’s risk.

2. Only those bidder(s) who fulfil the qualification criteria are eligible to participate in this tender. The successful bidder/s shall provide sufficient number of fully covered container trucks/vehicles for transportation of Coins/ Coin bags tentatively for the period April 01, 2023 to March 31, 2024. The contract may be extended up to a further period of two years, one year each at a time, with/ without any variation in the terms and conditions, subject to satisfactory performance and mutual agreement.

a. e-Tender No. RBI/Mumbai/Issue/10/22-23/ET/502
b. Mode Of Tender e-Procurement System on MSTC e-commerce site (
(Online Part I - Technical Bid and Part II – Price Bid)
c. Estimated Value of the Work ₹1,44,00,000/- (Indian Rupees One Crore Forty Four Lakh only) annually.
Above amount is purely indicative only and the Bank is not under any obligation to incur expenditure equal to or exceeding the estimated cost/expenditure mentioned here in this tender.
d. Date of NIT available to parties to download December 28, 2022 – 05:00 pm onwards
e. Pre-Bid meeting Pre-Bid meeting (off-line) will be held on January 24, 2023 at 03:30 P.M. at Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai Regional Office, Issue Department Conference Room, Ground Floor, Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg, Fort, Mumbai – 400 001.
f. Transaction Fee 0.05% of the estimated value of tender plus GST @18% i.e., Rs. 8,496/- (Indian Rupees Eight Thousand Four Hundred Ninety-Six only).
g. Earnest Money Deposit ₹2,88,000/- (Indian Rupees Two Lakh Eighty-Eight Thousand Only) through Demand Draft
h. Date of Starting of e-Tender for submission of online Technical Bid and Price Bid at December 28, 2022 – 05:00 pm onwards
i. Last date of submission of EMD February 06, 2023 till 12:00 P.M.
j. Date of closing of online e-tender for submission of Technical Bid and Price Bid February 06, 2023 at 02:00 P.M.
k. Start Date & time of opening of Technical Bid February 06, 2023 from 03:00 P.M onwards
l. Start Date & time of opening of Price Bid To be communicated separately to bidders qualified in Technical Bid

3. In the event of any date indicated above being declared as holiday, the next working day shall become operative for the respective purpose mentioned herein. Tender document can be downloaded from Any amendment(s)/corrigendum(s)/ clarification(s) with respect to this tender shall be uploaded on the website/e-portal only. The tenderer should regularly check the above website/e-portal for any amendment(s)/ corrigendum(s)/ clarification(s) on the above website.

4. The successful bidder/s shall be required to provide the services which are subject matter of this tender to Reserve Bank of India, Issue Department, Mumbai Regional Office.

Tenders Awarded