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Tenders Awarded

Tender number
Date of publication of NITApr 08, 2022
Nature of workGlobal Expression of Interest (EOI) for Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Banknote Shredding and Briquetting Systems (SBS) at Reserve Bank of India
Mode of tender enquiryOpen Global Tender
Type of bidding (single/two bid system)
Last date of receipt of tenderJun 03, 2022
Number of tenders received4 (Four)
Nos. and names of parties qualified after technical evaluation 3 (Three)
(i) M/s Giesecke+Devrient India Pvt. Ltd. (G&D)
(ii) M/s Kusters Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. (Kuster)
(iii) M/s Hunkeler Systeme (Hunkeler)
Nos. and names of parties not qualified after technical evaluation 1 (One)
(i) Idea Holding Limited
Commercial Bid Ranking, if anyNot Applicable
Final Ranking, if anySame as above
Whether contract awarded to lowest tenderer/evaluated L1
Contract number and date-
Name of contractor
Value of contract
Scheduled date of completion of supplies
Actual date of start of work
Actual date of completion of work
Reasons for delay, if any