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Date : 30 Jun 2022
List of Select Abbreviations
AANA Average Aggregate Notional Amount
AEs Advanced Economies
AFA Additional Factor of Authentication
AFS Available for Sale
AID All Inclusive Direction
AIFIs All-India Financial Institutions
AMC-MFs Asset Management Companies-Mutual Funds
AMFI Association of Mutual Funds in India
AML Anti Money Laundering
APY Atal Pension Yojana
ARDL Autoregressive Distributed Lag
AUM Assets Under Management
BCBS Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
BEER Bond-Equity-Earnings-Yield Ratio
BIFR Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction
BIS Bank for International Settlements
BOS Banking Ombudsman Scheme
CAB Current Account Balance
CASA Current Account Savings Account
CBDCs Central Bank Digital Currencies
CBLO Collateralized Borrowings & Lending Obligation
CCIL Clearing Corporation of India Limited
CCPs Central Counterparties
CD Certificate of Deposit
CDS Credit Default Swap
CDSL Central Depository Services Limited
CERT-In Indian Computer Emergency Response Team
CET-1 Common Equity Tier 1
CFT Combating of Financing of Terrorism
CIRP Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process
CLT Central Ledger Technology
CNAV Constant Net Asset Value
CPs Commercial Papers
CPI Consumer Price Index
CRAR Capital to Risk-Weighted Assets Ratio
CRAs Credit Rating Agencies
CRE-RH Commercial Real Estate – Residential Housing
CRILC Central Repository of Information on Large Credits
CRR Cash Reserve Ratio
CSIRT-FIN Computer Security Incident Response Team – Finance Sector
CSK Cyber Swachhta Kendra
DBU Digital Banking Unit
DCCBs District Central Cooperative Banks
DeFi Decentralised Finance
DICGC Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation
DIF Deposit Insurance Fund
DIIs Domestic Institutional Investors
DPD Days Past Due
DLT Distributed Ledger Technology
EBLR External Benchmark Linked Lending Rate
ECBs External Commercial Borrowings
ECLGS Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme
e-KYC e-Know Your Customer
EMDEs Emerging Market and Developing Economies
EMEs Emerging Market Economies
EMI Equated Monthly Instalment
ESG Environmental, Social, and Governance
ESMA European Securities and Market Authority
ESRB European Systemic Risk Board
EVE Economic Value of Equity
FAO Food and Agricultural Organisation
FBIL Financial Benchmark India Pvt Ltd
FBs Foreign Banks
FCNR(B) Foreign Currency Non-Resident (Banks)
FCs Financial Creditors
FDI Foreign Direct Investment
FIIs Foreign Institutional Investors
FinTech Financial Technology
FMEs Fund Management Entities
FoF Fund-of-Funds
FPI Food Price Index
FPIs Foreign Portfolio Investors
FRA-OIS Forward Rate Agreement – Overnight Interest Swap
FSB Financial Stability Board
FSDC Financial Stability & Development Council
FSDC-SC Financial Stability and Development Council - Sub Committee
FSR Financial Stability Report
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GFC Global Financial Crisis
GFD Gross Fiscal Deficit
GNPA Gross Non-Performing Asset
G-SIBs Global Systemically Important Banks
GVA Gross Value Added
HFCs Housing Finance Companies
HFT Held for Trading
HNIs High Net Worth Individuals
HPI House Price Index
HQLAs High Quality Liquid Assets
HTM Held-to-Maturity
IBC Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code
ICEX Indian Commodity Exchange Ltd
IFSC International Financial Service Centre
IFSCA International Financial Services Centres Authority
IMD Indian Meteorological Department
IMF International Monetary Fund
InvITs Infrastructure Investment Trusts
IORS Inter-Operable Regulatory Sandbox
IOSCO International Organisation of Securities Commissions
IPO Initial Public Offering
IRB Internal Rating Based
IRDAI Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India
JPY Japanese Yen
KMPs Key Management Personnel
KYC Know Your Customer
LABs Local Area Banks
LCR Liquidity-Coverage Ratio
LEI Legal Entity Identifier
LT Long-term
LTV Loan-to-Value
MCLR Marginal Cost of Funds Based Landing Rate
MCX Multi-Commodity Exchange of India Limited
MMFs Money Market Funds
mPoS Mobile PoS
MSME Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
MST Macro Stress Test
MTM Mark-To-Market
NaBFID National Bank for Financing Infrastructure and Development
NBFC Non-Banking Financial Company
NBFC-ICC NBFC-Investment and Credit Company
NBFC-IDF NBFC- Infrastructure Debt Fund
NBFC-IFC NBFC- Infrastructure Finance Company
NBFC-MFI NBFC-Micro Finance Institutions
NBFIs Non-Banking Financial Intermediaries
NCCDs Non-Centrally Cleared Derivatives
NCDEX National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Limited
NCGTC National Credit Guarantee Trustee Company Limited
NCLT National Company Law Tribunal
NDS-OM Negotiated Dealing System – Order Matching
NDTL Net Demand & Time Liabilities
NIIs Non-Institutional Investors
NII Net Interest Income
NIM Net Interest Margin
NNPA Net Non Performing Asset
NOF Net Owned Funds
NPA Non-Performing Asset
NPL Non-Performing Loans
NPS National Pension System
NPV Net Present Value
NRIs Non-Resident Indians
NSDL National Securities Depository Limited
NSE National Stock Exchange
NSO National Statistical Office
NSUCBs Non-Scheduled Urban Cooperative Banks
OCs Operational Creditors
OEFs Open-Ended Funds
OFS Offer for Sale
OIS Overnight Indexed Swap
OOI Other Operating Income
OTC Over-the-Counter
PAT Profit After Tax
PFCE Private Final Consumption Expenditure
PCR Provisioning Coverage Ratio
PDs Primary Dealers
PE Price to Earning
PFRDA Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority
PIDF Payments Infrastructure Development Fund
PMCBL Punjab and Maharashtra Co-operative Bank Ltd
PMS Portfolio Management Services
POA Power of Attorney
PoS Point of Sale
PRA Prudential Regulation Authority
PSBs Public Sector Banks
PSL Priority Sector Lending
PSPs Payments Service Providers
PSUs Public Sector Undertakings
PVBs Private Sector Banks
QE Quantitative Easing
QR Quick Response
QT Quantitative Tightening
RAPMS Residential Asset Price Monitoring Survey
RB-IOS Reserve Bank - Integrated Ombudsman Scheme
RCBs Rural Cooperative Banks
RDG Retail Direct Gilt
RDGAHs Retail Direct Gilt Account Holders
REITs Real Estate Investment Trusts
REs Regulated Entities
RF Resolution Framework
RFQ Request for Quotes
RoA Return on Asset
RoE Return on Equity
RR Risk Reversal
RRBs Regional Rural Banks
RWA Risk-Weighted Assets
SCBs Scheduled Commercial Banks
SD Standard Deviation
SDF Standing Deposit Facility
SDLs State Development Loans
SEBI Securities and Exchange Board of India
SFBs Small Finance Banks
SIPs Systematic Investment Plans
SLR Statutory Liquidity Ratio
SMARTs Securities Market Trainers
SMAs Special Mention Accounts
SPDs Standalone Primary Dealers
SRS Systemic Risk Survey
StCBs State Cooperative Banks
SUCBs Scheduled Urban Cooperative Banks
UCB Urban Cooperative Bank
UPI Unified Payment Interface
USFB Unity Small Finance Bank
VAR Vector Auto Regression
VRRR Variable Rate Reverse Repo
WALR Weighted Average Lending Rate
WPI Wholesale Price Index
YTM Yield to Maturity