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Date : Feb 20, 2023
Minutes of the Pre-bid meeting - Annual Service Contract for providing Security Guards at Bank’s Residential Properties at Nagpur

(e-Tender No - RBI/Nagpur/Others/16/22-23/ET/579)

The Prebid meeting for the captioned tender was held on February 17, 2023 at 13:30 Hrs through CISCO WebEx. The following staff members of RBI and firms/prospective tenderers were present during the pre-bid meeting:

S. No. Name and Designation of the RBI Official
1. Flt Lt Girdhari Lal, Assistant General Manager (Protocol and Security)
2. Major Sneha Susan Itty, Assistant Manager (Security)
3. Shri Govind S Gadikar, Assistant Manager
4. Shri Saurabh Verma, Assistant Manager
5. Shri Parameshwar Bhise, Assistant

S. No. Name of the Firm/Prospective tenderers Name of the Representative
1. M/s Great Sherlock EFMS Pvt Ltd Mr. Gopal Khilawat
2. M/s WWSO Mr. Kishor Kadu
3. M/s PGS India Pvt Ltd Mr. Rahul Rai
4. M/s Abhijeet Intelligence Services Mr. Abhijeet Gawarkar
5. M/s Universal Personnel Security, training & Allied Services Mr. Abhijeet Potdar
6. M/s SIS (India) Ltd Mr. Narendra Narayani
7. M/s Great Wall Corporate Services Pvt Ltd Mr. Sameer Dharmadhikari
8. M/s Black Belt security Force Mr. Jitendra Mhaiskar
Mr Tanu Shende
9. M/s Safeguard DMS Pvt Ltd Mr. Shiv Shakti Singh

2. The following queries/proposals were raised in the pre-bid meeting:

S. No Query/Proposal Clarifications furnished by the Bank
i. Will the Banker’s solvency certificate issued to us for some other tender in the past will be accepted? Kindly refer to Clause 3 (i) of “Eligibility Criteria for participating in the e-Tender” (Page No. 29-30) of the tender document. Solvency certificate issued specifically for the purpose of this work, for a minimum amount of Rs. 1,30,00,000/- will be acceptable.
ii. As per the extant guidelines of the Maharashtra State government, training facilities of private security agencies are not recognised/ certified by the government.

Will the training affiliation with registered training institutes be acceptable as training mechanism required to participate in the tender?

I have training facilities in other states of India where the training facilities of private security agencies are recognised. Will such training facilities be acceptable?
Yes. Training affiliation with recognized training institutes at Maharashtra and self-owned training institutes at other states will be acceptable subject to production of adequate documentary evidence for the same.
iii. What are the eligibility criteria of the security guards to be deployed under this contract? Kindly refer to Clause A(c) of “Scope of Work and Schedule of Quantities” (page no. 57-58) of the tender document for details.
iv. Will client certificate in another format be acceptable? Client certificate should be submitted preferably in the format provided by the Bank (Annexure-V).

However, if the client certificate covers all the aspects/ parameters mentioned in the format prescribed by the Bank, the same may be accepted.

In case, the parameters as specified in the Bank’s format are not covered under the client certificate submitted, the same may not be accepted by the Bank.
v. Why is workmen compensation policy (WCP) being asked for if the workers will already be covered under ESIC? Workmen compensation policy (WCP) covers certain risks that are not covered under ESIC. Accordingly, WCP is invariably required to be taken by the contractor.
vi. Whether MSME bidders or bidders registered with the NSIC are exempted from remitting EMD? No.

As per the Bank’s policy, Micro and Small Enterprises having Udyam Registration Number (Udyog Aadhar Memorandum Number) irrespective of category, are exempted from payment of EMD for all the procurements (goods, services or work contracts) having an estimated cost of up to ₹10 Lakh.

For this e-Tender, the estimated cost of work is ₹1.30 Crore, so EMD exemption for MSEs is not applicable.
vii. At what locations, the staff quarters of the Bank situated? In order to properly understand the site locations, intending tenderers are advised to perform a site visit at their own cost on or before the last date of submission of tender during office hours (preferably from 10:00 Hrs to 15:00 Hrs) on the Bank’s working day (Monday- Friday).

You may register your request for the same by sending an email to the contact person of the Bank specified in Page No. 17 of the tender document.

3. All the above points were noted and agreed by the firms. Firms were advised to adhere to the prequalification criteria and all terms & conditions mentioned in the tender documents.

Please note:
A This document (Minutes of the Pre-bid meeting) shall form a part of the tender. Hence, it shall be signed and submitted along with the tender by the tenderers.
B Rest of the terms and conditions and specifications as mentioned in the tender documents shall continue to remain the same.
C The above amendments/ clarifications are issued for the information of all the intending bidders.
D The submission of bid by the firm shall be construed to be in conformity to the bid document and amendments/ clarifications given above.
E In case any vendors have already uploaded their bids to the MSTC portal before issuance of this Minutes of the Pre-bid meeting cum Corrigendum, they are advised to revise their bids and re upload their bids to the MSTC portal.

Regional Director
Reserve Bank of India, Nagpur