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Date : Jun 15, 2021
Minutes of Pre-Bid meeting - Annual Maintenance Contract of Gardens and Horticulture Services at Bank’s Offices and Residential Properties at Ahmedabad for the period from 2021-24

A pre-bid meeting was held on Friday, June 11, 2021 through Webex Portal at 3:00 pm with the intended bidders of the captioned e-tender (RBI/Ahmedabad/HRMD/83/20-21/ET/793) floated on June 9, 2021. The list of the participants is given in the following table:

S. No. Name of interested bidder and representative S. No. Name and Designation of RBI Official
1. Vinod Gupta, Proprietor of M/s Vrundavan Nursery and Plantation 1. Ashish Gogia, Assistant General Manager
2. Pramod Gupta, Director of M/s Vyom Greentech Management Services 2. G D Ninama, Manager
3. Rushal Bannore, Manager, Updater Services Private Limited, Ahmedabad 3. D J Patel, Assistant Manager

2. The following queries/doubts raised by the interested bidders were addressed/clarified during the meeting:

S. No. Query Reply
1. Whether the cost of fertilizer and pesticides are included in the estimated cost of the tender? Yes, the estimated cost stipulated in the tender is inclusive of all charges and taxes. The interested bidders were advised to refer to the Section V given in the tender document outlining the detailed scope of work and the format of price bid (Page 61) in which it is mentioned that no extra amount shall be paid for the items of work included in the scope of work.
2. Whether the cost of decoration to be done on National Holidays are included in the cost of tender? As above

3. The interested bidders were also advised to undertake site visit with prior permission before submitting their bid on MSTC portal.

4. This document (minutes of the Pre-Bid Meeting) shall form a part of the tender and a duly signed & stamped copy of the same shall be uploaded by the bidder along with Part-I of the tender.

Regional Director
for Gujarat, Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli