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Date : Dec 23, 2015
List of Select Abbreviations
Chapter I : Perspective and Policy Environment
De-stressing the banking sector
Reforming the public sector banks
Improving monetary policy transmission
Strengthening the liquidity standards of banks
Monitoring the build-up of leverage in the banking system
Dealing with the concern of too-big-to-fail
Convergence with the international accounting standards
Minimising the regulatory arbitrage between banks and non-banks
Reviving the licensing and expansion of urban co-operative banks
Making the banking sector more inclusive
Chapter II : Operations and Performance of Scheduled Commercial Banks
Consolidated operations
CASA deposits
Credit-deposit ratio
Maturity profile of liabilities and assets
Off-balance sheet operations
Financial performance of the SCBs
Priority sector credit
Retail credit
Credit to sensitive sectors
Ownership pattern of SCBs
Regional rural banks (RRBs)
Local area banks
Customer service
Technological developments in scheduled commercial banks
Growth in automated teller machines (ATMs)
Population group-wise distribution of ATMs
Off-site ATMs
White label ATMs
Debit cards and credit cards
Prepaid payment instruments
Financial inclusion initiatives
Chapter III : Developments in Co-operative Banking
Urban co-operative banks
Performance of UCBs
Asset quality
Developments with regard to UCBs
Scheduled UCBs
Priority sector advances of UCBs
Rural co-operative banks
Short term rural credit – StCBs and DCCBs
Primary agricultural credit societies (PACS)
Long term rural credit – SCARDBs
Long term rural credit – PCARDBs
Chapter IV : Non-Banking Financial Institutions
All India financial institutions (AIFIs)
Financial performance
Balance sheet of AIFIs
Financial indicators
Non-banking financial companies (NBFCs)
Deposit-taking NBFCs (NBFCs-D)
Financial indicators
Asset quality of NBFCs-D
Non-deposit taking systemically important NBFCs (NBFCs-ND-SI)
Financial performance
Financial indicators
Primary dealers
Financial performance of standalone primary dealers
Overall assessment
List of Charts
2.1 Movement in assets, credit and deposit growth of the SCBs
2.2 Growth in CASA deposits of the SCBs
2.3 Trends in outstanding C-D ratio, bank-group wise – position as on March 31
2.4 Trend in maturity profile of assets and liabilities
2.5 Maturity profile of select liabilities / assets of the SCBs
2.6 Composition and growth of off-balance sheet liabilities of SCBs
2.7 Growth of select items of income and expenditure
2.8 Financial performance of SCBs
2.9 Trend in growth in priority sector and total credit
2.10 Growth in retail loans
2.11 Share of lending to sensitive sectors
2.12 Bank-group wise share in total assets and profits of banking sector – position as on March 31
2.13 Financial performance of RRBs
2.14 Return on assets and net interest margin of LABs
2.15 Bank-group wise break-up of major types of complaint: 2014-15
2.16 Growth and composition of ATMs
2.17 Geographical distribution of ATMs
2.18 Share of off-site ATMs
2.19 Issuance of debit and credit cards
2.20 Progress of pre-paid instruments (value)
2.21 Progress of banking outlets and basic savings bank deposit accounts (BSBDA)
3.1 Structure of co-operative credit institutions in india – position as on March 31, 2015
3.2 Total number and growth in assets of UCBs
3.3 Select indicators of profitability of UCBs
3.4 Income and expenses of UCBs – variation in per cent
3.5 Non-performing advances of UCBs
3.6 Growth in assets, NPAs and provisions
3.7 Distribution of UCBs based on deposit Size – position as on March 31
3.8 Distribution of UCBs based on size of advances – position as on March 31
3.9 Share of UCBs in rating category A – number and business size
3.10 SLR and non-SLR investments – variations in per cent
3.11 Scheduled and non-scheduled UCBs-share in total assets-position as on March 31
3.12 Profitability indicators of UCBs
3.13 Percentage distribution of credit to select priority sectors by UCBs
3.14 Priority sector advances by UCBs to weaker sections
3.15 Select balance sheet indicators of StCBs
3.16 Growth in credit outstanding from PACS
3.17 Group-wise share in membership of PACS and overall borrower member ratio
3.18 Percentage of PACS in prof t and loss - all India
3.19 Percentage of PACS in prof t and loss - regional level as on March 31, 2014
3.20 Percentage contributions of components to variation in total liabilities – PCARDBs
3.21 Percentage contributions of components to variation in total assets – PCARDBs
4.1 Capital to risk (weighted) assets ratio (CRAR) of AIFIs - position as on March 31
4.2 Average return on assets of AIFIs
4.3 Net NPAs/net loans of AIFIs – position as on March 31
4.4 Select financial parameters of NBFCs-D – position as on March 31
4.5 Gross NPA and net NPA of NBFCs-D
4.6 Comparative growth (y-o-y) in credit extended by banks and NBFCs
4.7 Financial performance of NBFCs-ND-SI - position as on March 31
4.8 NPA ratios of NBFCs-ND-SI – position as on March 31
4.9 Financial performance of standalone PDs
4.10 Capital and risk weighted asset position of standalone PDs – position as on March 31
List of Tables
2.1 ROA and ROE of SCBs – bank-group-wise
3.1 A PROFILE OF RURAL CO-Operatives (As on March 31, 2014)
3.2 Soundness indicators of rural co-operative banks (short-term)
3.3 Soundness indicators of rural co-operative banks (long-term)
4.1 Liabilities and assets of AIFIs (as at end-March)
4.2 Financial performance of select all India financial institutions
4.3 Consolidated balance sheet of NBFCs-D – position as on March 31
4.4 Consolidated balance sheet of NBFCs-ND-SI – position as on March 31

The detailed data on balance sheets as well as income and expenditure of SCBs are available in the ‘Statistical Tables Relating to Banks in India 2014-15’ (