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Date : Mar 27, 2020
Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting - General repairs & External repainting of Reserve Bank of India Officers’ Quarters at Kowdiar, Thiruvananthapuram

Cancellation of Tender

Corrigendum dated April 06, 2020

The captioned Meeting was held at 11.00 am on Friday, March 20, 2020 in the Video Conference Room on the third floor of the Bank’s Main Office Building at Bakery Junction, Thiruvananthapuram.

(a) List of Bank’s Officials attended the meeting

1 Shri V Jayaraj AGM, Estate Department
2 Smt R Mahalakshmi Assistant Manager (Tech-Civil)
3 Shri K V P Shiva Priyanth Assistant Manager

(b) List of Tenderer’s representatives attended the meeting

Sl No Name of Representative Name of Contractor
1 Shri Jayan Thampi M/s Pattom Gardens & Landscapes
2 Shri Nitheesh M/s K R Builders & Interiors
3 Shri Abhijith U

2. Shri V Jayaraj, AGM (Estate Department) briefed about nature of works and invited queries, if any, from the prospective tenderers regarding the captioned tender. He added that time is an essence of the contract and the successful bidder need to deploy sufficient labourers and complete the work in consultation with Bank’s Engineer. The works need to be carried out without any hindrance to the residents of the colony. The details of queries raised by the participants and clarifications / comments of the Bank are tabulated below:

Queries/ doubts raised by the participants Clarifications given by the Bank
EMD & PBG Proof of submission of EMD shall be uploaded in MSTC site. EMD will be released after the submission of Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG).
Procedure of quoting rates AM (Tech- Civil) clarified that the Rates quoted online by the Tenderers in the “Rate Column” should be excluding GST. GST will be factored in automatically by the system (which can be viewed by the tenderer while filling rates online) during furnishing of Price Bid to arrive at the Final/Gross Amount.
Details of paint to be used AM (Tech- Civil) clarified that materials of approved brand given in the tender to be used for painting. The Contractor shall obtain prior approval from the Engineer-in-charge before placing order for any specific material
In case of non-availability of the brand specified in the contract, the Contractor shall approach Engineer-in-charge for acquiring alternate equivalent brand of the material subject to submission of documentary evidence of non- availability of the specified brand. No claim on this account shall be entertained. The contractor will have to produce Tax Invoice for procurement of such materials. Empty paint bins to be removed from site only after obtaining clearance from Bank’s Engineer

3. The meeting concluded at 11:30 am.