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Date : Sep 08, 2020
Minutes of the pre-bid meeting - Annual Service Contract for Providing Security Service Personnel (Security Guards) for the properties of RBI, Agartala

Cancellation of Tender

E-tender no.- RBI/Agartala/Agartala/1/20-21/ET/88

A pre-bid meeting was held at 15:00 p.m. on September 03, 2020 at Reserve Bank of India, 2nd Floor, Jackson Gate Building, Lenin Sarani, Agartala, Tripura -799001.

The pre-bid meeting was attended by the representatives of the following vendor:

1. M/s Manpower Services

2. M/s Indian North-east Security services

On behalf of Reserve Bank of India, Agartala, the following officials were present:

1. Shri Sandipan Chatterjee, Manager

2. Shri Ashis Mittal, Manager

It may be noted that these minutes of the pre-bid meeting shall form part of the bid document. Rest of the terms and conditions and specifications of the bid document remain unchanged. The aforesaid amendments/clarifications are issued for information of all the intending bidders. Submission of bid by the firm shall be construed to be in conformity with the bid document and the amendments/clarifications given below.

General Manager (Officer-in charge)
Reserve Bank of India

Date: September 07, 2019

Sl. No. Queries raised by the firm’s representatives Clarification given by the Bank
1 Requirement of training Centre. The agency need not to have its own training centre. However, the agency should have a proper infrastructure/arrangement for imparting training.
2 Administrative charges for PF of the Security Guards It is clarified that the administrative charges for PF of the Security Guards will be borne by the agency.
3 Inclusion of GST in the bid. The quoted amount should be inclusive of GST irrespective of whether Reverse Charge is applicable or not
4 Minimum Wages The bidder should bid in accordance with the minimum wage rules as prescribed by Central Government.
5 Copy of license issued by the Regional Labour Commissioner (Central), Ministry of Labour and Employement, Government of India. It is mandatory for the agency to submit the license, if he/she is having at least 20 employees under it’s payroll.