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Date : May 21, 2012
RBI warning on phishing mail

It has come to the notice of the Reserve Bank of India that an email has been sent in its name from mail id: and signed by RBI Online offering a 'new online security platform'. According to the mail, the 'new online security platform' offers to 'prevent online identity theft in internet banking by asking the customer to go through a two-way authentication factor before he/she properly logs into internet banking every time'. The email then asks the recipient to 'download the attachment and update'.

The Reserve Bank clarifies that it has not sent any such mail. In fact, it does not have any mail ids with extension Members of public receiving such mails should not open the attachment and/or try to download it on their computer. It could be a phishing mail and downloading the attachment could result in identity theft.

Alpana Killawala
Chief General Manager

Press Release : 2011-2012/1849

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