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UNSCR 1718 Sanctions Committee on DPRK amends one Entry on its Sanctions List


July 13, 2022

The Chairpersons/CEOs of all the Regulated Entities

Madam/Dear Sir,

UNSCR 1718 Sanctions Committee on DPRK amends one Entry on its Sanctions List

Please refer to our circular DoR.AML.REC.03/14.06.001/2021-22 dated April 08, 2021 advising Regulated Entities (REs) to adhere to the ‘Implementation of Security Council Resolution on Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Order, 2017’ as amended from time to time by the Central Government and also verify every day, the ‘UNSCR 1718 Sanctions List of Designated Individuals and Entities‘, as hyperlinked in ‘Implementation of UNSC Sanctions (DPRK)‘ webpage of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) website at to take note of the modifications to the list in terms of additions, deletions or other changes.

2. In this connection, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has informed that on June 30, 2022, the Committee established pursuant to UNSC Resolution has enacted the amendments on its Sanction List of individuals and entities specified with strikethrough and/or underline in the entry below

A. Individual

KPi.029 Name: 1: PAK 2: CHUN 3: IL 4: na Title: na Designation: Served as DPRK Ambassador to Egypt DOB: 28 Jul. 1954 POB: na Good quality a.k.a.: na Low quality a.k.a.: na Nationality: Democratic People's Republic of Korea Passport no: 563410091 National identification no: na Address: na Listed on: 30 Nov. 2016 (amended on 30 Jun. 2022) Other information: Pak Chun Il has served as the DPRK Ambassador to Egypt and provides support to KOMID. He concluded his tour of duty and left Egypt on 15 November 2016.

3. REs are advised to take note of the aforementioned instructions regarding Security Council Resolution on DPRK and ensure meticulous compliance.

Yours faithfully,

(Santosh Kumar Panigrahy)
Chief General Manager