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Date : Jan 20, 2009
New Ferritic Stainless Steel (FSS) Coin of Rs.2 – "Birth Bi-Centenary of Louis Braille, 1809 – 2009"

The Reserve Bank of India will shortly put into circulation new Ferritic Stainless Steel coins of Rs.2 issued by Government of India to commemorate "Birth Bi-Centenary of Louis Braille,1809 - 2009".

The coins shall conform to the following dimensions, designs and compositions namely:

Denomination of the Coins

Shape Weight &
Outside diameter

Metal Composition

Two Rupees

Circular with 27 mm diameter
Weight – 5.62 gms.

Ferritic Stainless Steel
                 Iron - 83%
       Chromium -17%

Design :

Obverse : The face of coin is divided into three portions with two horizontal lines. The left centre portion shall bear the Lion Capitol of Ashoka Pillar with the legend "सत्यमेव जयते" inscribed below, and right centre portion denominational value "2" in International Numeral. In the upper portion the word "भारत" in Hindi and "INDIA" in English and lower portion the word "रूपये" in Hindi and "Rupees" in English.

Reverse : The face of the coin shall contain the portrait of "LOUIS BRAILLE" in the centre. Left upper periphery the word "लुई ब्रेल" in Hindi and right upper periphery the word " LOUIS BRAILLE "in English. In centre Left side of the portraits, the year '1809 and right side '2009' in International Numerals. Below the portrait the word "LOUIS BRAILLE" in Braille Language.

The two Rupee coin is a legal tender as provided in the Coinage Act, 1906. The existing Two Rupee Coins in circulation shall also continue to be legal tender.

G. Raghuraj
Deputy GeneralManager
Press Release : 2008-2009/1132