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Date : Aug 03, 2022
Minutes of the Pre-Bid Meeting - Appointment of Concurrent Auditor for the year 2022-23 w.e.f. October 01, 2022 to September 30, 2023 by Reserve Bank of India, Ahmedabad

E-Tender no. – RBI/Ahmedabad/Estate/150/22-23/ET/231

The Pre-Bid Meeting for the captioned tender was held on July 29, 2022 at 03:00 PM at RBI, Ahmedabad. The meeting was attended by representatives from Eight Chartered Accounted (CA) Firms. The list of officials from RBI, Ahmedabad and representatives from CA firms who participated in the meeting is enclosed in the Annexure to this document.

2. The meeting commenced with a brief introduction of the e-tender, scope of Concurrent Audit, by Manager, ABCC. Thereafter, following queries were raised by the prospective bidders/interested firms, which were clarified by the Bank:

S. No Query raised Clarification
1 We are unable to see the tender document/pay the transaction fees in the MSTC Portal Intending vendors are required to forward their firm’s MSTC user id to abccahmedabad@rbi.org.in to permit participation in the e- tender on MSTC portal.
2 What are the transaction fees of MSTC Portal? The transaction fees are mentioned on the MSTC portal which has to be borne by the bidder.
3 How much is the Earnest Money Deposit and what is the last date of submission of EMD. Amount of EMD is ₹22,320 and must be remitted through NEFT only.

The last date of submission of EMD is August 11, 2022.
4 In case of renewal of the contract, will the renumeration increase for the for Second and Third year of the contract. The renumeration shall remain the same as the first year and will not be changed on renewal for Second and Third year of the contract.
5 Can the team members of the Concurrent Audit team be shuffled? The team is permitted to be shuffled only under extreme exigency.
6 How do you define semi-skilled and skilled staff? As per the Tender Document -

• Skilled staff- qualified in Group II of Integrated Professional Competency Course (IPCC)

• Semi-skilled staff - qualified in Group I - IPCC
7 Can retired bankers be used as skilled or semi-skilled staff? Retired bankers can be used as staff members as long as they meet the prescribed criteria of semi-skilled and skilled staff.
8 Whether the firms should have Registered office in Ahmedabad? The list of eligible firms is obtained by ICAI and firms should have either

i. Registered office at Ahmedabad.

ii. Or Head office in Gujarat and branch office in Ahmedabad with adequate manpower in Ahmedabad.
9 Whether Power of attorney is required if the Partner signs the Tender letter of appointment? Power of attorney is not required if the letter of appointment is signed by all the partners of the firm.
10 There is weightage for IS audit/ System audit in the technical evaluation but currently in almost all the engagements by the CA firms, IS/ System Audit is not separate but included as part of Concurrent Audit. The weightage of IS/ System Audit is as per the extant guidelines. Firms are advised to provide information pertaining to IS/System Audit in technical bid, if the same has been conducted by them during the review period.


Participants in the Pre-Bid-Meeting held on July 29, 2022

Sl. No. Name Designation
1 Shri Devendra Bonde DGM, Estate Department
2 Smt. Chaithanya Devi AGM, Banking Department
3 Shri Deepak Jindal Manager, Banking Department
4 Shri Sudhanshu Rawat Manager, ABC Cell
5 Smt. Shraddha Patil AM, ABC Cell
6 Shri Aman Mishra AM, Estate Department
7 Shri Vikram Borana Assistant, ABC Cell

Sl. No. Name of Firm
1 R K Doshi & CO LLP
2 Pipara & CO LLP
3 R. S Patel & CO
4 Mistry & Shah LLP
5 Karma & CO LLP
6 JN Gupta & CO
7 Jakhelia & Associates
8 KMK & Associates LLP